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Did Local Artistes Turn Their Backs On Vybz Kartel During Trial ?

Did local artistes turned their back on Vybz Kartel during his murder trial?

That is what the “Dancehall Hero” deejay has been saying since his conviction last week in the Home Circuit court in Kingston sent shock waves throughout dancehall.

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Vybz Kartel’s common-law wife and mother of his three kids, Tanesha ‘Shorty’ Johnson, told the Observer that the deejay told her that he is disappointed with the lack of support from his peers in dancehall.

The only artistes who supported the deejay in court were rapper Busta Rhymes, singer Junior Reid and local act Spliff Star.

Busta Rhymes jamaica

“All who want him behind bars won’t get any support,” Kartel baby mother said.

Vybz Kartel, Shawn Storm, Kahira Jones, and Andre St John were all convicted for the murder of Clive “Lizard” Williams and will be sentence next week Thursday.

The four men are facing a life sentence.


  1. Eternal Qualities

    Silence is sometimes best, you should talk less.

  2. how is spliff star a local act?? unu have sense??

  3. Really dude what’s wrong with you you can’t spell

  4. Why because I disagree I live in a free country let me guess you live in jamaica let me tell you something bout jamaica it’s an upside down country the police kill over 50 people a 100 a year and you are on there side it’s people like you that make it and upside down country my grandparents left jamaica in 1931 it was the best thing they ever did

  5. lol

  6. gunshot whorein short fi get

    the only support him needed was from the gaza camp and is family him charge fi murder and nuff artist know him did it so what dem a farward a court fa fi spoil dem image fi who KISSTEETH a him and him gaza crew kill lizard and many more yute dem kill so no artist na support no murderer popcaan tommy lee a dem fi go court everyday go support dem boss and were they and u whorein short breed fi other man where were u a gunshot u fi get stink no bloodcoth

  7. Truth is Mavado already said hold it. He ent guna go court thought is he. But there’s no getting away from maybe some corruption in the system and JCF. Case was a awful by any standards! But he done what most people only dream of. Make something out of nothing. Good luck for Tuesday but he must appeal and you never know. Dancehall gone little bit crazy trying to catch vybz. Tattin eyes and faces with bad copies. Kartels Still a good listen and I reckon he’ll be making tracks n colabs for years. Maybe books aswell as his first book had good meaning. Try read it. Free Kartel and Shawn Storm, Kahira and Andre. Freedoms a must

  8. Kartel thought that he was bigger than the law and the music. Sensible Janaicans knew that their foolishness would expire. Other artists knew that him abd his gaza clowns would one day get the wrong attention. I really don’t think he expected much support from other artists. I believe that such a statement was from his woman. What kind a support dem want fi kill off people pickney?

  9. the wages of sin is death.

    Everybody a try duh god work judge not leave all judgement to god

  10. The court has spoken kartel and his friends are proven guilty. Now they’re all convicts who are looking to spend years in prison. I know it hard but you all will get over it. We will know more as soon as they realize what really happened. they will start blaming each other.

    • It must make you happy to see another black man go down

      • Not at all, I am just happy that a murder was found guilty. They need to start clean up the police force now, find out who get pay to tampered with the evidences.

      • If he is guilty why tamper with the evidence? Cause maybe him wasn’t guilty

      • Well evidences prove he is guilty, why would one of the juror tried to bribe the other? Some running around people are being bribe to mess the case up.

      • Tell me what evidence

      • I have being saying it from morning, download kartel court transcript. Everything that said in it…go read.

      • You talk like a cop

      • Again the evidence made up by the police

      • Question I ask, and no one can answer. Do you knw who tampered with it? Do you knw if it was to prove him guilty or to try and discredited the evidences? And again its not just one evidence convicted him, it was many others, especially the videos.

      • Text messages sent while he was locked up and this video that doesn’t show his face

      • What the text said and what was the time stamp? And was the time stamp before after or during committing of the murder ma’am? And for the record, ur not answer the question that was put forth to you ma’am. So are you telling me a big person like you need a face to identify someone. Listen I can identify some just by a silhouette, if I knw the person very well. If I have a person next to me to compare to a person on a video even those am not seeing his face, I can tell who if it is him or not, that is too easy. Do you know you can identify someone just by one single mark, not even bigger that a crablouse?

