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Mad Cobra Says Dancehall In Jail, Talks Vybz Kartel Incarceration [VIDEO]

Mad Cobra says dancehall is in jail or at least a part of the genre.

The legendary dancehall deejay sat down with Winford Williams last weekend for a candid interview where he opened up about his statement on dancehall, Vybz Kartel and Buju Banton incarceration, his career and more.

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Cobra says he made the statement because Vybz Kartel and Buju Banton are two of the most relevant artistes in dancehall currently.

“When I say that dancehall is behind bars I said it metaphorically,” Mad Cobra explain. “Because Buju is behind bars also and he is a part of dancehall. Kartel is behind bars and he is a part of dancehall. Both artistes play a big role in dancehall.”

Mad Cobra also speak out against the lengthy sentencing Vybz Kartel received last week in the Jamaican High Court. The “Flex” hit maker also send his condolence to Clive “Lizard” Williams and Vybz Kartel’s families.

Watch the interview below.


  1. Montana Dkc Skoopz

    Jamaicans juss follow batty. New artist kartel come all a sudden its ok to bleach an an wear weave plus he inform an u wan all him worl boss juss cuz muzik. New artist come bun leach a?l u bak on it. All u muss bald head real rass nah rate dat. Think 4 ur fukkin self stop follow ur fukkin all waste

  2. How can dancehall be in jail once again Illiterate talking ..thats like when BOB died did Reggae stop??? …real music out there is i _octane ,,chronixx even gappy ranks ,beres hamond ,jah cure list goes on

    • jackie stephenson

      Dancehall no in a jail ya kno a Kartel in a jail wid him foo foo self well him can sing behind bars all him want it look like him want to sin for free than be free

  3. Its like some ppL are blind. Cant yall see what this boom boom nonsense music is doing to the youts. Keep the fa–at in jail FOREVER I say… Da mans dem gonna love them tatoos, and yes he will become a bit– in there if he is not one already. MORE FIRE. LOL! Guilty of murder wid your devil horns.

  4. MAD COBRA ME GO ALWAYS RATE YO..YOURE. A GIANT IN THE BUSINESS BUT WHAT KINDA F***kry you’re really saying!!? SINCE KARTEL MADE THIS OVER ZEALOUS STATEMENT BOUT “DANCEHALL IS IN JAIL” Some people have taken it to literally…like WTF!Dancehall is a fraternity not a one man show…Dancehall has been around since before this over zealous guy Kartel was even known..smh Cobra should know better….if vybz is trying to say that the artistes outta road slacking up and need to put more work into the music well he has a valid point cause we all can see that..Vybz is behind bars and running the place more than the artistes who aren’t behind bars…well everyone’s entitled to their own opinion but Dancehall is not in Jail..moreover ppl prefer music from 80s-2003…the music these days is crap gone luu so this statement is just irrelevant or should I say antiquated

  5. Kartel! U is fool if I was so talented like u I woulda never been there u have a carrier making so much money wha u want with gun? Gun does lead up to murder….c deh now u carrier gone down d drain over 2 missing guns…….idiot

  6. Danceable is dead if Kartel & Buju nuh return soon

  7. These men need no sympathy Karter is a convicted murderer and escape the death penalty Bajo did his drug to enrich himself they both will do their time and their supporters must get over it

  8. Kartel music behind bars has been far better than all these artist reg release

  9. Dancehall can never be in jail because dancehall was never and will never be made up of one or two individuals, its made up of hundreds of individuals and only two of those individuals are locked up in jail at present. Dancehall comes from way back and the likes of Shabba, Buju and Ninja man were and are still to me part of a few most ever best popular dancehall champions. Its funny how some people were quick to say dancehall is in jail when Kartel was locked up but no one talks about the real conscious dancehall champion being locked up in jail to, Mr Buju Banton.

    • Especially since Buju had a trial that stank of entrapment and corruption while Karter seemed pretty well guilty to me

      • I think if Buju wasn’t caught tasting the cocaine he would of had a better chance of being found not guilty

      • jackie stephenson

        How was Kartel guilty to you? He never even got a fair trial there was reasonable doubt. Anyways that Shawn Storm was an up and coming artist and a way better singer to me than Kartel who only degrade women and chat pure fart. I hope Shawn can win the appeal cause it sound Kartel was about to kill him also. As for lizard this whole story sound stink like rocky point dead fish dem. God help Lizzard soul if him still alive cause if him so scared why him a text him woman fi call police why him no call police himself and all she can say is ok she a go pray fi him smh

    • That’s true…we shouldn’t limit the genre to just 2 individuals and their unfortunate circumstances

      • That’s exactly what some individuals are doing. Each dancehall artist has his or her own fans and its impossible to generalise and come up with the conclusion that Kartel is dancehall and dancehall is locked in jail. Dancehall fans should also be categorised in age groups and generations, Kartels fans are mostly the young and middle aged one’s who are still fascinated with explicit, violent, gangster and drug related lyrics. For example how many adults out there would actually sit down and turn up the volume and listen to romping shop, take away your virginity.

      • People actually prefer listening to the music from 80s-2003..Dancehall is not only modern you know but also in the past if u get way am saying

      • real talk sister

    • No matter how much you hate to hear it. Kartel in the best out of the rest in dancehall so dancehall is locked up.

      • Well dancehall should be ashamed of itself.

      • Hahahaha……yo bwoy dats a good one.

      • Hate to hear what ?. Honestly speaking I have never and will never be a Kartel fan and my interest in this case is of me wanting to see justice.

      • Not even gonna lie – I was a big fan of his music but like other musicians they are just musicians to me. I don’t give a sh– about their personal lives as I have my own life to live. these people on here stanning hard for him sound pathetic AF. No matter how much they hate to hear it – they no nothing about the law and the rest of the world is laughing at thier stupid arguments and thinking he is gonna be freed anytime soon…should a stayed in school stead of listening to music all day then they may have been actually able to help their favourite artist.

      • Karktel is a killa n by him bleaching his skinned f— him he deserved dead in prison

    • Didn’t he get caught with a bunch of coke?

    • well put i like your train of thought In reggae music is a preference to who you like. Me personally have never ever like kartel but each to there own …

  10. Ross margarette is a knob and vybz kartel is in jail too

  11. A big part of dancehall is in jail