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Shawn Storm Rejected Deal To Testify Against Vybz Kartel

Shawn Storm remained loyal to Vybz Kartel throughout the grueling murder trial that sent them both to prison for life.

According to new reports, the prosecution approached Shawn Storm, real name Shawn Campbell, attorney to strike a deal to testify against Vybz Kartel in return for his freedom.

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Speaking with the Observer, Shawn Storm’s attorney Miguel Lorne says his client rejected the deal because he feel he was not part of any plan to kill Lizard.

“I was approached by the prosecutor who made the offer,” Lorne said. “I discussed it with my client and he said there was no fact. He was not part of any plan to kill anybody so he refused. He said there was no fact. As an attorney I have to follow my client’s instructions.”

“He refused because he maintains that he was never involved in any murder and to take that offer would have signalled that he was guilty of participating in murder,” Lorne added. “I even discussed it with his mother and she said she was glad he refused.”

Director of Public Prosecution Paula Llewellyn also confirmed that lead prosecution in the high profile murder trial made the offer.

A rep for the former Portmore Empire deejay also weigh in on the news telling Urban Islandz that innocent men don’t cut deal with prosecutors.

“If your innocent then why would you want to cut a deal with this prosecutor who is bent on sending you to prison for a crime you did not commit,” the rep told Urban Islandz.

Shawn Storm was sentenced to life imprisonment by Justice Lennox Campbell in the Home Circuit court last week Thursday. He will be eligible for parole in 25 years.

Vybz Kartel, born Adidja Palmer, was sentenced to life and will be eligible for parole in 35 years.

Kahira Jones and Andre St John were also sentenced to life and will be eligible for parole in 30 and 25 years respectively.

In handing down the hefty sentencing, Justice Lennox Campbell noted that the four men premeditate the murder and put the victim under severe stress leading up to the August 16, 2011 murder.

The judge also noted the gruesomeness of how Clive “Lizard” Williams was killed and how the men took steps to conceal his body and destroyed evidence.

Clive Williams’ body was never found.


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  4. That is a very smart move. The man will live longer.

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  6. I feel really sorry for Shawn Storm, he has been so brainwashed by this demon. If you listen carefully to what Vybz said in one of the voice notes its clear he would have done the same thing to Shawn if he refused to deliver or make anyone accountable for his things. He clearly said the same treatment would be given to anyone who *@# up the way Lizard did. Did that go over Shawn’s head, or was he so much in denial that he didn’t want to hear what that demon said

  7. I never saw a picture with Shawn Storm in the forefront and Worlboss in the back . Says a lot . WorlBoss real leader. dwbcl.

  8. Shawn Storm is the biggest yes man i ever saw, me personally not spending no time a prison fi nobody , not even my mother. If she wrong , she go do her time herself, and i would love to know the Kartel sheep dem opinion if you should flip the script , Lizard kill Kartel. Would you need a body to convict Lizard ? Would the phone evidence be admissible ?

  9. Yardie ! Your a dick . The men are innocent . Their not your family that’s why you post that kind of crap .

  10. Well the man wanna stay loyal and be govern by the jail boss.

    Im telling u, somethings not right. Watch how the officer beats around every question

    • Ross Margarette

      This whole case is bullsh-t

      • It definitely is

      • The thing is…perhaps a lot of people who have been sent to jail in Jamaica have faced similar “injustice” – the fact that it happened to kartel wont change anything because the people of Jamaica are not really concerned with rights and justice – they just want their favorite dancehall artist back. Weakens the country and makes us seem kinda pathetic.

  12. this Illiterate gaza crap is dump i dont care as long as kartel is behind bars and die in prison what he done is Beyond

  13. Let him go

  14. If they say they are innocent let’s hope they are and not just filled with too much pride. I hope lizard didn’t die a slow and painful death. So damn sad.

  15. Just so u know kartel waz also given a plea deal. A guilty to receive 10 years.

    • If what you are saying is true then pride or stupidity got the best of Kartel because being found guilty by 10 jurors of murder but then given a plea deal of 10 years in prison for pleading guilty or 35 years for maintaining innocence.

      • Either way to the public he can never win. If he did take it and was released people would say he knows he guilty and he just wanted less time to get out earlier, but he maintaining his innocence by refusing and willing to do life. So when i really think about it I dont think its pride… I think theres alot to come that will b very surprising.