      • Well let’s look at David Milgaard case he was found guilty and they had witness and evidence and 23 years later he was found to not guilty cause they found the real killer lets hope history doesn’t repeat itself

      • My man

      • I’m not saying that he is not guilty ross just saying I hope history doesn’t repeat itself

      • Brown, am glad you mention that. As I have always said on here, pick the best country with best the justice system and I can show where their system has faults, (muchless Jamaica), injustices and miscarriages of the law, England, America, Australia, wherever or whoever you name it. “They found the real Killer”, that is good, and the man should be compensated. There are many cases especially in the USA where convection has been overturned, because of technology, (DNA). There is a program call “Freedom Project” that is just dedicated to the freeing of ppl who is incarcerated wrongfully. Now, will you rule against the evidence presented to you and let the alleged criminal go free. What if indeed the alleged criminal confess later how would you feel? Or what if later on Kartel or one of dem confess to the crime of which they were charge, how would you feel. And of course that is a what if, ok. The jury spoke and if they had rule otherwise, we (I) had to live with it. Again many criminal has walk free, even just on technicalities, but that just the way the dice roll. No system is perfect, we do the best we can as ppl, as a country. Now if yuh think Kartel is innocent, that’s cool, that just what you think and I beg to differ, and the jury has spoken. If you are well passionate about your belief, I am sure there is some way you can help them with their appeal, seek dem out and see how you can help. Another question: In a system that is not perfect not just Jamaica, but the world over. If its up to you, would you send one innocent man along with thousands of guilty men to jail, or would you let thousands of guilty men go free in order to set one innocent man free? As for me, I would would rather send one innocent man along with thousands of guilty men to jail than to let thousands of guilty men walk free in order to set one innocent man free. I don’t really advocate innocent people going to , jail, under the circumstances for the better of society, I would send the one innocent along with thousands of guilty to jail. What say you Brown?

      • Amen!

    • Amen

  11. Well not from di way him diss bounty and bounty ah my artist…but still nuh wish jail pon any one jah kno it tuff fi kartel.

    • Ahh mi like how u sound u a talk like u have some sense yes hyia now wen kartel did deh a road him diss everybody inna the industry even do him write song fi bounty killer my dj war lord him shouldn’t diss the killa , a kartel frist diss the man and make him yes man dem diss bounty like black ryno and Shawn storm ect . Dnt bite the hands that feed you boy a bounty killer make the world knw kartel nt busta rhyme . If anybody fi support kartel a nyaamie lee and fagcaan a dem man deh sell him out . Popcaan &tommy lee . Were was Bennie man pork head dread boy weh a sing song seh a gaza him sey lol weh him deh and Corey Todd? Some time a gud friend his better than pocket money zeen kartel a run dwn money and provoke the people dem with his devil style that’s why nuh body nuh really support him

  12. Lilbloodz Lilbloodz

    Busta like he’s about to buster ryme lol
    Nah he’s about to bust that top
    Yah but 4 real no support
    But remember when he was free he didn’t get time for nobody else
    If was a different person he might have gotten support
    But a lot them glad he in jail they getting the spotlight
    Check it out if he did get out he would off steal the spotlight
    Just sayin

  13. I like Shawn Storm but why he mixed up in this mess for .

  14. Bwoy it look bad . I have to give Busta credit regardless . I thought Pop Caan and Tommy Lee would be there . If Kartel was my true friend I would be there .

    • There were not there because they know it’s a set up and they are scared it will happen to them if they get involved

      • No,they has their own problems. Tommy lee him definitely a go prison, gaza slim she a go too. The juror with the bribe….and more to come

      • Its funny how sure you are that he guilty I looked at the transcript did you ? What’s your beef with kartel did bang you ex girlfriend or something?

