Mad Cobra Caught On Video Dissing Sting Promoters & Ninjaman [VIDEO]

Last week Urban Islandz told you that Mad Cobra want US$50,000 to perform at Sting, but the promoters scoff at his request, calling it ludicrous.

Now there is a leaked video making the rounds showing Mad Cobra in a studio speaking ill of Sting promoters and his arch rival Ninjaman.

NEWS: Sting Scoff At Mad Cobra Request For $5 Million

The video starts out with Mad Cobra freestyling before going in the DJ boot. Someone in his crew asked him if he will be running out on Sting.

“Run out pon which bloodcl–t Sting that dog,” Mad Cobra responded. “Let me tell you something, you see them people, them Sting people a pure f—ry them. Them going on like it was me who called them for show, I never called them.”

Mad Cobra also said it was Sting who went to the media and reported that he was charging US$40,000 to perform.

The veteran dancehall star also had some scathing remarks for Joe Bogdanovich and Ninjaman.

“You see all stinking Ninjaman him, a bloodcl–ta buy out people things an going on like a him a keep Sting and a use the word “we can give him,”” an angry Mad Cobra said.

Watch the video below.


  1. A lie you a tell cobra yuh nuh have any show a foreign 10 years now u dnt av a hit song war lord gi you a one hype boy …. Yuh can’t see ninja wen him in his prime .., ninja a the baddest clash dj

  2. Mad Corba yuh need fi guh si dwn u really wah too much money and u nuh worth it dem need fi pay you 20 thousand jam.back in the yuh nuh half bad like ninja , ninja kill everything shabba ranks, super cat , and many more


  4. Look like Cobra ago release a tune bout Sting