      • You right about that because the prosecution still hide evidence I still want to hear the original cd the Degicell boss gave to the police not the 1 they made bout them can’t find it how comes .

      • I tried to post a YouTube link twice, I dont think its letting me…. go on youtube and search for Behind the Trial of Vybz Kartel – CVM Live at 7 ….. watch the police officer answer questions. Somethings not right! He wont say how he knows the house was set on fire to cover up evidence. … he went as far to say that the crowd of supporters at the court house WERE PAID by associate’s of kartel to be there…., so if that dont sound crazy, then either does the people who think its a set up. And I am one of those people.

      • The thing is that Kartel was confident that he could beat the rap….he did with Barrington and others he might not have been charged for. He hired an expensive law firm to defend him and they had good results before and that case was thrown out before he even went to trail.
        This time, however, the police had a bunch of evidence and an Eye Witness…someone who was present when this murder happened. The rest of the evidence was just “brawta” was we say.
        This is what happen in a crime family…..silence is a code they live by and Shawn Storm is beholden to Kartel to help his career, although he seem to have talent and could have made it on his own.
        Here is the thing ….you don’t have to actually kill the person to be found guilty …but if you participate in any shape or form….you are just as guilty. Say for example you know that they were going to kill the guy and you ask him to follow you to their house and even if you leave before the murder was committed, you’re an acccessory to the fact.

        judge sat and listened to all the evidence presented and if he thought any of them was innocent he had the power to give them a lesser sentence. In the past Judges have thrown out guilty verdict from Jury they thought was not just. This Judge apportioned the sentences in the manner as he view their guilt and that’s why Kartel got the most because he was the one who decided that this man should die for losing his guns.

      • I understand ur point, and I already know the criminal law, but its hard for me to agree with u because I dont think he killed him. So we would never agree fully but, I do feel that theres alot more than what was shown to us. Media only allows u to see what they want as well as articles posted on websites and newspapers. After the YouTube video I watched, it only made me think that the cops had alot more to do with than the bbm stats.

      • You can’t admit to something you didn’t do its the same thing that caused Mandela to spend so much years behind bars .

      • That’s true….but if they show you the evidence they have on you and offered you a deal, it’s a gamble you take by rejecting it. Prosecutors cut deals all the time with criminals to solidify their cases against the main culprit.
        We are all humans and they probably looked at him and see he is a follower and maybe he could be redeemed. I feel sorry for him ….he is handsome, “talented”, healthy looking and young. What a wasted life …..he is going to grow grey hairs and get bald in prison doing nothing to enhance his personal well being. His mother more than likely will be long gone before he comes out. Very sad….

        Now he is going to sit in that hell hole for three decades thinking what might have been if he had just copped a plea. We saw the guy in the Cuban Light bulb case accept a plea to testify and he gone about his business. Sometimes you can’t play the hero.
        His Lawyer should have been more convincing ….outline out all the pros and cons and if he is fearful for his life, get him put in the witness protection just like other people and live outside the country. Pretty soon the Crime Family would be dismantled since the world boss is in prision.

      • Mandela had to do the time too i know he was given a plea deal and he didn’t take it because he could not help to support injustice .

      • Not the same….Mandela was a freedom fighter seeking justice for his people ….he was not charged for murder. Mandela is a educated lawyer….to compare him with these fellow is an insult.

      • But now his going to spend 35 years in prison for not admitting to committing a crime which in the end he was found guilty of.

      • Innocent person cannot “admit”to commiting a crime.

      • But innocence is something one has to prove for him or her to be rendered not guilty.

      • correct.It is also something that judge and jury have to be objective about .

      • Ghetto youth nuh admit to a crime that they never committed they rather do the time .

    • Wow!! But if he is claiming his innocent again he wouldn’t accept…i bet now he wished he owned upto it…really think he thought he would walk because he was or think he was the boss

      • Smh it’s just a 1 way street for you what if the system intentionally did this to get rid of them this is bigger than the police it self , You listen to the voice notes they put out it all sound edited you can hear like they add and tampered with i owned blackberry for years and it’s a first I heard this type of voice note something doesn’t seem right about this case that they were found guilty of.