      • Lol, he is a murderer. No

    • 1st of all, I have bought every one of Busta Albums, follow him from leader of the new school. I saw him in his 1st move, higher learning, him done yah now, wash up, last tract twirk, was weak, Busta a look a hype, if wake up him career. I can only wonder if that same “shorty” tell her boss that the way him treating ppl was not good. If you want to knw the real kartel, look at all the archives of his dealing with people before he was arrested, from when him kick down the veteran Ninja man (Ninja have a case in a court too, and if him guilty, maxxxxxxxxxxx, mi say). Yuh think u can treat ppl like waste matter and den when you down you want dem fi come at ur aid? Unuh nuh see how him style di same ppl dem who unuh a say nuh support him, unuh must blind? Look, a man of his caliber, had to used his sister as character witness, what does that say, sister, you want tell me say him could not find no one else, as if him sister a go talk bad about him, plz.

      • Support that

      • No yute free ninja prayer go out fi the real clash dj NINJA MAN and free buju banton . Dem man deh a real man Ina the thing

      • Big up Ninja straight legend the business . ??????????

      • No doubt ninja man is a legend the best of the best I with you when it comes to ninja man

      • True dat

      • Star, if Jesus come yah now and commit a murder or wrongdoing, mi wi hang him again. No one will get a free pass in my book, no matter how good you they were at one point or another, a just so mi see it star. Yuh are only as good as your last act (deed)!

      • Yute guh easy dnt wish jail pon nuh ghetto yute or ghetto man zeen . Becuz jail his for poor people especially wen u black. You ever see any police go jail be4 ? And mi and you dnt knw nothing abt ninja case hope him get weh burn jail house gi wi buju banton bobylon can keep the bleacher aka daddy devil

      • Burn Gaza, mi never say di man guilty, or want him to be found guilty. Mi nuh wish jail on no Ghetto youte, upper, middle or lower class citizen, no body. Mi just a say, a nuh business who the person is, white, black, brown, rich, poor or otherwise, “IF” you are found guilty, NO free pass, a just so mi see it, cuz whoever dem kill, it cuda be my family or even me too. NO FREE PASS fi no one, not even Jesus mi wud a gie a free pass fi murder much less and you see him give his life fi di world. No sar min nuh in a dat atall

      • Ok mi overstand weh you a say bt mi hope ninja get weh mi nuh care if him guityl or nt mi say free up ninja man

      • I agree with most of what u say . It will will be hard to convict Ninja Man . I think not enough evidence . I am not a Kartel fan . I don’t know much about him when I was growing up listening to music he was never around . Listen Donovan u reap what u sow . Let him go cool cool off in jail and run a cake soap business .

      • lol. Ninja is the original gun pan teet. Very talented, but if him kill a man, fire bunn fi him, no free pass.

      • Ninja man will get lots of support from fans . Some times is pants is so tight but he likes the old time look .

      • That I agree with about the support, mi nuh knw bout his pants. But a person can give someone moral support, but the support is just that, not that your saying he is not guilty, unless you knw for sure that he is not guilty, you will just hope that he is not and that the court don’t find him to be. But if and when the court finds him guilty. We just have to make di man do him time and stop behaving like self proclaimed world boos drones, destroying property and have no respect for law enforcement, threatening to kill or cause bodily harm behaving like indecent ppl,(the ones who were behaving badly, not all his drones act like dunce)

      • Mek Mr cake soap guh cool off in jail . He can bleach as much as he wants know .

  15. Can u pliz stop dumbing the image of the whole nation. There is a justice system that’s not based on who you are but what you did. What biznizz Mavado and Bounty have defending him when all he did was attack them when he was free? If a man did the crime, he not special, only God take away life. If he did not,let the justice system do its work. If u don’t trust the justice system, then maybe you need the white man to come back and run the system 4 u. You just can’t spend generations complaining but doing nothing to better the system.

    • white man does run ur fkd up system, u idiot, he just does it via house N such as Campbel , Linton and that big mouth gap teeth beast police woman . Newsflash-the system u believe in so much just managed to divide and conquer a strugglin nation so u better wise up and stop fighting for whats fighting u. Theyre in ur resorts smoking crack, laughing, they dont give a f about u anymore than they do about Kartel.

