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Vybz Kartel Hard Labour Includes Sanitation & Landscaping

Vybz Kartel was not only sentenced to life in a Jamaican prison, he was also given hard labour.

What does this hard labour mean for the self proclaim Worl’Boss?

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A Source inside the Department of Correctional Services gave Urban Islandz the 411 on what Vybz Kartel will be doing for the hard labour part of his sentencing.

“Usually when inmates are given life sentence with hard labour they do a lot of bushing and landscaping,” the source told us. “Also because there are no sanitation workers in at the Tower Street Adult Correctional Centre, he will be doing sanitation work and yes that includes cleaning toilets and mopping floors.”

Vybz Kartel, whose real name is Adidja Palmer, will be eligible for parole in 35 years when he is 73 years old.

Vybz Kartel live photo

The “Cake Soap” deejay’s attorney Tom Tavares-Finson has indicated that he will be moving full speed with an appeal to overturn the guilty verdict.

Shawn “Storm” Campbell was also given life and will be eligible for parole in 25 years. The other two men Andre St. John and Kahira Jones were also given life sentences and will be eligible for parole in 25 and 30 years respectively.

The four men were convicted on March 13, 2014 for the August 16, 2011 murder of Clive “Lizard” Williams at Kartel’s house in Havendale, St. Andrew.

Authorities say the men beat Williams to death over two missing firearms belonging to the dancehall star.

His body was never found.

Vybz Kartel, Shawn Storm, and the other two men all maintained their innocence throughout the grueling five months murder trial.


  1. Yow…..
    Unnuh free mi up mi dj!!!

  2. @yardie why yo hate katel

  3. Free kartel dance hall. King

  4. I want to know yall opinions. .. if kartel wins the appeal and was eventually released… what do u think his music would b like? And how would the public b at first? …. I know that if he held a concert jamaica would have fans flying in from alllll over the world…

  5. That’s your opinion but if yuh have sense yuh will notice that the votes dem cut and splice.

  6. V.Kartel was not given a fair trial period. I don’t understand
    how people black can judge someone and the evident was alter by the Jamaica police.
    We are still enslave by our own people, how can we set a good foundation by doing
    the same thing during slavery. I say this much the man ( V.Kartel) was found guilty
    by the people who dislike him. V. Kartel will gain more support and become more
    influential great activist.

  7. Based on the totality of the situation, Kartel was a marked man and the State did everything, legal and illegal to ensure his conviction. On prosecution of his conviction, Kartel will not face a Jamaican criminal system that was so bent on convicting him. His appeal will be one for the history book!

    • Exactly what I’m thinking. …..
      But what if their in the same tea party?
      What if keeping Kartel in jail orders coming from secretly from higher officials. In or outside of Jamaica?
      We are still slaves.

    • Support that

  8. Killa beast the jail boss guilty as fu–.u never hear the voice note.and some a unno gwaan like unnu nuh have no fada .unnu a look kartel to adopt unnu.clean bathroon pu–y.bout when choppa go a jail we nuh empty nuh sh– pail

  9. Adidja

  10. All i know , Kartel was one influential MF , if he was using it in a positive way , Jamaica would be in the top 5 nations in the world right now . The way he lead these sheep amaze me .

    • Shhhhhh…..
      U r a dunce.
      Kartel. Sizzla. Capleton. Buju. Bob Marley and a lot of other smart people know that this is 1 world. 1 earth. Top 5???? Which free slave wants part of that???? It’s that’s kinda mentality that brought the wicked genocidal Christopher Columbus to this side of the world to wipe our people out an enslave us. Lol…. you think someone want to be in the top 5? Out of many. We are one. The white man divide and miseducate us…. And You Are PROof Of this. Top 5 dumbass. We don’t want that. WE WANT 1 OF 2 THINGS…. REPATRIATION OR AT THE VERY LEAST. WE WANT TO GO TO A FAMILY TREE WEBSITE AND FIND OUT ABOUT OUR GREAT GREAT GREAT GRANDFATHER. DUMBASS…….. THAT TOP 5 SHIP YOU TALKING BOUT IS A WHITE MAN’S PLAN. DIVIDE AND CONQUER. DUMBSHIT. GOOGLE THE WILLIE LYNCH SPEECH. SO YOU MAY LEARN WHAT YOU ARE!!!!!