      • omg thank you ….a di same ting mi seh when mi hear dem…dem cant trick me….futhermore blackberry seh jamaica never come to dem at no time and a only blackberry can authenticate any message if any deh pon di fone

      • Yup. There was a voicenote about his tattoo, how can u ask a man in a voicenote if he can see it? I swear that was fr a YouTube video I saw years ago. And y the hell is there not voicenote from anyone else? Y didnt the go get the taxi driver to testify or find out who problem child is? There way of doing things gets me so mad!

      • So what about the eye witness testimony….you think he would lie so that he would have to go into the witness protection program and leave his family behind. If you committed a crime and the police approached you would you just say I did it or would you deny it at first. But suppose they show you a video tape with you breaking into the man’s house wouldn’t you just accept a plea to save your skin. Do you know that if you plea guilty to a crime you get less sentence than if you go to trial. Forget the voice notes….the man is guilty as sin.

      • innocent people do not take plea deals! and how, what u stated as an example here is comparable to this case?
        the ‘witness’ made a deal w police to testify against em in order to escape his own gun charges. do ur research.
        in any other place, he would actually be the first murder suspect.why u think he was shaking and couldnt make any eye contact in court? guilty conscience needs no accuser.

      • If kartel is so innocent, then why did he not TAKE THE STAND in front of the judge and jury and testify on his own behalf instead of hiding behind his lawyers dem? Why did he not refute the testimony from Wii? If this is all just a conspiracy, then why didn’t he say that it is not his voice on the voice notes?

      • Glad you asked.
        He did not have to deny or refute anything, by the law, since prosecution is there to prove him guilty-he is not there to prove his innocence.How do u ‘deny’ voice note where voice is yours but content is spliced up and manipulated? is it u or not?….Flow of ‘evidence’ and how prosecution ‘provided’ (lost,found,lost again,possibly found)them pretty much ensured him win in appeal-system wanted to prove to the queen theyre ‘behaving’, they invested a lotta money and time into this , if they were objective and found him not guilty-system would collapse.they couldnt afford the truth this time.
        as far as wee, well, dont forget he made a deal to testify agaist them to get out of his own gun charges-when did he ‘report’ the murder.. dont believe it? tell me what happened to that case he had ?dont worry ill wait.

      • So kartel just sat back in court and let everyone lie on him, and he didn’t want to take the stand because it’s the prosecutors job to prove his guilt, not his job to prove his own innocence? SMH…BTW, he will get no appeal under your theory, just sayin

      • Defense did their job and he’s maade a doesn’t require him to do anything more.remaining silent dos not equal guilt.we all saw what prosecution can do with the evidence,not testifyin was his most strategic option.they would find him guilty even if lizard walked into that building when the hammer dropped.when u realize that. Ull see it all. 2nd round k.o. for kartel

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      • ye man i wonder what white supremacist webiste posted the article about VK for him to come here talkn smack lol, in all seriousness, this is a catalyst of a case, if jamaica dont learn from it now it never will.crazy to see how so many ppl are unable to look pass their bias n see it for what it is.

      • Ross Margarette

        Listen my grandparents are from jamaica they left and never went back when I ask them why they never went back they said it’s because its an upside down country I understand now what they were saying the jamaican system put fear in the jury and the witnesses

      • Yep, everyone who comes from certain background there,once they leave they never go back.classism is destroying jamaica;you born ina ghetto ur guilty by default. Kartel overcame his circumstance,and then some- and never left, made way more than all those britishminded b-chmade mfkers ever willu know he coulda went anywhere in the world. They hated him for that.He faced it, its y i say its a catalyst of a case, it hurts to see it, but its admirable still.God is watchin yakno.

      • Ross Margarette

        All these haters can say is he’s a bleacher they hate him because there favor DJ hates him but it don’t matter cause is the baddest DJ to come of jamaica

      • Di baddest in the history of the universe!????????

      • Ross Margarette

        You know what I’m saying everyone who has crossed paths with kartel was KO just look at bounty killer his career is starting to pick again why because kartel is in jail so a lot of artists are happy he is gone now they can eat

      • Not to take away from their talents but Kartel is a planet,and hes the only resident lol. If he was to sit down n say ima make a whack song,he wud not be able to do it. I listen to all types of music in all languages and genres,i have never seen anyone posess songwritting abilities he has, hes a standard above precision.and it just comes out naturally,every time.i rate him as a genius in his field. He has no competitor or opponent,he doesnt have to try.

