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Vybz Kartel Trial: Read The Letter Alleged From Star Witness

This letter was allegedly written by prosecution star witness is now at the center of Vybz Kartel’s murder trial.

Last week Justice Lennox Campbell entered the letter into evidence after the defense called a handwriting expert to the witness stand.

DETAILS: Vybz Kartel Trial: Prosecution Cross-Examined Handwriting Expert

The handwriting expert, retired Superintendent of Police Karl Major, told the court that the letter was written by star witness Lamar Chow.

But the prosecution is contending that the letter is bogus and should be thrown out.

Read the letter:

Good day. I am Lamar Chow. I,m a witness in this Vybz Kartel case…’The purpose of this letter is to inform you that statement taken by the police by me wasn’t willing because I didn’t go freely…’to the police station. They came for me in brute force’ ‘Because this I apprehend fear and I legitimise their theory of what happened on the 16th of August 2010’ , ‘I didn’t intend to be involved in their the reason why I don’t want to come to court is because I see Clive after that 16th Aug 2010’

L. Chow

This letter could decide Vybz Kartel fate after the case is handed over to the 11 member jury later this week.

Kartel, born Adidja Palmer, Shawn “Storm” Campbell, Kahira Jones, André St John, and Shane Williams are on trial for the alleged murder of Clive “Lizard” Williams, who authorities say was killed on August 16, 2011 over two missing guns belonging to the dancehall star.


  1. Corruption Enemy.....

    To show you how POOR this investigation is… Why they didn’t have DNA sample lifted from the envelop and compare it to that of the Chief witness in the case? Why investigator never try to have fingerprint lifted from the letter in question ? That serves as common policing work that I would have done and put speculation to rest. Most Jamaicans uses their saliva to seal an envelope …something is in the shadows people. These crooks are not saying something…

  2. you seem more like the dumbass cuz since kartel gone a jail mi si artise a do worse n a sey worse tings dan wa kartel was singing about example alkaline n demarco gage n a whole odda artise sum a unno juss have a personal hate fi kartel

    • Not to take any sides here but, you just pointed out what “burn freaky kartel” was talking about. Alkaline is a child… “future generation”… and i’m certain if you ask him where he got his inspirations from, he’ll say vybz kartel….”tonite every gyal aguh turn a devil, be a freak be a John crow”…those are the lyrics our children are listening and that’s a punch line to one of alkaline’s song. Demarco has been on the seen way before alkaline and doing some alright tunes but, recently he has no problems doing a porno vid because vybz kartel say it’s ok to do so. With that being said, vybz kartel is a small part of a large problem affecting jamaica. Locking him away is like sweeping dirt under the carpet, it wouldn’t solve the problem. I personally would love for him to walk free just to give our government a wake up call. Too long we have been suffering injustice at the hands of those sworn to protect and serve. Too long they have been too lazy to do their jobs while our lives are held to ransom by these heartless criminals. Its not about shoot then ask questions after, neither is it about setting up or frame who you can’t kill.

  3. Case is over…. vybz kartel is free….Lizard Show Up at the court house said he was on vacation….everybody can relax now

    • Al this case is total bullsh– from tbe first time they arest the man the say they have vid evidence knw they are trying to make up up so sh– that doesnt make sense to no one an all these ppl here how are speculating stop bcuz if you guy were in sh– like this it would be something different. How I see it they jus want to stop the man from doing music why his image an his name have to do with a murder.

  4. Kartel is being crucified for his straight talk on the socio-economic ills. Governments, everywhere, especially in states that are poor and corrupt will always try and shut anyone who raises issues highlighting their shady under-carpet deals. One does not have to be a rocket scientist to figure that out. We in Africa know all about that, and Jamaica, as far as i know, it is all the same. An entrepreneur, is seen as a threat to the society. You criticize a man for bleaching while you got loads and loads of Michael Jackson’s albums. Are they any different. Babylon please leave the man alone, if ever Lizards body gonna be found then they will do a post-motem to determine the cause of his death but for now Mr Government leave the artist to criticize you through his music so you can be challenged to change the lives of all Jamaicans out there. In-fact all the POLITICIANS must be jailed for pushing their own agendas and forgetting why they are in power. THEIR IGNORANCE TO REAL TIMES IS THE REASON WHY guns are all over the show, that’s why prostitution is rife, that’s why there is Gaza and Gully, that’s why there is so much frustrations on the streets, THAT’S WHY KARTEL SINGS. Cut the murder bull-sh– and face the truth. ARTISTS, the ministers of arts will never be on your side, so get together and stop dissing each other, use your voices to help shape your country otherwise after Kartel , Busy Signal or Capleton is next to be flashed out.

  5. Vybz kartel need to be set free damn he was sitting the whole time just waiting on trail since the day lizard death man jus let mr Dancehall come home to his fans that been holding him down



  6. my thing…. if clive is alive why him no show him face… how come nobody no see him… why kartel lawyers dont try to use clive or his family as wittness to say clive is still alive…. where is clive in all of this… everything points to him being dead but who kill him and where is the body…where is this man….