      • At the end a the day , u boss gone a prison 35 year , in your bloodclaat face and nothing you can do about it . Don’t know why you never represent him, btw the tape was edited to be eligible to play on certain station and there is the uncensored one also. You, Shawn Storm, Wee , Kahira, Andre , Lizard and the whole a de Gaza sheep dem a slave and will always be until unno free yourselves, all I know I am a free man

      • Don’t try to confuse people. ..
        No editing was done to the voice notes themselves. Apart from Disguising the curse words. Everything is as it was in court. Chopped and screw with. And you’re right. There’s nothing I can do about it. My name is not Tom Tavares. The man says there’s an appeal process that he hopes that they’ll follow the law in this time. Notice the way I spelt his name? If your name is spelt in all capital letters on your birth certificate. You my friend. Are not a free man. “Understand” THE WILLIE LYNCH SPEECH.

      • i aint googling no willie lynch , every man smart in dem own way . Kartel ,Sizzla and the others mentioned smarter than u , but that doest mean they smarter than other people

      • Poor thing…
        They don’t want you to read it.
        Read it bro. Lol

      • Physical free but mentality still a slave

      • He will win his appeal

      • He will win his appeal and real justice is done will see how you will support it

    • That’s why I cannot see the intelligence that everybody talks about. It is only a certain mindset of people (from all walks of life) that are ride or die kartel fans. Kartel was hooked on being a so called spokesperson for ghetto people because he knew that the kinds of fans that he needed would be found in prevalence in the ghetto population. However, is not everybody from the ghetto who has a victim mentality (you cannot have one and be an activist. What you have to have, to be an activist is a sense of righteous anger (at the human condition) and a sense of justice that is not easily corrupted.
      As most of Kartel’s fans seemingly are the kind of people who seek justification for their ways, instead of validation of themselves, Kartel being the weak, fantasist man that he is was never going to mature and thrive as he was only interested in preaching to the already converted. Anybody who disagreed with him was discarded, so fragile was his ego. Which sensible person wants a jitterbug as their leader? Kartel has too nervous and infantilised a disposition to be anybody’s leader. That brings into question the mentality of those who refuse to even consider the guilt of Kartel, all now. What inspiration is it that they truly get from him. I’ve yet to hear anything about inspiration gleaned pertaining to the teachings of kartel. Justification of bad ways is not the same as inspiration gleaned and acted upon in order to progress.


    • Shut yuh kaka
      Every man has a right to a fair and speedy trial.
      That wasn’t fair and it sure as hell wasn’t speedy

      • Did he deal with Lizard fairly ?

      • Was there evidence without a reasonable doubt that he dealt with lizard unfairly? NO. a run come wid phony text message and so called video evidence in which the “kartel” inna the video blacka dan kartel. and the likkle lyad bwoy chow sink the man fi get affa gun charge. SSP Major seh a chow write the letter! How often have you seen the a member or ex-member of the police force go against the prosecution/crown??
        Think bout dis…..Why/How the family of “bossie” nuh have ntn fi seh bout the conviction?

        Chuck off. The whole a unnuh. John crow face

      • Face up to reality, the piece a sh– gone a prison , big up Wee.

      • For all we know the police could have kill lizard and blamed kartel its there style and I wouldn’t be surprised

    • Support dat

    • By finding him guilty. The jury didn’t respect the law…. BEYOND A REASONABLE DOUBT!!!!

  12. A bet say if all the kartel haters go to court n get an unfair trial then dem will start fi say the Jamaican judicial system a fu—ry.. But a this mi a say All who nuh like kartel fi go jump off a tall building top floor. Dem fi use gas n light dem throat hole. Dem fi skydive with no parachute. Dem fi go eat sum makka tree. Dem fi go boil some poison ivy n drink some ivy tea.. The pu–y dem fi go rub up with some courage bush n tek way themselves
    Gaza mi seh!! ?

  13. Anthony Parchment

    Hitler go su– out u madda. A gi u until the end of this year to find yourself in the same position as kartel.

  14. Kartel going to clean sh–, I hope him don’t come out a 73 yrs old battyman,some battyboy will try to spite him. He won’t even get an apeal, much less to win one.


  16. I love how people comment like they actually knew him lol… “this will make him a better person”. Im sorry, were u living next door to him, r u a friend of his? Lol …. his real fans, not the people who started to know who he was in 2011, I mean from bk when kartel first came out… they can spot any and everything wrong with this case from beginning to end… excuse me, beginning to now… the end is far from near. Watch how this take a huge turn…

    • Stop call him world boss a vybz kartel him name a dat people dnt like fi see say a di big man now him gonna free cuz deep down dem kno say dem sentenced dancehall with kartel rite now danceh
      alk mucie in jail free up dancehall so me can buy cd again

  17. He will be free once appeal come through r.i.p to bad mind and Jamaica lol gonna wish dem never cross him

    • Agree

    • So according to you Kartel will make jamaica pay for crossing him? Lmfao

      • Delusional…kinda sad to be honest.