      • Ross Margarette

        He was cut from the same claw as tupac and every time we have a shining star they taking away from us it been almost 20 years since tupac passed and his music is still living same gose for kartel they can hate and put him behind bars but they can never cage or kill his music he has done

      • Tru. But Addi will be free,he aint done yet…cuz Pac didnt die in vein. Bigup Rosski!

      • Ross Margarette


      • No it’s because he is a bleacher. Just because you are also a self hater or such a stan for him that you cant see the truth doesn’t change things. Him being a good DJ has nothing to do with it but you let that make you think he is some sort of god – no the man is human and as humans he has some terrible weaknesses, hubris, vanity and self hate are the obvious ones.

      • Ross Margarette

        Let me ask you something where you there? You don’t believe kartel but you believe the jamaican police force WOW they are the real killers home boy go read up on it stop reading what these papers are saying and forget about kartel for 1 minute and just look at what they have done to their own do hate the jamaican police force and government hell yeah do I believe they set kartel hell yeah you need to stop hating on kartel and look at the big picture

      • you havent addressed a single point that I made so I am done talking fam. I aint hating on no body -take Kartels dick outta your mouth and stop being such a vybz-stan.

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      • Fu– off – its a self hating thing to do you areshole. You are not black so you simply dont understand. Sorry.

      • So your understanding of the country is from what your grandparents told you – FOH. Im out…

      • If you knew anything about the country you wouldn’t believe and that the system says

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      • Real talk – do you know him?

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      • Or what Steve Urkel?

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      • Who asked you anything?

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      • The same thing that America do all the time use people who they have case against to put other people away cut a deal he suppose to be behind bars for illegal possession of fire arm which I guess the police planted on him that why he wrote to the director of public prosecution tell them the police want him to tell lie on Kartel.

      • boss in him cell

      Its kinda long but watch that when u can. Dont u think the police officer is always dodging questions? And he goes as far to say that the suppoorters that were outside the court house were paid to b there b associates of kartel. Thats ridiculous. I am one of the people that do think hes innocent, but just the way the officer comes off, somethings not right… oh and also he claims the letter written to public defense wasnt written by chow because of the way it was worded. Thats b.s! When i write letters to my daughters teacher or anywhere for that matter, of course I dont write like I speak. And the when he is asked about the house being set a blaze to rid of evidence he wont answer that directly either!

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        …kartel hates black ppl?!
        how many did he employ? how many did u employ? ..empower?entertain?teach?
        he coulda left n lived anywhere in the world , he stayed in jamaica. dont get too excited w ya amateur psycho analy. ok?hitler here united us for a second , chill loll

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    • You are a racist. But I suspect that what you are saying is correct. It seems that too many of the ride or die Kartel fans cannot see for them selves that their “world Boss” is a self hating gay man who turned out quite a few of his cohorts. I do find it amusing that the other woman hating down low (for ALL his career, thus far) gay man Busta Rhymes came to Jamaica to give Kartel backative. That is why Kartel is so defiant. He is only playing to the gallery of his die hard fans who are seemingly females with low self esteem and would let a “man” freak them until no p**** nah leff, down low gay males (I do not include gay men coming to terms with their sexuality or out of the closet gay males – these males know themselves and shouldn’t be a problem to any sane person with a life to live) who hate everybody, and run up and down with a bag of not too bright/mercenary females in order to sway the mind of the “suspicious” and dunces with a narrow view point, looking for a hero.
      You do your argument no justice when you use racism and homophobia as your template, but , unfortunately (from word on the street), mi hear seh, Kartel and Mad Suss already are “partners”.
      Men that hate intelligent females will always be ‘suspect” to me. Too stupid to declare (even to themselves) their true orientation, too stupid to just stick to the one female in their “bearding” arrangements. Word gets out for a reason…these men spread themselves too thin with their sexual antics.
      African proverb: If you want to keep a secret, don’t do it.