      • I see u very upset, calm down.

      • So right

      • lol, with time you will heal little girl, with time.

      • First of all the system has no color sometimes the bad go free and the good go to jail it doesn’t just happen to black people it can happen to any one of us

      • thank you for complitley missing my point. you couldnt missed it better.

      • I understand your point I was just saying that the system has no color you are right about the divide and conquer and yes black people do get the sort end of the stick I believe that the jamaican police force are capable of anything do I believe kartel killed lizard no do i think he knows who did yes do I think he is involved I don’t know do i think he got a fair trial no I just finished reading his book voice of the jamaican ghetto maybe him be found guilty will make more people read his book and I think they should

      • Glad you did, I read it years ago when it first came out.Knowing how dynamics usually work, Im sure he will be free on appeal, system wanted to flex one time.They know what they did was wrong, they know he was an easy target-it just really hurts that he has to sit in jail cuz few idiots decided to sacrifice him.I personally believe we all failed him.

      • I thing is I believe everyone knows who killed lizard they just don’t want to say it maybe it’s fear for some or maybe its the fear of being called a snitch but I believe its fear of the dangers that will follow

      • We dunno if hes dead or alive,,neither has been proven.What matters in court is that prosecution has to prove their case-which is that he killed him,not for him to prove his innocence.Clearly, u know what happened in the case and y its tragic that hes locked up.even the prosecutions star witness said in his version that addi was chasing him while lizard was so called killed- basically admitting he neva saw him dead,or saw addi kill him. Defense could have done way more.its tragic.he should not be in jail.

    • Did he get an unfair trial?
      Evidence tampering, missing evidence n things of that nature?

    • If believe in the jamaican justice system then you are a fool

      • Ok, yuh don’t believe in it? Ok, so what is your fix? What would you have done different if you were charge?

      • Throw the case out the window and I’m going to tell you why the evidence has to be dead locked to give someone life just look at O.J they let him cause the gloves didn’t fit now you can’t just light a body on fire and it’s gone it take about 4 hours to cremate a body and a really high temperature also if you cut up a body into micemeat there would be DNA somewhere in the house also tamper with the evidence is a big no no the only time a judge lets something like go is if it’s a set up and he is in on it like him or hate him guilty or not guilty the evidence has to untouched you have to a 100% to give someone life they wanted to put fear into the people and make an example of him and they won

      • You did just talk you preach dey I wah know how not one piece of evidence that the guy was even there at the house. Then to get rid of the alleged body and yes alleged because u not even sure there is a body so quickly without a chase them man dey must be super men. All me want is kartel come ah road because this is not a set up its a conspiracy to mek Martel disappear and it can’t happen unless they get rid of him pphysically.

      • I agree

      • You so lost, you will agree to anything.

      • Whatever white boy

      • I’m black and I am a born Jamaican. I think you need help

      • I don’t think so little boy wake up from your dream

      • Go to your bed, you’re a waste of time

      • lol

      • Wake up, ur eyes or wide shut.

      • Rite now real tlk popcaan tommy lee fi dead turn dem back man pon di man like dat if u want 2 kno friends act like u dead r go jail dem all a fight fi b di best but nobdy beat kartel in this dancehall ting all hater suck both yuh fada n mada pu–ys

      • So go do that nuh, you don’t have to tell us. That you, you madda and you fada business.

      • And yours are closed

      • Yuh way of key, but I will indulge. 1. Did the witness say that he say the body in mince meat? NO, He said the body was lifeless on the ground. You don’t even need much blood on the floor if you beat someone lifeless, hello. I can beat you to death without leaving much blood, it depends on how I do it, hello any body home? You knw I can give you couple jump and kick and then strangle you, how much blood do you think that would leave on the floor lady? 2. Who said he was mince meat and chop up fine? Kartel. Now answer this, do you really think dem would a chop him up fine in his house on the floor? You are few sandwich short of a pinckney lady. hey are you saying as long as him nuh get life its ok den? Cuz dont think he will get life my dear. And ask urself, a who you think set the house on fire and for what reason lady? Lend ur ear to the street in JA, preferably Portmore or Montego bay and you will think different. Did you knw they did a DNA test? Or u never knw, cuz u is a wagonist?

