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Vybz Kartel Sister Speaks, Says Family Is Devastated

Vybz Kartel is currently awaiting his sentencing hearing on March 27.

The self proclaim Worl’Boss is facing life imprisonment after being convicted for the murder of Clive “Lizard” Williams.

DETAILS: Corrupt Juror In Vybz Kartel Trial Charged, Identity Revealed

Kartel’s eldest sister Maureen Palmer-Nelson spoke with Nationwide News Network the day after the shocking guilty verdict read out in the Home Circuit court.

“The whole family is devastated right now,” she said. “As a family we are overwhelm because I am still crying. Mommy is down, daddy is down, my grand parents and brothers and sisters are all down.”

Vybz Kartel’s grand mother and several other members of his family were locked out of the courtroom for most of the trial.

Maureen Palmer-Nelson is the vice principal of the Cumberland High School. She gave character testimony for Vybz Kartel during the trial.

Listen to her interview below.


  1. I see a man that could not proove his innocence that’s it fan or not, music or not. Still I understand what he represents with his music and that some people want to see him lock up but even considering this, justice applied with evidences. Sad but True. He can try to appeal. Good luck still. And when I say Gaza fan I neveu mentionner you but people Who might think like you. Last thing, I au not a dumb ass you should stay polite with people.

    • I agree with you I think that there should be some kind of respect Between us we are here to post our thoughts and no one has to agree with you ross and you don’t have to agree with others have some class ross

  2. Listen be a free mind don’t buy into everything the system tells you and when I say sy I don’t mean just the jamaican system I mean the world wide system the tv and papers lie to us but we believe it because every channel and every paper is saying the same thing remember the system most powerful weapon It is your right to dislike like kartel but you shouldn’t say he is guilty because you dislike him what is really funny to me is that after all the evidence the police showed the court he didn’t change his plea this is why I say have a free mind don’t believe everything you read this was a shady case we might never know the truth

    • If the man he murder was your brother father are your son would you be singing the same song? You would want justice. So let justice take it’s course.

      • Well like I said it was a shady case so I don’t know how I would feel but let me ask you something if kartel was your son how you feel with a case this shady ? 4real I love dancehall and kartel was not great but he was good and if he is guilty then he is going to pay the price but if he not then it sucks for him and his family I would rather him be guilty in jail then be innocent in jail

      • Oh by the way I can’t change the course of justice but let’s just hope that justice was done cause that thing I would want to see is an innocent man spend the rest of his life in jail

  3. I don’t know if he is guilty or not guilty I wasn’t there do I trust the jamaican justice system no I don’t they are crooked murders and I wouldn’t be surprised if this was all a set up again I wasn’t there and like I said I don’t know I wasn’t there but we must look at both sides we can just hate on the man because you don’t like him or because he diss other artist or because he bleach his skin this is someone’s life don’t judge a book by its cover and it wouldn’t be the first time in history that a black man is set up I hope that’s not the case if you do the crime you must do the time

  4. Vybz Kartel is worst than human waste…Hang him!

    • Why would you say something like that you don’t even know the person he did nothing to you listen this was a shady case we don’t know if he is guilty or not guilty and if he is guilty then they shouldn’t have been playing gangsta games that goes for lizard and kartel lizard payed the price with his and and kartel spend the rest of his life bar hide bars but we don’t know if that the case I love music I like kartel’s music and bounty and beenie and ninja and buju and the list gose on and even if I didn’t like kartel or his music I would view this case with an open mind

  5. yes i like vybz but if u kill someone u face the punishment famous or not…

  6. yes i do like his music but if u kill someone u need 2 get punished *Confused* if he wasnt famous every one would say dash him in prison cha

  7. Family devastated? What a load of crap! The man is a murderer, he must pay the price! I hope he rots in prison. He is the worst trash bag ever! I am so sorry Adams is retired, or else he would be buried by now! I dislike this guy, Vybz Kartel, he fed the youths with drugs and guns. We do not have use for this dirtbag in Jamaica. He is simply a nasty piece of sh– without a sense of direction. Die in prison scum bag!