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  18. My life is one of the best reggae songs

  19. This shows that the prosecution was doing whatever it takes to lock up vybz

    • Stop that idiot comment the p… guilty, an a bring down the youth them with him, him get fi him opportunity an don’t do anything with it, shaun them never get that big break

    • Stop that idiot comment, the p…y hole guilty an a bring down the youth them with him, him get a big opportunity in life an don’t do nothing with it, the youth them never get that big break like him. Him jus own up make the man them go free

  20. Look how much money Kartel make and Shawn Storm mother eye not fix .

  21. Shawn has no choice they will kill him in JA . They will call him informer he has no choice .

    • Worldboss Christopher Marshall

      Facts.That’s so true

      • True.. Kartel if u r ur family reading this u lot a bunch if coward p…y hole, u shoud tell ur family kartell own up the thing an make the man them go free, the evidents point to kartel kill the idiot over the two missing gun, mi no feel sorry fi lizard either, a shaun they mi feel it for

      • So…chris what about the prosecution main witness. A gun man. Supposedly “informed” on kartel for a deal to gid rid of his gun charges. He’s gonna die?

    • more like his music career would be hard to build up again

    • That’s true kartell woud have send man go kill him mum I think deep down he want to do it, in some way mi kinda feel sorry fi Shawn because the youth mother blind an him sill live with her a hell out, kartell a the big p…y, shoud have just own up an make the man them go free, in my eyes a coward that

      • I feel bad for Shawn Storm too . Shawn Storm doesn’t look good he should testify against Kartell and leave JA . Shawn remind me of one of my brother . People should come together and fix is mother eye .

      • A Shawn Storm fih get a box…and a big man ting. When you say you a BIG MAN, you can’t even mek President Obama talk you into being a part of nothing, you not will to die for. Just hope dem use his story as motivation fih nuh keep bad company…A suh it go…

    • that is true

    • Lol mi would a take that deal mi choose death over 20 years Ina jail that a waste time

    • Let him go free him if he did not do it

    • How sad and evil a society can be, to make a man to fear being killed for speaking the truth but make him choose to be locked in prison for telling a lie.

      • And then these same people want to moan about the system Jamaica is corrupt because too many of it’s people and descendants are personally corrupt. The Anansi parables never came out of thin air. Wi fi know ourselves, man! Chuh! Too many of us like freeness, always have our hands out, will rob our own family, do not like to share information that can inspire progression, hate somebody who does not share in warped values/victim/persecution complex and those who realise that not everybody is meant to be a singer, dj, sportsman, fashion designer, dancehall celebrity.
        In life most of us, to earn a living will have to trod, endure higher education or do a nine to five.
        Too many men in Jamaica and of jamaican heritage (look at the Uk and the statistics) refuse to be “manly” or honourable anymore….they have their brains in their pants and their hands in a woman’s pockets. Which other set of men are getting “minded” by women in such high numbers? That’s why too many of them are such over emotional, non rational, abusive (with only those “weaker” than them) no accounts who are only fit fi play sound and prop up dance a night time when they should be knocking the doors of their various babymothers on a schedule, helping their offspring with their homework. Then mi figet….too many of them are not so up to scratch in formal education, either. Because sitting down with patience is beyond their ADHD having dispositions. Then they expect society (wherever they have managed to wrangle a passport to) to uphold their “values” and idiocy. Only Jamaica and Britain tolerates these fools in high numbers. They set back anything resembling Jamaican livity in Britain by decades, because they attract the streggehs from other nations to eggs up with wi. Before , you had to be about something before you got carte blanche access to Jamaican livity in foreign, No other ethnic community is as “inviting” as this new breed of licky licky Jamaican. And then with out arrogance wi turn round and say that “others” are jealous of us. Nah, son! they are laughing AT us, because they can see how far we have fallen, because they remember that we used to be a people that were not red eye, covetous,falla fashion and mentally lazy. Oh, and most of us used to know the difference between “who is right” and “what is right”. Now our men are stereotyped as whores that can be taken by any old slag that can’t get a man from her own community.

      • What an intelligent Jamaican. Well said.

      • What an intelligent Jamaican…how condescending.

      • A comment like this should get 50 thumbs up but people don’t like to read anymore once its more than two lines long and nah seh gully or gaza they move on.
        Jamaica did not get much to start with in the first place and the first leaders knew the more ignorant a nation is its easier to rob my friend once told me (if you think education is expensive try illiteracy it will cost you much more).

      • Its interesting youre sayin Kartel is fulla self hate,yet look how you speak about your people. I dunno one jamaican man who doesnt take care of their kids or doesnt hustle at at least 3 jobs smh. What you describe is any dead beat dude, jamaican or not,guess ur just woman scorned.

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    • The prosecution main witness. A gun man. Supposedly “informed” on kartel for a deal to gid rid of his gun charges. He’s gonna die?

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