      • Yup. you would have to be an educated fool or an incredibly stupid person to not understand what the man mean by pay for crossing Him…

      • Being educated is a good thing unlike you I guess?

      • Man you’ve been educated jaxx murder you you have no idea what you are talking about go talk to a hater it will make you feel smart

      • Jaxx Hightimez

        being educated is a good thing yes you’re right I am educated but I’m not an educated fool I. don’t know if you’re educated but I definitely know you’re a fool because clearly you don’t understand what’s going on here .

      • Name calling is all you got, I think you need a job or a hard slap so you can get back to reality.

      • Yow. U really fool fool.
        Slap wah.

    • Bryan… I thought the judge was going to tell the jurors nnot to accept the evidence that was tampered with …..
      Don’t be surprised if kartel is surrounded by more house n*****s at his appeal…..
      People(haterz) don’t realize that an appeal for the bogus trial should set him free.
      Just hope his next judge isn’t a corrupt house ni–er 2.

  18. A little bit of hard work won’t kill Kartel, it will only make him stronger and it will keep him focused on reality. Its good to keep busy because an idle mind is the devil’s workshop, especially if you are already locked up in that hell also known as jail.

  19. Some of you people are so hideous, none of us know the truth behind the story. Alot of the so called evidence were fabricated in order to build a cause again the accused; one of the reasons why the trial kept postponing. The voice notes that were released to the public was in an effort to mesmerized everyone which it did successfully. All I hear is negative critics from a bunch of illiterate folks. Get the facts before uno start lip. Mi nah judge cause mi neva si him kill nobody. Base on all the evidence presented including the witness/es, the entire case was corrupted.

    • Yes Kartel made the music we all like but with that being said he is a vile a human being.

    • Join the discussion…a di real ting

    • You are already judging by saying,
      “Alot of the so called evidence were fabricated in order to build a cause again the accused; one of the reasons why the trial kept postponing. The voice notes that were released to the public was in an effort to mesmerized everyone which it did successfully”.
      How can you say you nah judge cause you never see im kill nobody, then you go ahead and judge by saying, “the evidence presented including the witness/es, the entire case was corrupted”.
      You are no different from that bunch of judgemental illiterate folks whom you so insult and next time if you wish not to judge all you have to say is, “I don’t know about anything so I will not comment because I don’t want to judge”.

      • If yuh notice I said “I wont judge HIM” as in Kartel. Only an idiot will sit and seh di case wasn’t tampered with because that was clear from day one. If yuh have understanding yuh will know weh mi a taak bout. I’m not a fan but I listen his music. He’s not a saint but still he didn’t get a fair trial and the world knows that.

      • U sound like u a FCK kartel with how him treat black ryhno and the rest ov them is clear evidence of wat he is capable ov…. His texts and voice notes was enough evidence to send him to prison and he well deserves it, he sings it in his music! Wat u sew is wat u reap

      • Yuh sound like another bit– ni–a who likes to talk sh–. By the fruit you shall know the haters and idiotic dumbasses like you are. Like I said before, Kartel is no saint and neither is any of us but i won’t judge him like some of you who are just listening to what others are saying. Clearly I’m stating my opinion on the case from he was incarcerated until he was sentenced. The legal system is bias and f**ked up. The trial wasn’t fair and who nuh like it guh chuck off inah unuh mada a million fu—ng times. Free world free speech. Btw…nuh come round here wid nuh battyman talk cause mi nuh pree man. Nasty effa

      • Just another idiotic dumbass. By the fruit you shall know the haters. Like I said earlier, Kartel is not a saint and neither are we but I won’t sit and judge him. I’m not going to be like some of you and make critics because someone else said it. That’s how false news carry. I’ve been following the case from he was incarcerated until he was sentenced and that what I base my opinion on. The legal system is bias and f**ked up. He didn’t get a fair trial. Free world free speech and who nuh like it guh chuck off inah uno mada a million times. Btw….nuh come round here with nuh batty argument cause man nuh pree dem tingz deh.

      • Who is going to lead the sheep like how the shepherd gone . The shepherd not denying the voice notes but the sheep says it’s not him. If you can’t have a conviction without a body then you are sending a message to the criminals , (dispose of the body properly and you good ). It is only a problem if it affect us , sad situation.

