Vybz Kartel Sentencing Today, Police Barricade Streets Outside Court

Adidja Palmer, Vybz Kartel government name, is back in court today for the possible last time before heading to prison.

The “Dancehall Hero” deejay was convicted of the murder of Clive “Lizard” Williams by a 11-member panel of jury on March 13, 2014.

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Three of his four co-accused, Shawn “Storm” Campbell, André St John, and Kahira Jones were also convicted of the murder of their former associate who went missing on August 16, 2011.

Police officers indicated yesterday that they will be closing several streets in the vicinity of the Supreme Court building in downtown Kingston.

Kartel fans protest 9

Officers say the road closures will be in place between 9 a.m. and 5 p.m. today.

Earlier this week, a former protege of the deejay told Urban Islandz that fans will be taking the streets today to protest what they called an unfair trial.

The accused men are facing life imprisonment.


  1. free him for he has a role to play


    • Not gonna entertain you machine man dead pu— ! gun bag from from Cresent road r St Joseph road be careful yuh head under mi guns

  3. Kartel say him reach 33 degrees in freemason – he was on national TV saying he does not believe in God – these are the thing the general a talk bout – you open the door and let in the devil and him take control of you – and Mr. Devil who asked you about the way you are living – this is the reason we have so much sodomite & battyman – we worship vanity – even if we hungry we still a say give thank almighty and we nah loose the way fi things we a hold it.

    And we say bigup the dancehall general – Rodney Price – youth you priceless some boy sell out to the buy-era – loose them all fi things

    • You and him badmind a people yall want to do the work Fi yall get paid that’s why the killing can’t stop a people like you and badmind bounty that love slave people to make your way .free up the ghetto youths worthless Foggat boy and yuh corrupted government mi not even a entertain you when mi live a Ja mi out way y out a your league and a work Mi work hard Fi that if man give u something r poli tian mi never take that mi dun with you .

      • The foggat thing that you comment about – stop confuse yourself – do not mistake I with your father – A me say sodomite and battyman fi get gunshot
        Fool is there a brain your head

      • That is what mi have to offer you Ak bullet pu–y mi father a prisoner him dumpy yuh up if mi ever know who yuh be and don’t even mention if mi get to you and yuh family pu–y dun chat to you now big gal .

  4. Rude bwoy, guh change yuh name b4 yuh start criticise the general…DAMION is the name of the DEVIL…yuh lewwww!!!! Fyah!

    • The Babylon system get yuh caught up a bet you ain’t got sh– in your name who know you badmind a go kill en uh down a that rasssss your time will come too and a nuh Addi a go give it to you a the Babylon system yuh support.

    • General Fi you nuh me him not living better than me fool enuh too badmind .

  5. Now Bounty Killer is a person I respect but when I see badmind I know it you saying Kartel sell him soul to the devil stop being a hypocritic a you first sing kill of a gang shoot up a group so wtf r you talking about every man choose his own destiny the man came out your slavery to make his own money so stop hating and acting like he could not be in jail if he let you use him with the song he did you probley would be charged with him too you talk about devil check out your name bounty killer if it was you in that case you should go to prison for the rest of your life because of your name then sh– fu—-g badmind.

  6. On the observer. Its crazy .

  7. JCF need to investigate all the gun mouth DJs, the ones who been bragging and boasting about murdering Jamaicans. There are lots of unsolved murders in the island. Maybe Jamaica can finally solve some of these cases by checking out every DJ who claim they kill people.

  8. Jamaican people, fans, don’t mix it up. Never support a murderer! Fan or no fan. The victim could have been you, your family, any Jamaican. If any of you had murder anyone, you be in jail too. Forget this murderer. Blood is on his shoulder. Make sure he don’t kill anyone tomorrow.

    • And you have proof of that because he sings a song about guns and killing to gain money that makes him elevate from poverty , so bring him down police account for the most murders in Jamaica

    • S—- uh muma…

      • Fool. What uh going to do when murderers like Kartel come for uh muma. Wake up. Stop being a fool. Murders must feel the teeth of the law.

  9. This crazy now- the judge Campbell want to take Kartel money from his music to give to lizards family- he trying to kill the dead

  10. I was a fan from when you Just start come round Bounty Killer – From when them love Agent Sasco more than you – from when Buju took away the mike from you and Killer say no Buju the youth a rising star – From when the Rasta & him crew from Waterford want to kill you and Bounty killer level it. – Until me live fi see you same one a try shut the general out of dancehall – Team up with Betweenie Man and a try style the man that accepted you when all of them rejected you – when none a them never want to voice you who deal with it fi you – And some fool a come chat – Youth If you never use people whatever difference you and Lizard have could have be resolved amicably but you alone care about your interest – Find the righteous path stop using people (look at what will happen to the Juror that is your fault) it is not too late and the lord just might find a way to get you out very soon at no charge – Just like how the Killa help you at no charge

  11. Is this really gonna happen?