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Vybz Kartel NOT Suicidal, Deejay Staying Strong In Prison

As Vybz Kartel adjust to prison life there are fresh rumors claiming that he is suicidal.

Vybz Kartel started his life sentence at the Tower Street Adult Correctional Centre last week Thursday immediately after a judge handed down the shocking sentencing.

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A rep for the former Portmore Empire boss told Urban Islandz that the self-proclaim Worl’Boss is stronger than ever.

“Addi [Vybz Kartel] is holding up strong in the face of this injustice,” the rep told us. “All this talk of suicide are false rumors people aligned to the system are spreading in the media. All clean heart people know that Di Teacha innocent and the fans them support stronger than ever. We are appealing this conviction and we are confident Teacha will walk free.”

The rep also told us that Vybz Kartel’s baby mother Tanesha “Shorty” Johnson visited him in prison earlier this week.

Kartel, real name Adidja Palmer, along with Shawn “Storm” Campbell, Andre St John, and Kahira Jones were all convicted of the murder of Clive “Lizard” Williams.

The Crown says the convicted men beat Lizard to death on August 16, 2014 at Kartel’s house in Havendale over two missing guns.

All four men were handed down with life sentences. Vybz Kartel will be eligible for parole in 35 years, Shawn Storm and Andre St John in 25 years, while Kahira Jones will have to wait 30 years before parole.

Vybz Kartel will be 73 years old when he is eligible for parole.




  2. He will be Bateman by the time he come out if he do come out ..stupid people calling him world boss ..Luciano. sizzla .fantan mojah. Ras Shiloh. I octeen . Capleton big up to all them true reggae artists with msg.

  3. You can’t take someone life n expect to have a happy life .nah God nah sleep….

  4. This is long – same 4 people speaking on every thread? you work for Urban Islandz?

  5. Lot a Yall haters just talking a bag a sh– on here..Ok he guilty and details is coming out now from the courts that pretty much shows why they found him guilty.. he was caught out there in the wrost way ..and got caught up in the Twilight Zone..but why so much hate..don’t understand..

  6. Those guys are evil I hope they tuck in tuck in

  7. To the Kartel diehards: What would you do if Kartel killed your mother or or some close family member to you? I really would like to know your answers. smh. unu ignorant u fu–. unu same fool nah support Buju or artist, but unu a support a artist weh feel him better dan everyone including his own fans. Yall are sheep.

  8. GOD IS NOT REAL,get a grip ppl

    all this talk about he worshipped the devil!! thats the problem with Jamaicans you are still stuck in the dark ages thinking god is real,following a book thats was created to control and hold back its people by fear u need to step into the 21st century and wake up to science and second! to hear a black person preach the bible is a JOKE shows how dumb some of you really are (the bible hates black people just as much as it dose gays and woman) get a education and ull see how fake and made up the bible if you actually read it ull see that the bible teaches slavery ,killing,rape and child abuse..so befor you religious uneducated want to speak bad about people take a look at the bible and see how messed up and evil that really is.

  9. Sick Jamaican people want to free a man who murders and chop up people!!! sick wicked people!!!! That is why the island have one of the highest murder rates in the world. Too Ungodly!!!!!!

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  11. I regret ever regret being born african… We crucify our hereos and bow to other nationals open your eyes jamaica

    • What the fu–? Regret being born african….addi is a hero? ….I dont have any more time for this idiot….. Someone deal with this fool please.

    • Kartel is a hero? Where? certainly not in jamaica. i bet you are one of those who want to be white and would sell out your own race. go kill yuself.

  12. Vybz Kartel NOT Suicidal
    Someone needs to encourage that bwoy to become suicidal. fo real

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  15. Well my time here is over, nothing on here to comment about. People abide by the law of the land or you will end up in prison. Take care every one.

  16. Too bad August 14, 2014 didn’t happen yet!

  17. Why would anyone care if kartel want to kill him self, we all know he is capable of killing, him better get ready to clean toilets and mop floor. Him lucky him still alive.

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    • Kartel ain’t afraid of no body

      • Thats the same reason why the 10 jurors and the judge were also not afraid of Kartel . You get what you give in this world and its not good to be known or portrayed as being a bad man no fear anything or anyone type of person. There is always someone who has more authority, is bigger and more powerful than you in this world, so never go around thinking that if you self proclaim and name yourself the “worl boss” you are now in reality the World Boss.

      • U must believe in santa clause too.

      • Lolll the killer is here what’s up girl? Kill em softly

      • Lol id only b killer in jamaica cuz metaphors are literal there and can put u in prison for life ????

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      • Again…idiot gal. The murder of Clive put Kartel in prison. You think mincemeat was a fvcking metaphor??

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        Oh by the way, di one name santa clause has no history or accusations of killing people compared to di one and only worl boss.