      • Damn right.
        He doesn’t have to deny it’s his voice.
        He’s in the music industry. As I am.
        see this is why the trial was so speedy when it came to showing the same evidence that they could not produce upon request. If they had given the great Tom Tavares the chance to review the fabricated evidence. He would have had an audio recording professional as one of his star witnesses.

      • Stfu bout in music business, everybody in music business, anybody can use dem phone and keep party. We know that thing can get splice, but the fact is him said every word. Why did he try to fabricate de ting by having the Gaza sheep report that she got robbed by Lizard? Why didn’t he report the burning of his house?

      • I know you can think of many reasons why she would are they would make up that story but you don’t want to go past the first reason and that’s okay that’s what they want to do. last time I checked Vybz Kartel was already in jail when the house was burned down. you’re just pointing out more ways and that they tried to fabricate evidence. and yes he did say every word it’s just that some words aren’t where they should be. I have reasonable doubt because he’s an artist and he has maDe a song while talking over the cell phone this could a voice note song. Maybe it’s another artistic idea.

      • Your grammar is horrible

      • My grammar…. my grammar…..
        Native tongue,…….
        Are you talking about the language that was forced upon my people? You need to read the willie lynch speech

      • Who cares ?

      • I’ve been following the case since the beginning. .. Tavares made a motion for discovery of the evidence and it was never honored. That’s unlawful. The judge accepted that same evidence that took forever to fabricate.. they still haven’t found lizards dna anywhere especially at the house. Or so called chop shop… The police said they dug 2000 bodies up from the back yard… A story guaranteed never to be heard again. Because it’s not true. The people that believe the police ridiculous stories are the ones that when the police go to their neighborhood they show their palms. No the ones from neighborhoods where they show their guns.

      • If you type in ‘ Stephanie Brackenridge on the verdict- March 14, 2014’ and listen to the soundcloud link you will hear the interview with the sister of Clive Lizard williams and realize just how much was behind this trial that was not presented.

        Also remember that for those 65 days it was at least 6 hours each day of information and body language that the jurors were seeing to help make their decision. As much as those following the case think they have all the information just snippets came out compared to these numerous hours and they have to trust that these 11 persons had all the information before them and despite the questionable things and the realization that their lives could be at risk they made a guilty verdict. that has to say something.

      • Hey boy yuh can sing song y u dnt jus shut up n done people like u sell out di boss him gonna free we nah turn we back pon him gaza til death do us part pu–y face

      • So y was there no voicenote from anybody else on the BlackBerry. U and I know they all save to the phone unless u go in and delete them. The man on the stand even said there is the possibility of them being spliced and edited

      • but there is something you are all missing when you say there was splicing and editing. If i understand correctly It came out in the Nation Wide program when they aired the voice notes. I am just explaining as i understand it. Beyond the phone itself, the voice notes were saved in the telecommunications backup. Every call any of us make is kept in their system and that cannot be tampered with. That is why the police high command said some of the telecommunication lines were targeted. THis is what i understand to be why the Police Commissioner said none of the evidence was compromised.

      • Yes and thats fine but I dont understand y there no voicenotes of a person responding to him. Ive had a blackberry for years and every voicenote saved on my phone unless I manually went in and deleted them also, it was an expert on the stand that said yes, they can b edited

      • I think it is because those voice notes are coming from the Telecommunications back up, so individual phone connections with each person’s conversation can be separated.

      • I just replied to you but not sure it will be posted. This is separate but is also helpful in understanding just how much was not made public in this case


      • So i think that is why you are only hearing his voice and no reply from the other person..it is the recording from the telecommunication back up..nothing apparently is lost in cyper space.

      • What u sew Is What You reap????……
        Does that go for everyone? ???? Or just field Ni—-s or ghetto people…… are you saying that that judge those prosecutors the police and most politician in Jamaica are gonna reap what they sew?????? President Bush and his son 2????!!!!!! Whoooopieeeeee….. I can’t wait to see this. How much blood does Edward seaga and the bush family have on their hands???? Lol. This ignorance you, we, are suffering from Was planned. And everything is going just as planned. It will work for hundreds of years is what they said… read, Google the willie lynch speech for the proof. Bob Marley was assassinated by the cia for trying to inform us about our fake freedom. And this mental slavery…. killer or no killer.. kartel should have learned from bobs mistake.

