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Busta Rhymes Met With Kartel Family, Speak With Reporters [VIDEO]

Busta Rhymes is currently in Jamaica to support his good friend Vybz Kartel and the dancehall star await his fate in the Home Circuit court in Kingston.

A verdict is expected to be reached sometime next week in the drawn out murder trial involving Vybz Kartel, Shawn Storm and three other co-accused.

PHOTO: Busta Rhymes Supports Vybz Kartel In Court Today

Speaking with reporters outside the Supreme Court building and flanked by Kartel’s grandmother, Busta Rhymes says he is in the island to lend some support the deejay’s family.

Busta Rhymes jamaica

“I just want to support the family of Kartel and just support everything that is right,” Busta Buss said. “Everything that is about righteousness and prosperity and peacefulness and that’s where are here to do.”

Busta Rhymes was in court on Thursday and Friday while the judge was giving the jury a summation of the trial.

Watch the video below.


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