  8. Thank you NYC one!!

  9. To cut long story short, kartel should have never been involved in any way to begin with. He’s known for a long time now that police were gunning for him, but his own ego blinded him from seeing that the JA justice system can make up their story as they go along until it starts sounding true. Once u have political ministers to the island up against u, loss is almost inevitable, especially if yuh nable string cut a yard! Cause our ministers don’t cater for our ppl

  10. Vybez Kartel (from jail)

    Yuh ah me do it me chopup the buoy lizard nice and fine blend him wid the cake soap so mi cud wash me face wid the lizard cake soap(new product in stores dec 2099)..why Gaza slim nah delete the lord…me nah buy her a smart phone fih selfie pix..she afi get ah beating fih that…the teacha soon come out ah jail at age 95 wrinkle or wheel chiar ah me still the worl boss..sob sob sob

  11. I wish JA had the death penalty.

    • They do have the death penalty I think the last time they use it was 1989 not sure

      • Brown, thank you. I was unaware of that, thanks. I also went ahead and did some reading of my own. Thank you. Even those JA have the death penalty and my wish was granted before I ask for it. I don’t think he will get it, cuz there are specific reasons why someone get it, and in my opinion, I don’t think he is qualify for it. Thank again.

      • You know at the end of the day we really don’t know sh– about what really happened because this was a real shady case and it would be sad to give him the death penalty and find out years down the road that he was innocent we can’t look at this as a fan or a hater I have friends who hate kartel and some who like him but we all look at this case as grownups opened minded but I been reading so of these post and I can tell it’s pure hate for the man we don’t know what happened none of us was there maybe he did maybe he didn’t but or the real he get a fair trial bottom line

    • I don’t agree with you because this was a shady case if it was a clear cut and shut case I would agree we were not there when it happen is he guilty maybe is he innocent maybe the only I do know is that I don’t trust the jamaican police force but for now he has been found guilty we have to stay tuned to see what happens next at the end of the day you and me don’t know sh– about what really happened only god knows

  12. Little child go to your bed, or go learn to spell.

  13. Ok but how do you know if was murder and it not true last year they found a girl who was missing for 17 years how many people run away from jamaica to Cuba all I’m saying is I don’t believe that vybz kartel killed lizard he might be dead or he might be alive but I believe that the police knows what really happened

    • You so stupid it’s a shame. Why you believe he is not dead? There evidences leading to kartel and his friends kill him. From the beginning they tried to use stupid gaza slim to tell lie by saying she was rob by Lizard after the day the his girlfriend report him missing. Why didn’t his lawyer use that in court as defense. Why would a juror take is own money to bribe the rest? Stop being naive or stupid, is your brain that tuff?

      • Where is the DNA dumb a.. the didn’t find any and vybz is behind bars how could he bribe someone it not his falt

      • Oh yeah my brain is that tuff

      • primo ny you will end up with a migraine arguing with that person, the person you are arguing with is obsessed with Mr. Palmer, leave her be.

  14. Or what? Unlike jamaica this is a free country so if you do agree to disagree maybe you should fu– off

    • Granny seh sane man nuffi argue wid di insane becah people wouldn’t be able to tell who is who. You stay deh argue wid primo ny (boasty-slave) and nuh realise seh dat nuh have no reasoning ability whatsoever.

  15. free vybes kartel if is is innocent. Jah knows if he is innocent. if he is jah will free him. Life is strange. Know one knows where they are going to end up. the small guy who people laugh at who was nothing can be something. the big man can fall down. Jah does exist. my singer is upcoming I will warn him to behave. Also when you are someone in society people will always bring you down. Free Vybes now! YouTube King Man Friends Official Net Video Blessings from Jason Smith

  16. Kartel put himself where he is he had the wrong people around him . Corey Todd said it on Winford Williams . Corey Todd works with Kartel . Let’s see when the case appeal who pays these deadbeats atty fees . Good luck . I wish Shawn Storm had stayed away from this mess .

  17. stop hating what do you want from him if he is living the devil worshiping !!!!!

    he is not an illiminati from now on

  18. You sound stupid

  19. Listen man all a who a defend Kartel no have no sense.. All of the evidence point to say something happen and kartel know bout it. people know seh lizard and kartei a friend dem other friend chow seh him was there and hear when the world boss issue the order him escape dem bun dung di house why? up to the very end dem a try fi bribe juror. Long time kartel name a call ina nuff tings.Him lifestyle ketch up pon him. I hope dem sentence him to DEATH. Dancehall bigger than kartel. If a bad mind get him inna trouble Berres ,Third World ,Sanches and all dem other artist wouda ina trouble tHE.JURy FINE HIM GUILTY MECK HIM GWAN A PRISON LIZARD HAVE FAMILY TO.


      • Lizard is still alive or the police killed him to pin it on kartel this video they talk about do you see kartel’s face no you don’t


      • What a white man answer

      • You’re a sad case. Not every black person is an idiot. Call me white or whatever you like..Mr. Palmer will rot in prison so I’m HAPPY!!!!!!