      • Bush not a saint , Seaga no saint , Obama not ,me not , you not, but the evidence stocked high against Kartel. Kartel made a mistake , never men society tun gainst u


        Kartel Verdict Filled With FlawsPublished: Tuesday | April 8, 201413 Comments

        THE EDITOR, Sir:

        Read This
        As a member of the Jamaica diaspora based in Hong Kong and a regular reader of The Gleaner online, I would like to think that the letters page gives a snapshot of the prevailing sentiment of the domestic and foreign Jamaican community. So it has been with keen interest since that I regularly logged into the website to read the articles, commentary and letters on the recent Vybz Kartel murder trial.

        First, I was somewhat dismayed to read that the trial resulted in a guilty verdict, not because I believed Mr Palmer to be innocent – I am relatively agnostic as to his guilt or otherwise – but because the evidence presented did not prove guilt beyond reasonable doubt.

        In more sophisticated judicial nations of the world, such evidence, as presented, would have clearly been inadmissible. Admittedly tampered evidence, while in the possession of the State, absolutely should not be allowed. Unreliable witness statements and spurious technical presentations do not convey truth or support a guilty verdict proved beyond reasonable doubt, which has to be the litmus test for all forward-thinking honourable societies.

        But my disappointment has been compounded by the letters published byThe Gleaner regarding the verdict. Where do some of these bombastic people come from?

        It would seem to me that each published letter praising the shonky verdict was trying to outdo the prior by the use of big-sounding words and long sentences that actually say nothing, but seek to separate those whose educational level did not reach the heights of loquaciousness and grandiloquence from those who did.

      • Read the willie lynch speech…..
        We are the field ni–ers. And black authority are house ni–ers. You are always gonna find field ni–ers that want to get the privilege of a house ni–er. Ignorance is bliss. Read it. Willie lynch advice is working.

      • He’s right tho.
        That’s not judgemental..
        You. Killabeast. I and the rest of the world know that the evidence was fabricated.
        There’s nothing to judge about the facts young slave.
        I listened to the voicenotes… they’ve been chopped and screwed with…..
        Text messages sent after he was arrested.
        And the best part. The prosecution main witness had a gun charge before this case.. and now it’s gone lol…. The price they paid to sink kartel is huge. I pray to God everyday that the prosecution main witness ends up killing people in their families. Lol….

      • Sound like you want the killer Kartel build to turn on the prosecution

      • Lol. Of course not….. just saying he was threatened or something. To tell the court. The prosecutions story.

      • Jaxx , you can’t put gun inna any idiot hand, and that us what hurt the boss, Wee was a pushbutton

    • That your opinion, it don’t make any sense, keep it to your self, Kartel have to deal with sh–, I hope him don’t turn battyman in there. Some boy in there will do it for spite just to disrespect him. Then him come out as a 73 yrs old batty man.

    • Real talk killabeast. People figet say the police bwoy who presented the phone evidence admitted to the court 1 week later say the phone was modified. U know wat mi beleive tho killa.. Ppl dnt like ghetto youth especially the 1 dem wa boasty n full a style. Dem hate kartel bcuz him thing a shot n him dnt fraid fi articulate himself bout him MADD style.

      • I would give you a hard slap for talking crap

      • Real talk Free the boss. Addijah Palmer wasn’t on trial, Vybz Kartel was. Mi hear people saying that Kartel mek Di yute dem bleach and push badness. How stupid, if dem did grow dem pickney dem the right way dem wouldn’t have dat problem.

      • If kartel is the reason for people pushing badness in Jamaica it’s all because the people 2 poor to afford televisions. All they have is their radios. Kartel probably had a television growing up though because none of us learned how to push badness in church.

      • Madd style?????You been living under a rock fam? The bleaching ting made him look backwards and foolish to everyone except for Jamaicans it seems. Real bad man don’t do them tings.

      • Stop with the bleaching

      • No – you stop with the bleaching. Bun fire on you bastards all day.

      • Bro. U mek I tell you…. Kartel was singn music that the bigger heads don’t want him to sing. If beenie and bounty didn’t follow orders in the 90’s they would have been in a similar situation or worst dead.
        Kartel wrote a book. They warned him not to release. He did it anyway…. listen slaves…. do what your masters command. Kartel thought he was free…. we do too. So we not safe either.

      • So on point

    • When it don’t go the way we want it, we say it corrupt. I think the court got this one rite this time. We can say all we want to say about fabrication and court corruption, when you spread your bed hard you should lay in it hard. What fans of various artist should now do is to make sure their is no more of these incident by stop supporting the foolishness these artist does.