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        Santa has no history of….? take a pic next time he come down ya chimney , then ill believe all the accusations u turn to facts bout the Boss.clearly,he runs your world 😉

      • You welcome but I would rather have me or my children continue finding joy in the fictional santa clause than in the ever so human murderous self proclaimed worl boss. How come when I replied to you ross margarette was the first and fastest to reply to me, are you one in the same or are you related ?

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      • Accusations by a corrupt police force

      • What are you talking about ? You don’t like kartel but it has nothing to do with badmind listen its just music look at Eminem DMX 50cent you think they really go around killing people music is like the wwe you take it to serious just like every dumb a-s hater you name yourself blackbeauty dose it mean you are really a blackbeauty no it doesn’t its just a name

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      • Getting back to the real deal…why do you think Kartel is innocent? More specifically, what has you so convinced he had nothing to do with Lizard’s murder??

      • So you want to talk like a grown up ok the jamaican police are killers we all know that kartel was getting to big I mean he was making alot of money for someone who didn’t have a visa to leave the country bleaching his skin tattoos and tv show street vybz rum and they knew that he was writing a book about jamaica they had to take him down if you notice every paper tears him down even the news its him against the system they know he is innocent and he will win his appeal and they know he will but they will put him behind bars for as long as they can is already 2 and a half years trust me its a set up stop hating on him for a second put your feelings aside and look at the case

      • I have looked at the case. He was found guilty of the crime irrespective of the murderous Jamaican police force. It was the preponderance of evidence which has him doing 35 years to life.
        What you’ve told me is nothing more than conspiracy nutcase crap that can’t hold much water.
        Look, if you know Jamaica so well, then you know there’s bigger, badder, more dangerous men than him on the island. Why are they not on trial for murder??! …and the bigger question remains; of all the doors to knock on in Jamaica why did they knock on Kartel’s door?
        If he was a legitimate business man he would be on the outside making money. Instead he’s a convicted murderer doing some serious time. Try looking at the facts of the case without your blinders on.

      • Guest, are you like 11 years old? I asked because you sound like an illiterate 11 year old. Was Kartel making more money than the djs before him who had visas and who were very popular abroad? How many of them are in prison for murder? Are all the other bleachers and tattooed artists and influential Jamaicans behind bars too. Maybe you are unaware of how many books and documentaries there are about the negative side of Jamaica. Are the writers and producers of these in prison for murder too? Did the ‘system’ get them too? You need to stop living in denial…THEM MURDERING B….CHES ARE GUILTY!

      • Kartel gonna bend over for the next 30 years!

      • I don’t think so

    • So mean, innocent people go to jail everday. Pray you wont one day. Karma is a bit–.

    • Innocent people do get convicted every day even in USA every day because prosecutors hide evidence.

    • Kartel’s trial was a big joke for JA justice system.

      • Weee a de man , chat it Wee , Wee dunce but smarter than Shawn Storm , good job justice system . Witnesses need to follow our new hero Wee , let me get a Wee , Wee Wee.

    • Sounds like you know what you are talking about

      • It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to know a puppy like Kartel is going to get eaten by big dogs in prison, son.

  19. He will walk just a matter of time … Note too people don’t let bad mind get you cause those people are broke and envious of what they don’t have stay strong vybz kartel … World boss

  20. Peace maker.....

    Every judger is a sinner. No one is perfect! !!! People use this as a opportunity to come and lash out on each other and the say its free speech.lol
    full time now we start posting some positive message on here to help our brothers and sisters.AND THE KIDS OF THIS GENERATION. JUST SAYING……..

  21. Kartel is a strong man for not taking the deal i believe that he is 100% innocent

    • Shawn storm was the one who get the deal. And he didn’t refuse because as you said he is strong. He would be a sell out, and of course they would kill him whether in prison or when him get out. Him have to play it hard.

  22. wtf man killed him in august 2014 snh

  23. Stay strong kartel

  24. kartel he might aswell that foooool …….

  25. kartel made his bed now he must lay on it,all him have to do is repent of his sins and keep strong cause i know him must have some regets about some path he choose in his life so let us stop throw stones(hurtful words)and just pray for him cause jail house is not a fun place.We all know when you break the creator laws and the earthly rules the punishment is drastic.

  26. We all know the jamaican judicail system is corrupt, and their were numerous inadequacies from the prosecution. Yet at the same time his attorney’s did not do a stellar job they etiher which allow the prosecutor to get this conviction. Children did we hear anything about the defense team calling up any character witness or alibi on kartels behalf? Second we all or calling for kartel’s freedom, but what about just for Lizard? Kartel did not do himself any good with those damning voice notes. As a grown man with 7 children what are you doing hanging around those idiots? I advice every one to take a step back and don’t get caught in with this whole kartel situation, because kartel could care less about any us, and if he did it he will have to answer to god the creator.