    • clive williams aka "lizard"

      Mi wanted pon gun and murder charge plus mi theif addi “two pair a shoes”…how di raas yuh expect mi fi cum forwrad?… babylon seh jail fi we den di judge seh bail fi we eeee….smady tell di jury seh a JAH control wi destiny….

      • u didnt get my point… am not looking for lizard himself to walk in the court room… i’m saying kartel lawyers should try to prove that lizard is alive cause that will kill the case… but i dont see no effort towards that… no friends no family members, unless they all r saying he is dead and it was kartel that did it…. and why i dont see the police trying to get the families on there side to testify or even to lie and say lizard was a good person… prolly i watch to much csi and law and order… lol…. but mek we see wat will happen next week..

  7. bun kartel the freak

    Anyone who think kartel is innocent is a dumb-a…

  8. Anyone who think kartel is innocent is a dumb a…

    • Lol u must be a chick calling him freaky or a batty man preeing him like that but what do I know am Dumb

      • My youth, I don’t have to pree no man because I don’t like man. Kartel is the first man I see bleach out him skin, a woman mi always hear bout a duh dem thing deh. Kartel a di first artist a show off picture wid woman a suck him di_k. Kartel bore him tongue and when bounty start cuss him bout him bore tongue him haffi tek out di tongue ring, if that’s not a freak I don’t know what is. I could not be abattyman because I am your mother man.

      • Lol yeah u must be some suck pu$$Y bowy <—–did I say that right. ….really he was the first artist so u never ever heard of the great Micheal Jackson….but thats not my complain with you… is why do u give a damn what the man do with His life he not your uncle, brother, grandfather or father so why u pree him does His lifestyle Make U FEEL Uncomfortable WITH Yours

      • You are such a dumb A$$. Why does it concern you so much what I say about kartel? Are you his bi–h? I care less about kartel therefore his lifestyle could not affect me in no way. Kartel lifestyle has a negative influence on the younger generation of jamaican youths who follow him as a dancehall celebrity and thats what I have a problem with. Exactly, look at Micheal Jackson that’s my point.

      • Corruption Enemy

        Have u ever heard of Micheal Jackson…? You sound like someone with Ill will hate and bad mind…because u muted about one of the first I ‘be known. Eh uh ah ehmm oh!

  9. clive williams aka "lizard"

    Babylon seh jail for me den di judge seh bail for me…smady tell di jury seh a JAH control mi destiny…#outaroad!!!!!!

  10. Even without that letter enough doubt has been present before the court to let them walk free when you have police officers who can’t do their job properly and preserve the integrity of evidence in any other civilized country this case would have been thrown out based on all the inconsistencies in the prosecution case


  12. Support your brother

    Til the prosecution prove the case without a reasonable doubt, I’m happy to see my brother walk..why some black people always desperate to see another fall..YOU CAN’T FIND A MAN GUILTY IF THERE IS REASONABLE DOUBT IN THE CASE!! FREE UP!!!

    • The only doubt is whether or not kartel kill Lizard himself he might not have physically participated but everybody know say Lizard dead and he is the one who have the order but he might still walk free only because of the Obert zealous efforts of the police, people ask me all the while you think a frame them frame Kartel and I say why would they it would be way more easier for police to kill him and claim self defense than a drag out an expensive and time consuming trial, it no hard fi send somebody fi kill somebody in a Jamaica fi some chump change. Plus if they were framing him for murder they would have to know that Lizard would go missing before hand and if they hada party in him going missing they would have conveniently found lizards body already then it would be a slam dunk case

  13. As good as he is. Its about taking another mans life and then chop the body n leave nothing for his family to put to rest. What is ut was your brother he did that to? Wud u still love him. Devils work

    • Big g was u there stfu did you not read the statement by the witness saying he was forced to by cops???? Do you know how many ppl cops in jamaica make disappear? And kill in braod day light and they go to work in the morning? Im saying them set up the man plus them try to stare justice to a conviction. If you dont believe me u can read the gleaner about a man weh inna lock up for 8yrs and never been charged juss inna jail a si dung wat do you say to that? Im in America and I know to mi heart at least 40% of Babylon dem naa do what they are payed to do and that is protect abd serve. Bout dem dig up kartel yard and find 23 bodies dem too bloodclaat lie!

    • show mi the evidence that he did a kill lizard

      • I dont support police in know there corrupt to the core but 2wrongs wont make it right. The guy went on the stand n said he didnt write it and don’t forget the expert the defence have can be corrupted. Lizards gf n sisters testimony shud be enough to know lizards was in trouble. I wish he wasn’t guilty but everyone knows he had something to do with that death.

      • the sister and him girl a idiot big time. first off if mi ago dead mi naa text no one to contact another to contact the cops big g how yuh so fool fool? and they didnt even call the cops then they did so days lata…rem the lyad sista sey she give the witness 3000 and the witness on the stand seh she gave them 1000 yuh nuh see the money short? those lil details seem to me a that a rehearsal gone wrong. mi naa help no man who a run mi down to kill me, stop, then jump in a cab n take him to hospital lmao not even bolt could have caught me wen mi start run from a man supposedly bitten by a dog. #clowntingdat!