    • Support that

    • For sure…

  20. Ross Margarette

    Free kartel

    • He guilty in case you forgot you stupid ape stop being in denial

      • Ross Margarette

        Boy you are lucky that you are behind a computer cause I would KO your kkk a*s out

      • another computer badman

      • You best be carefull who you make threats too or I get my rope and lynch your monkey ass remember we rule this world and not monkeys like you

      • Why r u even on this site? Who rules the world. White people? U probably in the states and the NATIVES ruled that land. Idiot.

      • Nah you stupid coon and we are the natives we built the land and made it just like the queen of England is the head of state in Jamaica you stupid tosser

      • Then for a native u are a waste of space. How about u go finish molesting ur children 😉

      • Is that what you do in Jamaica molest children you dirty ape

      • no in jamaica we burn in the open stupid asses like u

      • No you don’t it’s a major problem in Jamaica and you know it

      • Martin webster and hitler… u are disgrace to not only ur own but to the human race. I bet ur mothers were horrified at the sight of both of u when u were born. U are ugly individuals, I can only imagine what u physically look like. SOME of u native and white people always gotta say racial slurs cuz u cant win an argument with just valid points, yall fuked up! Maybe u should hang around people of different ethnic backgrounds, u might learn a thing or 2. Retards.

      • Martin NF Webster

        Who ratted your cage we all like to see a good show at the zoo and as for dumbing that what most Jamaicans fathers do have sex without responsibility at least my parents was around unlike yours

      • Lol your parents raised a fine piece of sh–! They must b related, im guessing ur parents were brother and sister? Lol u hicks live out in the prairies and keep it in the family 😉

      • Mad Hating Dog…

      • Wow, well said. God Blessings

      • Thank u.


      • That what you should because you have AIDS and brought that disease back from Africa

      • Lmaooooooooo u have nothing to come up with but that lame sh–?. Go to church, u need it.. and I dont mean those cult meetings u attend, as I said before, kill urself.

      • Wow, u need to cleanse your BLACK HEART! !!)

      • Martin NF Webster

        Your still a dirty niqqer

      • And you cant spell

      • Lol

      • U and the other are obviously mentally ill. I will pray for both of u

      • Your family has a history of it you need praying for that’s why your not united as a race that’s what’s make us happy

      • White people molest children honkey

      • So does your dad he did it to you niqqer

      • Nah my daddy was giving it to your queen

      • The same queen who is the head of state in Jamaica you dumb ape

      • Lol

      • He’s right ross…… They run this world. .. Google the willie lynch speech… we are still ni–er slaves. This case was about house ni–ers vs field ni–ers. They told Karter to stop talking sh–. And he better not publish that damn book…. vybz kartel, fighting to emancipate himself from mental slavery. Went ahead and defied the house ni–ers. We as field ni–ers need to know that house ni–ers are direct representatives of slave masters…… we have our independence. But it’s just a trick. We don’t have our true history. . We don’t know what laws we used to follow. So they gave us the laws made for slaves. Inferior people. SAVAGES. We are worried about if a killer killed another killer.
        It is was election time. And 1 killer wearing green killed another killer wearing orange. The world wouldn’t be hearing about it like this…. because the same people lynching kartel is the same people supplying the guns and the funds to facilitate war….

      • Ross Margarette

        We ain’t the 50s honkey I’ll break your head

      • You ain’t breaking anyone head you wanker

      • Wanna try me ?

      • Martin NF webster

        Your just a twit Ross Margarette you ain’t got balls to face me or you be in power right

      • Hook it up bit-h

      • Martin NF Webster

        You got the power or balls to us neo nazis your only hard when it comes to your own kind by using guns fighting in a hang and using voodoo just remember we own your land and your leaders

      • Guilty of being a rebellious slave.

      • Yo I’ve been reading your post you are killing these fools

      • Ok which one of my beautiful black sisters dumped this Hitler Bwoy & bruk his heart? Or worse still which of my Jamaican bredrin grease im up & tear up I’m batty cos dat Bwoy bitter wid we till I’m can’t leave we alone to discuss our own people. Hitler sorry but you won’t find the answer to your broken heart or your sore arse on this forum so eff off mate. Your boring but we do appreciate your fascination with everything black. The samaritans have a freephone number I’m sure your better off there as we can’t help you

      • Martin NF Webster

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  22. When shotter go a jail we no empty no sh** pail.

    That is exactly what Vybz Kartel will be doing in prison and I hope they don’t give him any celebrity treatment in there.