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Vybz Kartel Trial: Prosecution Cross-Examined Handwriting Expert

Vybz Kartel and his co-accused are back in the Home Circuit court today for what could be the final week of the trial.

Today defense handwriting expert and retired Superintendent of police Karl Major is back on the witness stand to continue his cross-examination by lead prosecution attorney Jeremy Taylor.

DETAILS: Vybz Kartel Trial: Jury Deliberation Next Week

This morning Taylor brought up a case dated back to 1995 in which the retired cop appeared where the court said his opinion deprived the court of probative feature due to lack of photographic record.

The retired cop says he did not remember the case, but Jeremy Taylor showed him the judgement.

Justice Lennox Campbell asked the witness if photographic enlargement help the court understand how he came to his opinion and the expert witness said yes. Major also reference several material which he used to come to his conclusion.

Jeremy Taylor also argued in court that the signature in the letter allegedly written by the prosecution star witness Lamar Chow and sent to the Public Defender was missing a “W.”

But Karl Major insist that there is a “W” in the signature.

The prosecution is arguing that the letter is a forgery, but the defense is saying it is legitimate. The letter is one critical piece of evidence the defense has in their favor that could significantly damaged the prosecution’s case.

Kartel, born Adidja Palmer, Shawn “Storm” Campbell, Kahira Jones, André St John, and Shane Williams are on trial for the alleged murder of Clive “Lizard” Williams, whose body has yet to be found.

Authorities say Williams was killed over two missing firearms belonging to Vybz Kartel on August 16, 2011 at a house in Havendale.


  1. Free world bosssssssssssssssssssssssssss!!!!!!!!!! No body no case

  2. I really wouldn’t be surprised if the jury can’t come to a conclusion for the case

  3. Letter is a fake…..If it is not an original, then it is a fake. They are really paying out a lot of money to get false statement. Why don’t the defense put Kartel on the stand under oath and let him answer questions.

    • technically the prosecution lost the original letter and its not a fake. some people don’t come to the facts of what the people we put into office and the police force are capable of

    • you chat a lotta slanderous sh and assumptions.hope ur neva in any jury.

  4. Jahmawi Kush Brain Shand

    We has Jamaicans don’t like a person we then go about judging them in the most negative ways possible and we need to stop as away of vision 2030 coming to a reality. That is the impression given when reading some comments. A man is innocent until proven guilty and the evidence that the prosecution is displaying thus far doesn’t not give us the right to say the men are guilty of doing this crime. A few weeks ago at a police station i heard an officer sayin just because of the influences that kartel has he would just sentence the man not hearing is defence it that was possible was apart of the jury so the man would have then have an unfair trial just because he isn’t liked by the jury member. SMH

  5. Jahmawi Kush Brain Shand

    Weird!!! Getting confused they need to come to a verdict it is a bit drawn out for me

  6. Well sed bonni nobody no se a nada wod

  7. I find it mad sad tht we as ppl most of us as a black ppl to b so ready to send us to prison! True if they killed him then yes mek dem do there tym. Bt wit so little to hardly any evidence at all directly tying them to lizzard. & they dnt even hav a dead boddy. They whole thing of lizzard being dead is an assumption! In assumption thts yet to b prooven! lets focus more on the cases like the trayvon martin’s & the jordan davis’s cases where these guys are actually getting away with murder. Killing our youth! The whole world know they did it. all the EVIDENCE was/is there to convict them bt some how they dnt get charghed! Lets b wise & stop da badminding foolishness. Unless they come up with solid concrete evidence or confession, then mek him walk free! Zimmerman walked, michael dunn basically walked, let addi walk!!! My heart weeps fi da youth dem who killed & there accusers walk free with evidence & all against dem!! Smh! free addi & his co accused! Untill concrete evidence emerge!