  27. Check Out New Vybz Kartel Aka Addi Innocent- My Love – April 2014

  28. FWB! I wasn’t there..but the trial was a sham. The Gaza 4 need to be set free. If this happened in America the tampered evidence alone would of let all of them walk. Voice notes can be altered as well as text from a cell phone. Jamaican government officials have already proven to be corrupt. Free di general, Gaza mi seh!

  29. World boss a fool those guys are talented n look what happen now they use the music business to cover up their dirty evil ways

  30. Police used kartel phone hv nothing to do with the fact he kill the man.

  31. Kartel ago dead and rot in prison so might as well him commit suicide

    • You call yourself Yardie and speak of a fellow Jamaican Superstar in that manner for the whole world to see .You might as well kill yourself…..Vybz Kartel will live forever…Haters like you will die bitter with envy

      • Not saying vybz should commit suicide but according to you Talking About A Fellow Jamaican Who Is Convicted Of Double Murder One Was Thrown Out But I Think He Did It Is Bad…When Did It Become Ok To murder/kill someone? when???

      • You think he did or you know he did it? Just asking

      • Know he did it would be a lie on my part so my final answer is thinks he was involved. Final answer.

      • a.k.a dont play!!!

        Kartel coulda kill 5 million people..mi no business di ma still di boss someboy a chat off dem mouth tru dem dey behind dem computa and think dem safe…di whole a unnu fi get a FAT SHOT!!!@#yardie

      • Emancipated Mentality

        So u would support someone no matter how many ppl they kill. Damn its ppl like you why jamaica is now owned by the IMF. On top of that u would want to inflict voilence on ppl for expressing their opinion. EZ to see that you are a low life scum, jamaica is full of too much low life scums that supports f@—y thats why it will remain a sh– hole no matter how much money the international bankers lob at it !!!

      • A wise man once said don’t argue with ediot because people from a far won’t know who’s who.

      • I really dont think Vybz Kartel will live forever.

      • Exactly but his music will just pac and big

      • thats the sickest rumour out there; this lil toy soldiers are really trying huh?

      • It’s only the beginning before you know it they will be saying that he was raped

      • in a way its good theyre acting up, it weeds out the weak . wait till hes out they gona run like roaches lol

      • And cry like babies

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        Dem waan fi start it but mi no dem a baby
        Tell dem mi deh yah pon di gaza mi ready
        Yu coulda even bring di whole military lol

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        Action over word mi seh ,somtin ago fly like bird mi seh

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      • What’s the matter with you?

      • I have to ask you that question because its you who seems to have seen a matter in me which I am failing to see in me, so please do enlighten me.

      • Enlighten yourself

      • Forever, never will die, thanks to the haters

      • I agree with burn a bad mind

        Burn out the bad mind dutty —-er dem weh want citizens to b intimidated by the Babylonians. Bout say dem want citizens fi get convicted with fu—- evidence. Aye yardi gwaan go drink some peroxide mix with some Ajax n clean out yuh dutty system

      • Vybez is a wicked Idiot that through away his career, denounced God and worship the devil, that’s why he’s dying in a bitter envy. You nah hear the voice note, him seh him chop up lizard fine fine . Just because he’s the best in dance hall don’t mean he’s innocent. What if lizard was your father?. Would u feel the sameway

      • Yes we all heard his song from 2010 dwl.voice note? Smh.
        if lizard was my father n he subscribed to a gang just to snitch or eat of top,id expect him dead or myself kidnapped.their version,rite?
        The guy who sang about his type years before would not even be the suspect.

      • If you care about lizard so much you should help put the real killers behind bars

      • Martin NF Webster

        They have the real killers behind bars you stupid ape Ross Margarette is a silly little pounce

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      • What if Vybz was your brother and Lizard was trying to kill him would you feel the same way? Don’t believe everything you read……God is only a title…..Devil is a title…..Who defines God? Your judging the man by his music……You need to let it go #Burnbadmind

      • which voice note yuh hear him say that????????? seems you been listening a different vn from everyone else

      • Ppl like you with your ignorant mentality why jamaica is in the state that it is in with crime and voilence. You lack morality and basic human decency. Kartel had a bright futureahead of him, he chose to give up everything over 2 guns that could easily be replaced unlike his freedom. He was a fool and you a idiot for supporting his shegry.

      • real fu–in chat g fu– u haters free world boss


    • Little boy u a fool that’s all me a say

    • Vybz Kartel stronger than ever, suicide is never an option.

    • what frikin yard u from? scotland?

    • lol real talk

    • Smh, I am sure you wouldn’t like someone to say the same about you do you?

    • f u – straight!

    • Yardie ! Your a real dick

    • Yardie . If you have a son he should get convicted of murder . Then you will know how a parent an love ones feel .