      • Well go get him, take him to Kartel’s lawyer and prove to the world that Jamaica police is corrupt. Ross Margarette you are a eediot

      • How old are you 12years old you should start reading up on jamaica they get back until then don’t talk about things you know nothing about

      • Time has come for so called Gaza fans to wake up. Your leader is a murderer. Still support him? Weird. What kind of future do you expect for Jamaica promoting this kind of loyalty for murderers?

      • Is that how you look at it that we are fans ok so now I understand how you look at it I’m not even a big fan of kartel dumb ass I just see a man not an artist a man getting dogged out

      • lol..primo ny, don’t waste your time arguing with her, you will end up with a migraine. Reality is too much for her.

      • Lol, she dunce

      • Simo he is a murderer . I saw something about petition to Obama for Kartel .Oh right good luck on that . US don’t condone violence . American police is in JA no US representative with intervene for this murderer .

      • America is all about violence stop talking you are just hurting yourself

      • Indeed NYC one,,

      • Simo same page ??????????

    • You believe the jamaican police. You mean tell me that kartel cleaned up the mess at his house but left witnesses

      • disqus_TJ0A2BBCkN

        Also a careless juror – there is no perfect crime . If I was the accused and knew that I was innocent I would take that stand and tell my story and no prosecutor would be able to intimidate me- according to statistics 90% of murder cases which involves a missing body the victim is really dead There has only been one case since 1815 where the victim turned up after someone was convicted. ROSS you are entitled to your opinion and so are RUDEBWAY and the rest of us . I believe that Lizatd died a horrible death . I dont think he was a saint either but no one deserves to die like that.

    • Rude way1 like dead beat Ross Margaret she a look hype . Why wasn’t Ross Magaret in JA with Busta . Listen your a none motherf—ing factor . I don’t want to talk to u .

      • Where you in Jamaica white boy you are just a hater that likes to black men be put away you from NYC it must be the white part you must think that busta a bit– for being there for vybz kartel you keep saying I’m done and you don’t want to talk to me anymore then sh– up cause this is America bit– and it a free country

    • disqus_TJ0A2BBCkN

      Well said rudebway

    • You must be a jamaican cop

      • You must be an idiot, simo is right, you are definitely a waste of time. I’m done communicating with you.

    • Yeah but everyone has their own views and this is a good place to air them out

  20. His whole family knew his lifestyle and what he was doing so why didn’t they try to prevent this. They knew this was coming


    • SORRY Nickdigreat, my rant wasn’t aimed at you,,my apologies.

    • What was he doing? ???

    • Because the money was too sweet for them. Lol

    • What was he doing?

  21. Vybz kartel is a victim of his own success when mock the almighty by saying does the devil have a bank account you ain’t getting away with that by saying such things and saying he reach 33 degrees masonry the highs of evil it bound to catch up with you

  22. carelessboutpeople

    The bible stated that every man destiny was written in the book of life.. Kartel you where right “where is the love for the black child’ a lot of jamaican won’t understand this line; because, they are not readers.. they just want to hear something and they will run with it. only god can judge you, don’t let the weak minded and stereotype minded people break you.. they cant take from you what they never gave unto you. Let talk about Marcus Garvey, how did he died? when he started is rally in the US only 5% of his supporters was Jamaican. They bass him and laugh at him and his movement now today and age he’s called and hero.. I have my experience with my same fellow jamaican, i had my son when i was only seventeen people laugh and talk even called me names; they went as far as to tell me that’ i would not turn out to be anything in life; my dad sent for me and my copper color skin self and my baby; today i have my high school diploma and a associate in criminal justice. my son is the best thing that ever happen to me, he’s making me proud and he’s about to be enrolled in the NCAA league. god determine destiny, just hold your head high and pray nothing can ever beat faith. Black people are the most racist people ever lived. they claim to say white hate blacks but lets look back in our little country jamaica; i am of a white, black and indian descent and i was called ugly, copper color skin, etc.. they are the one to quickly stated him ugly and black. i am bleaching to get qute’ LOL!! A word of advice..pick the beam out of your eyes before you try to pick someone elses..

    • Very well said. Do not throw stones in glass house. Alot of the comments that are negative are about his lyrics and tattoos and skin. Dont judge a book by the cover and dont believe everything the media and government tell you.

      • carelessboutpeople

        Thank you, Elisa, i really appreciate. I don’t understand why our people are so quick to judge us; because, of the color of our skin and tattoo; after everything us as a people went through. shame on us

      • We should do whatever makes us happy you have white me and women who pay to get tanned so why do people have problem with black men and women bleaching?