    • Are u sure that he his dead tho,,,,, there is no evidence that he is dead,,,,,, guess we all ate him on our plates since they said he was chopped to mince,,,, wow yummy,,,,,

  14. Yo I was thinking that the letter was a smoking gun but reading it it is obvious to me that is a fake why wouldn’t be elaborate about when after the 16th and the circumstances under which he saw Lizard. The wording is very suspicious to me

    • Wow, finally a thinking Jamaican. It’s a total fake….no body can fake documents like a Jamaican…fake passport, fake visa, fake land title. If it was an original I would give it 50-50. Even if it’s his signature, they could easily photoshop or photocopy his signature and clean it up and make a clear copy. I’m surprise that the judge would allow this faked copy into evidence. Even the prosecutor showed that the signature is fake because there is no “W” in the signature. But you are right that he did not elaborate about when and where he saw Clive Williams and if they had a conversation. And who was he writing the letter to? The defense? Wouldn’t he be using this as leverage to get money from them and testify for the defense in court, instead of the police knowing that he is not going to get anything from them except have a clear conscience. Imagine him siding with Kartel what that would worth in dollars and cents? Come on people step out of the smoke screen being blown by the defense.

    • …And what of the hand writing expert, his reputation is going down…

      • The prosecution did refer to a former case where it seems like his findings were thrown out because his expertise was questionable and if he didn’t use a magnifying glad to carefully scrutinize the hand writing how can he be taken seriously

  15. Kartel need more than tis letter thing becuz tis soft maybe the informer boy never want to participate in the case at first , the police jus forece him to informer becuz mi nuh feel a lie him a tell wen him say d last time him see lizard was in kartel burn dwn hose . Tis letter can’t stp d guilty verdic

    • fu—ng fool di mon fear fi him life and say him never want to tesitfy because he was being forced and him see lizard after the incident. This breaking in the prosecution case as the witness lied about being at the scene, lying about being gaza, he mislead the court and thats a big thing.

    • It shouldn’t. Obviously a fake.

    • clive williams aka "lizard"

      Babylon seh jail fi we den di judge seh bail fi we eeee smady tell di jury seh a JAH control wi destiny….#chuuuuuune yute…mi dj all a turn prophet iyah!!

  16. the Jamaican judiciary must be really stupid to use that note which was evidently rigged by the defense to decide the outcome of this trial. The prosecution witness, had he been in a civilized country, would have made mandatory to attend court ..

  17. Mesmerised Observer

    The prosecution need to look at the letter carefully. The writer of this letter says he saw Clive Williams after the 16th of August 2010 but the prosecution is alleging that he was killed by the five accused on the 16 of August 2011 so this part of the letter needs carefully scrutiny. The prosecution needs some brains to master this case.

    • This may have been an error on the part of the journalist …and even if the witness did in fact write the letter, he may have simply mixed up the year. The content of the letter carries weight.

    • The letter is a fake. The person who they claim wrote it said that he didn’t write it. He testified that Kartel killed Williams and chopped up his body fine fine. If Clive Williams was alive after August 16, why is he not contacting his girlfriend or his family. How come he texted her that same day that he was going to Kartel’s house in a car and was scared that he was going to kill him and she should call the police. The witness said that he did not write this letter and it’s a fake.

      • And I bet if you know u gonna die u gonna text someone to text another person to call the cops too right ? Man its either your blind or you r just playing naive

      • why didn’t his sister do that immediately so that the police would have rushed to kartels residence,and him why go to a place where he knows they will kill him,why didnt he report the matter to police before going to kartel

      • How him get time fi send so much text in the presence of the man dem weh ago kill him,, uuu listening to wat yall saying tho,,

    • That true the letter dose say that but they ain’t playing that letter no attention they just want to mess up someone’s life and sh–

      &d its still free kartel
      Gaza Forever

  18. See it deh now! This piece of evidence raises the king of all doubts.

  19. well, well, i think vybz kartel should go home free,his studio is waiting for him, and we the fans are seriously hungry for real hardcore dancehall,we need him to diverse the scene once more,like he said, he lead and they follow its true,because todays dancehall is somehow half baked.we thought aidonia will take the place but no,kartels place is kartels place,so please MR JUDGE let the man free,Africa is praying for you Kartel we love you,you bleach bount killer disses you,but we will never diss you because you know why you do it,we don’t see any problem,doctors teach against smoking at the same time they are full of cigarettes in their pockets,we cant wait to feel the emotions of your music run into our veins like blood,if existed a Grammy worl boss, you would have won it a million times,imagine some artists are calling your name to get a forward,we guess your family misses you too.we from southern Africa we are not into gaza or gully we are into dancehall.big up to all who want kartel free and fu– all you who want him locked down