    • First off you are confused. Those crimes happened in the United States. This is a murder that happened in Jamaica. So if you can kill somebody and get rid of the body you should be free. The police officer who murder the teenage girl and dumped her body at sea, they didn’t recover her body and he was found guilty. What more evidence do you want. We know that the individual is dead…..No one has seen or hear from him for two years now. On the day in question, he sent a series of text messages to his girlfriend that he was on his way in a motor vehicle to see Kartel and he was very scared and asked her to call the police. He sent her over a dozen texts while he was in the back of the car taking him up to Havendale. The person who was riding in the back seat with the deceased testified that he was at the house when they were beating him and he feared for his life and ran away. That they later tried to get him out of the island so that he could not be questioned by the police. Two of the defendants contradicted Kartel that the witness was at the house and was bitten by a dog, but that the deceased was dropped off on their way to Kartel’s house. Kartel did not mention any of this only that he was innocent, yet he would not subject himself to be questioned by the prosecutor. Who set the house on fire to hide evidence. There are so many evidence. Yes, the police did not handle it perfectly, but despite that there more than enough evidence to convict them even if there is no body.

      • First off to you, im not confused at all I followed this case frm day 1! & im well aware of the countries tht the crimes im referring to took place. Maybe u missunderstood me & ur confused. Bt im talking about us as a ppl. Nt the justice system. We all know how screwd up tht can b! Bt us as a ppl (black’s) are always against each other, its sad! Im just saying the evidence against them is week. Bt so many of u are ready to hang dem! stop all the badminding mek the case proove its self b4 we throw them under! Popcaan ssid it best “the system designed fi set we up” support our ppl untill proovin guilty!

      • you are great!

  8. Jamaican police a wicked thief all dem is Mek up false evidence now there like a man holding at a straw

    • It’s the evidence speaking, they need to put those men on the witness stand one by one in the court room, lets hear their stories. Where they were at the time the police report said. There is evidence claiming lizard on his phone just before his death , there is even video

      • They all gave statements already. To be found “guilty”means to be so without a doubt.clearly,thats not the case here.dont be naive

      • What is the case?

      • No. Im saying the opposite

      • Im sayin, all accused already gave statements, last week.This week is
        the verdict.It must be NOT guilty because in order to be found guilty ,
        one must be so without ANY doubt. Case was corrupted w tampered
        evidence,obvious framing and witness intimidation, to say the least.

      • is that your signature?

      • The gave unsworn statements which contradicted each other. The thing with unsworn statements is that the prosecutor cannot question them so up they each go before the judge and said that they are innocent men who are honorable and that they are kind and give school children lunch money. Two of them contradict Kartel and said that they key witness who said he was there when they started attacking Williams was actually at the house. One said that he dropped Williams off on his way to Kartel’s house. There guilt is so overwhelming it’s disgusting that this trial is still going on.

  9. Mesmerised Oberver, you mention “the fact” that these men killed Clive Williams, but there is absolutely nothing in this case to support your conclusion. Let us stick only to the fact that there’s no body, and the circumstances surrounding the alleged victim’s disappearance remains highly suspicious.

    • I understand your concern/opinion, but there is a lot more to these evidence we don’t hear of yet. These men dealing with the case are not stupid

  10. All these police do is bring up some bull sh– evidence u r wasting tax payers money kartel u of to come a road

  11. C’mon people! All you have to do is take an educated look at this case and see that there is not enough evidence to convict these men!

    • You talking foolishness, if there wasn’t some good evidence, they would have thrown out the case already.

      • No they wouldnt,its not how it works.

      • the guest has a point baby g but some of evidence doesn’t really add up peace because if they really wanted to jail kartel they wouldn’t be losing the evidence and lying under oath just to get a conviction. then you wanted to frame someone all you had to do is plant some evidence especially if you have the authority to do that but I pretty sure that if kartel really wanted to kill clive he wouldn’t talk about it over the phone and with all those messages that digicel and blackberry had all they had to do is call Jamaica police department and turn it over and he could have been charged with premeditated murder but who knows if they didnt know already. then again clive could be alive right but no one knows for sure.