      • Thank you elisa and thank you carelessboutpeople

      • 4real and we all know what the police are capable of in Jamaica set up set up set up if his skin wasn’t bleached he would be free just look at ninja man

      • 4 real girl so so well said

    • salute!

    • Are you saying that to say kartel should not be judged, because if so you talking BULL CROP.

      • carelessboutpeople

        lol you funny if you were a reader you would have known there is no such word as bull crop..#dunce!!! go back and learn to read.

      • Just like you dunce, #YOU BULL —-

      • Nobody wants to know your life story, thank God for what you turn out to be. All you said has nothing to do with kartel case. Why would an artist of his status has two illegal guns and lending it to friends… to do what, play with it or model with it? Dunce and chillgo back where you come from. You damn right you are one of the careless people, you who say it. #STUPID.

      • You need to go on youtube and check out the videos on jamaican police

      • carelessboutpeople

        You can’t tell a person like that to watch YouTube, he’s still not going to understand it. He might believe police brutality is not a crime and the people deserve it. BBC news rated Jamaica police as one of the most violent in the world. Remember Jamaica is just a small island.

      • You know nothing about Jamaica or the police, talk about go on youtube. You go and read the transcript of all that transpired in court…. there is so much more.

      • Tell me what do you know about jamaica you and trying to sound smart but you really don’t know what’s going on in Jamaica the police kill for fun everyday and setting people up look how many times they setup ninja man they are known for killing people so don’t talk like you know what time it is hater

      • Well my grandfather from jamaica and my father also jamaicans live in fear everyday because of police

      • carelessboutpeople

        I am not going to stoop to your level, by the way you got no level.. Obviously people like you are ignorant and foolish with no understanding. Meaning you cannot understand what your reading.. I will pray for you as I pray for myself because knowledge is the key..#where is your degree# Lol# I am carelessboutpeople like you# who is a mess to society because the lock of understanding… I got no hate in me I am too pure… Love you same way…

      • Amennnnnnnnnnnnnnn

      • Primo ny is a BOASTY SLAVE and I’m glad to know that I’m not the only person to realise how illiterate he/she is

      • My man

      • carelessboutpeople

        Thank you much# 🙂

      • Not by a crooked system listen jamaica is a bad place the police murder for fun you are a hater

      • Ross Margarette where on earth do you live how many other countries apart from where you’re living now have you ever lived you mentioned that Jamaica is a bad place to live Ok fine that’s yours and some people opinion not everyone well can you tell me one place on earth today where there is no evil so I could move there another thing I hate to hear is when people says or make comments that Jamaica is too small for so much violence and crimes as if to say it’s Ok for the big countries to commit violence and crimes whether big or small it is not right it seems to me that you are not aware that all these world leader are corrupt in all their doings they controlled mainstream media they tell what to put out to the public and what not to they know how to make things and people disappear without even a trace you better open your eyes and take a good look at what’s going on around you and stop singling out Jamaica or anywhere else to been a bad place to live because the world system is evil it runs and operated by evildoers

      • Wiseup

    • disqus_TJ0A2BBCkN

      Careless you need to balance your arguments you seem to have forgotten that someone is dead where is the remorse for that I dont think this is about skin colout

      • Who says he dead its funny that kartel would remove all DNA from his house now if you drag or cut someone up there will be DNA but what everyone will have you believe is that he killed him cleaned up the mess but left witnesses WHATEVER

      • carelessboutpeople

        Thank you, I appreciate, knowledge is the key, and you have that lock. #lalalala ‘miss kitty voice’ with great understanding come great wisdom.. Nobody can’t turn you into any duppy bat..# 🙂 🙂

      • carelessboutpeople

        The Jamaica gleaner headline stated, ‘lock him up and throw away the key, him too bleach out and full of tattoo’ why are we so judgmental..I cannot state that lizard is dead because there’s no prove whatsoever.. Kartel is smart but not that smart to remove all the evidence from a crime scene. If he’s truly dead he didn’t die at havendale, if you look back and watch murders that is solve over years, and if fire could cover up evidence every murderer would use fire. Remember the Bible stated that thou should not judge. I can’t judge him it’s not my job and by the way I wasn’t there on the crime scene to say he’s guilty.

      • Well you should go to Kartel’s lawyer and tell him all that you know, you weren’t in court, there is so much more happen in court that the media could not put in the paper. Stop acting like you know the law because it already prove to us you know nothing. All you doing is boasting about your self. Kartel did not get convicted because of his bleaching and tattoo of skin.

      • carelessboutpeople

        Reading, reading.. Obviously your not a smart person # :- :- :'(

      • Where you in court???