      • Never said the witness said micemeat i was talking about the evidence they had said the have on him hello I would like to see you try to beat me to death second if you beat a man to death there will be blood and DNA is not just blood If I was to crack you the mouth believe me there would blood also I am not a lady so stop acting smart cause you not if you don’t believe that the police are not capable to do whatever they have to the you are a dumb ass with a smart mouth so keep su—- the system di–

      • Its funny how one minute you talk jamaican and next you normal be yourself dawg

      • Is that ur rebuttal, really? What that have to do with anything? I am from Jamaica, born and raised in Clarendon, swarton. Are yuh saying cuz I speak Jamaican I am not normal? I live in the states, fool. my home of record in the states is Brooklyn NY, my home of record in Jamaica is Clarendon, Stewarton, and I rest in Westchester, up the street from Waterford, your self proclaimed world boss camp. Too bad you can only speak Jamaican, not just Jamaican, but Patwa and a nuh everybody understand patwah, suh when u a talk, its best to speak straight english at times, ok, got it? And 4 the record, mi lobe how mi chat, zeen.

      • You are a little bit– who thinks he knows everything I really have family in jamaica so I know what’s up them shot people in the head and plant guns so you know what don’t talk to me anymore you are just hating cause its kartel cause if you really knew anything about jamaica you would know what the police are capable of you are a wannabe jamaican

      • Let talk about O.J for a minute this is the thing we know O.J did it and got off but what I want to know is do you think O.J got a fair trial? Cause I don’t believe kartel had a fair trial now I’m not saying he not guilty cause I wasn’t there

      • Now, this is a double dilemma. The same system that give him a fair trial,(u insinuating that he got fair trial and kartel did not) let him walk free and the world know that he was and still is guilty. The man even wrote about about it,..If I did it, this is how I would do it. What do you say about that fact that the jury let him walk free? The prosecutor case did not get a fair trial, (in my opinion, the jury voted with emotions instead of the evidences presented before dem)because if they did, OJ would have spend life in prison for that double murder. I don’t think the trial was fair, he got away with murder. Again, OJ is guilty, he walks, am not happy with the verdict, but the jury speaks. And just a reminder, its not an easy task being a jury, its a heavy burden to carry especially when you are dealing with murder. Brown, I have a question for you. Do you remember they said the phone was used in police custody? How did they know that? And the same way they found dat out, you don’t think they can get their on history of the phone from the same place they got the information that the phone was being used and in doing so, the lawyer could present theirs to the jury as well. If you talking about fair trial, its their fault, they did not give themselves a fair trial, or is it because they already knows what’s on it, so why go. So now they are left with trying to discredit, you know the saying, take time take your hand out a the lions mouth so to speak. Don’t know about you, but I would present my own evidence instead of saying their are incorrect, or wrong, dont worry about their, shows yours. All now dem nuh show their phone record during the time of question,so we can compare, ever wonder why? Let me ask you , cuz I dont knw why. Why do you think he did not get a fair trial? Let me remind you that it was not once piece of evidence convicted him. What say you?

      • Sometimes life ain’t fair like I said I don’t know if kartel guilty or not nor would I change how it went down because he has a path to walk guilty or not guilty thanks for your thoughts

      • And you really believe OJ didn’t do it too? May Jah help you.

    • About the white man part, too late dickhead lol

    • You really believe that

    • its a legitimate question? did they turn their backs? the answer to that question is yessssssss!!!!!!!!! regardless what dem have killa should have at least go give him a one check. movado to. but everybody is trying to protect dem name and stay away from it. but the fact of the matter is this it can happen to any one a unu at the end of the day buju no buses no artist cartel buss buff and the jamaican public is divided on the issue of whether or not he is guilty or is this a new style of the kentucky kid lynching
      by the jamaican police. its hard for me the trust the people pointing the fingers when that same finger is cover in sh– in other words the accuser is more guilty than the accused.