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Corrupt Juror In Vybz Kartel Trial Charged, Identity Revealed

A corrupt juror in Vybz Kartel murder trial has officially been charged and his identity revealed.

Jamaican law enforcement officials charged 50-year-old football coach Livingston Cain of Stony Hill, St Andrew with several counts of conspiracy to pervert the course of justice and attempting to pervert the course of justice.

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Cain is scheduled to appear in the Half Way Tree Resident Magistrate’s Court on Tuesday.

Police officers arrested Livingston Cain shortly after the verdict was read out in court on Thursday evening.

Cops say he attempted to bribe several jurors including the foreman who reported the matter to the judge.

Vybz Kartel, real name Adidja Palmer, and three of his co-accused Shawn “Storm” Campbell, Kahira Jones, André St John were found guilty for the murder of Clive “Lizard” Williams.

Another co-accused, Shane Williams, was acquitted of the murder charge.


  1. Snitches, Bit—- and Pu—es! What was the Lizard bwoy going to do with the guns he stole? Use them for starting foot races!? Innocent people dont get kiled like that, why was he rolling with these so called contract killers in the first place if he was such a great guy?

  2. Am with you on this hope he rot in prison beside kartel. Stupid man

  3. If the evidence was tampered with according to come the jury find him guilty ten to one. He was convicted base on the evedience presented to the jury.

  4. Ur a idiot,not gazaman.

  5. Guilty, guilty ,guilty, can’t change it, (smaddy haffi bawl ). Kartel bad , but taking badness to another level was a bad choice, power got to his head. Maybe Lizard was a hit man too but that doesn’t give anybody the right to kill him , Kartel was judge , jury executioner. freaky man deh a prison fi you worl boss

  6. vybz kartel bleaching cream

    dem fi free mi still

  7. people keep talking bout 1 piece evidence that was tampered .there was also a witness, a lot of circumstantial evidence including motive a crime scene at his house even reports of rotten animals scents at his residence .Dont worry a lot more details will be exposed as time goes on .

  8. If was some other country since police tampee with evidance that it case throw off

  9. Was lizard woma in court to prove text was send to her where is the evidence on rhat other phone to prove text was send

  10. That the most jack a.. stupid case i ever heard about 65 days to prove him guilty with tamper evidence by the police star witness giving two different story cd being play but no face shown then cd missing blood did not match talking about text beng send about minmeat and lizard beng sending text while he was in the car while they was going to kartel home to kill him wh the hell you be rexring tour girlfriend if u was going to be kill annot try to get to the police to come help u n why would they leave you with the phone think about ir if u was kidnap all i see is all i see is that they judge kartel base o his appearance and the things he do not by evidence

  11. Its not right, evidence dont add up. Matter of fact there is no evidence. In the U.S. he would walk, no weapon no body. So that means he was convicted on a fabricated story. They say the yute got beat to death, but theres no body to prove that. As rastaman I could never go back jam. Wait till they fabricate sumtin pon you or a family member. Ive seen it before.

    • Some one kidnap you who you would look to call girlfriend or police first

    • If he was in the US with all the evedience and tex msg stating how they chopped him up fine like mince meat and they will never find the body that in it self is enough to convict him of murder.

  12. Everybody talking about oh..what if the Victim was your brother or father or member of your family we wouldn’t be saying free Kartel..what about the slackness of the police and investigators and di Judge to. This whole thing is bigger than just this particular case involving Kartel..
    Jamaica legal system just got exposed showing it’s currently full of loop holes and make shift accommodations that are catered to or for the preferred ones check your Jamaican history you will see it’s true..Everybody know Jamaica haa socio-economic prejudice..
    No apologies ..dem need fi go learn how real courts operate..
    Yea Kartel MAY have been guilty but the courts are also obligated to maintain the balance of Justice
    To me addi same way dem wi compromise other ppl case who are actually innocent and get them convicted

  13. i wish that juror could get life, big case everybody watching and u trying this sh– .Mek an e.g out d jackass

  14. Vybz Kartel, Worl Boss will be a Dancehall Reggae music icon forever…You Haters hate because you’ll never exist… #OnlyGodCanJudge

  15. Warning ??????Warning ??Warning ??

  16. Tommy Lee next I hear he is a scammer .
    Tommy Lee I would be scared right now . US police in JA I know that for sure . From US police working with Jamaican police yuh goose cook . Warning all lottery scammers get income another way . Foreign police don’t play .

  17. Vybz is where he should be….in prison. Good for him. All your comments are unnecessary he already found guilty. Now think about how long heI going to be there, I say life. Lol

    • They will win in the re-trial… Or they’ll break him out and he runnin to Haiti or another safe haven

  18. no body no murder weapon no real blood samples found its sounds like they convicted him over a text message cant help but think if it was england,france,usa pretty much any other country a non guilty verdict would have returned no one can say for 100 percent that he did it corrupt evidence phones being used in the station,people on the stand ” i just wanna know if him still alive”
    and so on

  19. Justice system unfair

    Over the years police killing the most innocent people I never see so much people demanding justice.

    • So does that mean criminals like kartel should get away with murder

      • No…it just mean that kartel is getting a raw deal. Those police who has been killing innocent people should be in the same predicament that Kartel is in also.
        Beenie man should be on trial for Bogle’s murder
        Bounty killa should b on trial for So Lucky’s murder, gun possession and most importantly domestic abuse for several women…and also questionably Roach’s murder.. BUMBOCLAAT!!