      • Waste of time talking to you

      • Yes you wasting your time and our time

      • I wouldn’t change anything they want him behind bars and they got what they wanted by lying but it’s cool that we can voice our thoughts

    • well said couldnt agree more, as a jamaican i think jamaicans are the most retarded people on the planet and i cant even or know where to begin with the list, just dash dem a crate a beer and a 5000 ja dollars fi put inna dem pocket. Dem sell out MGarvey fi rice and den call him hero lol backwards if yuh ask mi, always fighting for the wrong reason, weather Gaza don guilty or not the Island is a cespool of corrupted individuals in high and low places, churches,school,police fore, army, and the filthy politicians, Jamaica is a hot mess.

  23. I heard Kartel was warned when he had the big brawl with Movada it stated in the observer he didn’t listen only Mavado . It’s too late Kartel need to do his time and ask forgiveness . Badness don’t pay u do the crime do the time .

    • First of all the observer is run by police stop hating of kartel were you there NO this case have too many holes not even the O.J case had that many holes it’s a set up

      • Don’t talk to me Go away .

      • You shouldn’t give your opinion publicly when you’re not open to critics.

      • Daisy Morgan u don’t know what u are talking about . I wrote some thing on here about Kartel . Ross Margaret come out of no where calling me stupid . Scroll down and read u will see . I will write what ever I want to write on here . I don’t come on here to disrespect no one . Ross Magaret is very rude . If some one writes something on here people have the right to say what they want who the hell are to be disrespectful.

      • You call me stupid first go ahead scroll down please do

      • What you can’t read ? You call people stupid first then you cry when so calls you stupid back big tuff NYC ONE stop being a baby lets just agree to disagree

      • I read the observer today this Police in JA say Kartel to get 50 yrs go check the observer go start with him . I am upset with Kartel he is too smart and talented to be in this situation . That’s what piss me off .

      • If Kartel is involve with Lizard murder he has to live with him self . I don’t agree with people who wants to blame Kartel for every thing that’s wrong . BS

      • True

      • That’s what I’m saying he is to smart that why I don’t believe it

      • exactly

      • He did it, the only reason why you all saying he is not because they claim that evidences was tampered with. We all know money been paid to do that also, just like the juror that was paid to bribe the others to bring out a not guilty verdict, just like gaza slim was used lie to say she was rob by Lizard after he was reported missing. There are no proves to show that he is not guilty. It’s not like he didn’t have a lawyer one of the best, I understand. It’s time accept that these murderers are bebehind bars. Now it’s time you all to do your part so the youth of Jamaica can have a better future. Stop support the murderers.

      • u belong in the rubber room. dont talk to me.

      • Grow up, stop being dumb

      • Me being dumb or smart is of no concern to u,boy.

      • Lol primo NYC a talk the right thing daddy devil his guilty dum bitc:

      • No batty man him nuh smart him his a money lover and a devil worshiper that’s why him deh a jail becuz him too dunce him have a lot money bt behaving like he his starving work fi d devil then u will get a raw deal . And guh suck yr muma aswel

      • I would love to meet you in person and fix you mouth

      • You called yourself ‘stupid’ by quoting observer as a source.Tissue?

      • You are full of it I wrote about the entertainers came before Kartel and he attacked Ninja and u said I was stupid contact this site and let them read our messages . I would never disrespect some one first that’s not my style . You call me stupid that’s not nice people come on here to voice their opinion .

      • First of all you called me stupid first and second we are not talking about ninja the same way kartel banging out ninja has nothing to do with what we are talking about all you have to do is scroll up and down you started to get pissed at me because I don’t share the same views as you but it’s all good I don’t take it seriously just like music should never be taken seriously

      • Listen Ninja man came before Kartel if u read what I wrote first u would see it . Only few people on here really know about reggae music . When I was growing up Kartel was never around .Let this cake soap murderer cool of in jail . He can write a book about cake soap .

      • Are we talking about murder or music I know who ninja man is

      • Lol dwl how u guh suh hard pon kartel mi coulda a swear a gaza u say

      • You called yourself ‘stupid’ by even quoting observer as a source.Tissue?

      • Tell dem again

      • Don’t talk to me go away blah blah blah

      • U need 2 shut tha fu– up are u even from jamica caues if u is dan u would kno wats goin on

      • My man

      • Movado go drink hot sauce to cool yuh self off.

      • I ain’t going anywhere and I am going to keep talking

      • my question to you do you think its right for kartel to be running guns ,and killing people he was warn before no matter how meny holes the evidence is there