      • They ask for a no case submission and the Judge said that there was a case to answer. It is not lost on intelligent people that if they were innocent, they would take an oath and answer questions instead of making an unsworn statement. Two of the defendants contracted Kartel in their statements. One admitted that the deceased was in his car but he dropped him off before going on to Kartel house; and then the witness who claimed that he was at the house with the deceased this defendant admitted that he was at Kartel house and dog bit him and Kartel. Stop the non-sense about not having enough evidence. The deceased texted his girlfriend that he was on his way in a car to see Kartel who summoned him and he was scared that he was going to be killed and to call the police for him.

  12. Mesmerised Observer

    I have read all the evidence in the case and in my opinion the 5 accused were involved in one way or another in the disappearance of Clive Williams.
    The prosecution is struggling to prove the fact that these five men acting as a gang killed Clive Williams This is partly due to police corruption and malpractices. In addition, the failure of the criminal justice system to thoroughly investigate and produce coherent facts have left the case wide open.
    To the contrary, I hope that the jury will be able to come to grips with the facts. If the accused hands are clean they need to go into the witness box and tell us what took place on that fateful night?
    Jamaica needs a better criminal justice system, Can the Prime minister ask Canada, the USA and the United Kingdom for help support and guidance.
    Jamaica’s Criminal Justice system is the Island’s worst nightmare.

    • in order for there to be a better justice system, the corruption has to be removed and that is something that wouldn’t be happening anytime soon

    • That’s why the crime cannot stop in Jamaica and the murder continues because they always get away. Where I live if someone commits a crime, I don’t know how they do it, but within a day or two they make an arrest.
      There was a beautiful young girl and she smoked pot and was at a club with her boyfriend and some friends and they dropped her off at her home around 3AM. Apparently when she was at the Club she gave this dude, who it is unclear if she knew him before that night or was meeting him for the first time, her phone number. To make a long story short, she ended up in his apartment an hour later and he killed her. He put her body in the trunk of his car and drove 200 miles away, cut off her finger tips and extracted her teeth and burned her body to prevent her from being identified.
      To throw off police, he used her cell phone to text her mother saying that she was being held against her will by her boyfriend in a certain town. They tracked her location through her phone using GPS and went to the house where the text came from but no one was there. Moreover, the boyfriend was at work at the time. He did this a couple of times until the cops caught him. His defense? It was an accident. …she fell over a dumb bell in his apartment and died and he panicked.
      If it wasn’t for the US, Dudus woud still be the leader of Tivoli Gardens, murdering, raping and torturing people.

  13. Ras dem bring up ah 95 case lmao

  14. A man must be judged according to the evidence against him and not what was made up for him,this case surely and purely is made up of unfair circumstantial evidences,so even if the man did do the crime let the evidence against him be bought forth to justify this but don’t fabricate the case.Just a neutral observer.

  15. Defense trial desperately to hold to the letter. just find the man guilty and send him a prison.

    • You most be really stupid, into thinking that, the law work differently to kartel as an individual. He is a human being, who deserves to be treated as anyone of us. The is a corrupt case, with too many doubts, so shut up and not judge him

      • How can there be any doubt when Williams is missing and he texted his girlfriend that he is being taken by car to Kartel home in Havendale and he is scared that Kartel is going to kill him and she should call the police for him. Plus, an eye witness who was present when they were doing the beating and want to send him away so that the police could not question him. Yes, the government did not present the best case, but there is more than enough evidence to convict these murderers.

      • Yes lizard is missing. But you point out about the “evidence” on kartel a phone. I think you miss what people are pointing out. The phones have been tampered with. They was being used in police hands and that’s been proven. So the phone evidence is not legitimate evidence it’s been tampered with. Even if it’s not what reason would the police have to be using the phone. This hole case has been messed about with. Who’s to say what’s real evidence and what’s not. Id have to say all was if there wasn’t evidence to support the defence claims that some has been played with. Reasonable doubt exist within the case and no same jury can convict a man to life under they circumstances.

      • Yes indeed when a man can reach and teach the ppl they will stop that as any cause

    • Oh hey lizard,ur alive after all