      • Google the Green Bay massacre example

  20. Justice system unfair

    When since Jamaicans put their trust in the law?

  21. What is this a witch hunt? PPL are now judge by there music we are not GOD only he can judge! Know your facts my ??? is why did the witness see his friend died and then run off… then go back if he was so afraid of Kartel and for his own life… It’s clear that he didn’t go straight to the police it took him how long??? He was facing a gun charge when the police picked him up!…Note that the police stated in court that his phone was USED, the so called evidence was planted in the phone after the FACT… JA system is what it is a JOKE.

  22. inagotovina remove ya back to Croatia.. this bit– need to quit acting like kartel is her man before shorty lash she ras

  23. The verdict is guilty and life goes on. How sad it is to still witness those who are doing road and free insulting and hating each other over men who were found guilty for murder by a court of law. Instead of learning lessons from what happened to Kartel and friends some individuals still portray the same attitude and mentality like that of Kartel and friends.

    • I wonder if all those people and the free kartel band wagon would feel the same way if it was there husband,brother,uncle are nephew he murder. He think he is untouchable and he was gonna get away with murder. But the real WORLD BOSS up above said enough is enough. As for the juror who try to bribe the others he should get a hefty fine and his sorry old ass put away for a long time.

      • the so called victim was no saint either on multiple gun related charges including shooting with intent, what about his victims husband,brother,uncle or nephew etc… the courts are there to maintain balance of justice which was not extended to kartel n his co accused, u cant convict a man for a crime we not even sure actually took place (judging by evidence presented in court) bcaz hes not a good role model in society r bcaz u have a strong feeling he did it based on d type of person he is NO it has to be proven, he might be spending d rest of his life in prison based on shady n tampered evidence. The fact is if it was someone else n not kartel in d same exact role that person would be a free man today … kartel’s image is d real reason he got a guilty verdict

  24. Lilbloodz Lilbloodz

    Real smart of him
    Free vybz
    Just sayin

  25. Clearly Vybz Kartel is guilty because he tried to bribe the jury. probably tried to bribe the judge too.

    Jamaican politicians should take note at least not everybody in Jamaica is corrupt. This one stupid jury fi get a hefty sentence

    • guh suck yuh mada -_- ,,|,, (*_*) ,,|,,

      • Learn to speak English you prat

      • NO! YOU Go LABA juice U Muma JJ! Kartel is GUILTY!! Who the HELL this Corrupt Juror was working for? Red Cross? Save your stinking dumb-ass breath! HE was tring to change the verdict with bribe just like they done in Kartel’s 2 other known murder rap so he could walk FREE and be the farced so called world boss. Yes he will be the boss alright in prison until he drop the soap.

        It’s people like you while so many murderer walking FREE in Jamrock only to kill again. Kartel is NO longer my DJ because he order several hit job on several of his close friends etc and stray from the music into this gangsta warfare mentality. If you ask me, him and is boys are certified cerial killers in Jamaica.

        BUT IF Clive Lizard William was your brother you would be looking for justice!! #HYPOCRITE!!

      • I couldn’t have said it better. Well put!!! Jamaica need more peoe lime that juror to report bribes and jamrock would be so much better!!!

      • Well said!????

      • Listen to u out here on road talking your little “until he drops the cake soap”..

        I can tell the way u talk u wouldnt be saying shizzle if u werent behind a computer.

        Hmm I wonder if Vybz Kartel can hold his own behind bars??

        Shut your little mommas boy mouth up and go sell some lemonade.

      • So why you a send threat to the people .You are sending threat my friend on the internet. Ignorance will no longer be tolerated. I don’t think you would identify yourself behind that computer. I did my time, and a lot of time .You guilty ,you guilty. Go do your time .Thou shall not kill. The devil took over a man and made him a monster. Bleaching tattoo .One day we all half to face the almighty. I see the toughest of the toughest went to prison and when them come in without their guns and gangs. They were nothing.

      • Where do you see a threat? Ya MORON

      • this slime of a judas jurior should get no lest than 15 in jail

      • you are an idiot which ghetto you come from you dark and fool

    • dumb f—er

    • Fool.

    • That was ??? comment? How can one make something risk there life for payment? PPL think clearly!

    • Guilty means ” beyond a reasonable doubt”.Jamaica just showed they have no intention on maintaining the integrity of their Court of Law..Corruption and Jealousy convicted Kartel is worth over 5 million U.S.all by making sound business decisions…he worth more money than numerous corporate C E O buay out deh all di judge to .and given the opportunity to sink him they did..the Judges summation was prejudiced against kartel..ask me addi judge doom kartel.. Regardless of if Kartel did it or not..every aspect of the law has to be maintained. Meaning in any other court anyone whom comprisies evidence such as police. As incriminating as it may be it should not be admissible.
      He was convicted with no evidence only txt messages from phones which were compromised.

      • Says who? the defence? The blackberry O.S on kartel’s phone is the most secure in the world. Obama still uses a blackberry, if tom-tavares really believed the phone was compromised then he should have had a blackberry tech from canada come check the phone out. What most bb users don’t know is that there is something called an event log on your blackberry that stores information about every action taken on your blackberry throughout the day. The event log details and the BB messages with timestamps would confirm each other. Thats why tom-tavares did not push the issue. Police can get in your phone to read messages but they cannot re-create data on a blackberry or any computer device without leaving a footprint.

      • Trust me my lord a that me say to……

    • Not only u mada..go suck yo daddy too.

    • Yardie I agree ????