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VYBZ KARTEL MURDER TRIAL: Blackberry Used While In Police Possession

Vybz Kartel‘s highly publicised murder trial is now underway in the home circuit court.

Vybz Kartel, born Adidja Palmer, along with Shawn “Storm” Campbell, Kahira Jones, André St John, and Shane Williams are all on trial for the alleged murder of Clive “Lizard” Williams.

DETAILS: Vybz Kartel Trial: BBM Messages Artiste Desperately Want To Leave Island

Former head of the Cybercrime unit Detective Sergeant Patrick Linton has been on the witness stand since last week testifying about some damning video, audio, text messages and BBM messages allegedly sent by the accused men.

Yesterday defense attorneys Tom Tavares-Finson and Pierre Rogers pressed the senior police officer about a Blackberry phone allegedly owned by Vybz Kartel was being used while in police possession.

A number of cellphones were seized from the accused men during their arrest late 2011. One particular Blackberry Torch 9800 allegedly owned by Vybz Kartel, the defense said was being used in October 2011 while in police custody.

The defense lawyers grilled Detective Sergeant Patrick Linton about the use of the phone, but the cop denied any wrong doing.

Vybz Kartel Blackberry

Linton says he received the phones on October 3, 2011, but did not access them until October 14, 2011. But lawyers say the integrity of the phones had been compromised since the Blackberry was used to make several calls on October 19, 2011.

Linton says the phones were put in a locker and the key for the locker was placed on top of said locker.

Tavares Finson even went further to suggest that messages alleged sent by Vybz Kartel alluding to him wanting to leave the island were sent when a bail application was made for the deejay.

Linton also denied that allegation. But admitted that called were being made from the phone while it was in police custody.

This morning in court, defense attorney Pierre Rogers asked Linton if he had authorized anybody to use the cellphone on October 9, 2011.

Liston responded “No.”

Rogers then pressed the prosecution key witness asking if he was protecting someone else. But the witness responded saying he does not understand the question and also denied protecting anyone.

The trial is now underway for the evening session.


  1. And to add it quiet clear the judge rule in the evidence knowing that was use after in police police. If these guys convicted this alone is an appeal point. No question.

    Donavan just want to the say the the prosecution admit phone was tampered with after in police custody. Why should defence get telephone company. Telephone company did not give evidence regarding this latest evidence did they.

  2. I read majority of comments and everyone entitled to there own opinion and debates. The reason I join in is because I dont want a killer to let loose or a innocent man to found guilty. The fact is what press release is some of what said in court. These current voice notes, video etc can be damging yes but by way of the press. This is my debate based upon what the press release if u notice they write more of the prosecution evidence than the defence cross examination.

    1. There is no body (if or when a body found a investigation of cause of death must be know)

    2. The crown recent evidence claim kartel and co def chop up alledged victim. But the eye witness friend of lizard do not support that.

    3. Girlfriend and sister evidence, did they phone examine to support text messages no report of that.

    4. Prosecution key eye witness, the evidence no make no sense because if he was running away from Kartel why would they did not get rid of him too. Why leave any witnesses

    5. Did girlfriend or sister call police as instructed by alledged victim? If the prosecution is correct lizard send lots of texts. One claim he don’t know where is going somewhere in Heavendale. He is a alledged friend that they trust with guns he never been to kartels house before?

    6. Telecommunication evidence no support either prosecution or defence.

    7. Video alledged show man with axe no faces and voice not clear. If you are recorded without not realising why would you face not show. Because it would be two reasons if record such a event. Either you do it as u want to get that person, if so who record it? Or kartel want to show not to mess with him why its not clear y no face recognition. This dont seem right.

    8. Disc with evidence went missing

    9. Voice notes prosecution cannot clarify who voice it is.

    There is so much more I have. A lot of people reading about this trial may not want to think evidence can be tampered with but in jamaica you be surprise what people do for money. Money talks in JA.

    You may think why would the police wants to fabricate the evidence. Simply because they lock up few guys for 2 years delay the trial in lots of ways. If these evidence exist before why the delay?

    A phone should not be tampered with if it evidence no excuse for that. Its not for the defence to get telephone company to confirm evidence by way of vnotes and video its for the prosecution to prove that.

    Whether he his guilty or not the prosecution have not convince me with the evidence provided.

    I am not a gaza hater or fan. I love his music with all other DJs

    But in my opinion they evidence produce so far is not crediable. It does not take a fool to see this.

  3. This case full of fu—ry dem need to stop drag on the case like den tek we fi idiot.yuh caah trust nobody dem police cud of all get a nice pay off.

  4. JCF…cannot be trusted!!!…em tek tings too personal and mke em own law as de idiots em go around killing,extort,raping,locking up de innocents,imtimidate de poor,bulling taxi opertrs, fighting political war,putting gangsters in safe heaven,and killing for the new suprntdnt of de division…how many murder case is in de bk logs why kartel case such an headline…..hw many an bail for murder why cant kartel gt bail,free wrl boss

  5. In 2days world, is computer a run it. Nuff ppl nuh knw dat or nuh wan believe cuz time has passed them by and they are at a stand still. A phone or computer you had year ago and stop using years ago and deleted the information years ago, the information can still be retrieved. If you believe the evidence is tampered with then ask for an independent source to validate it. Better yet go back to the company, the defense and the prosecutor and get to the bottom of the authentication of the evidence. And yea by the way I would suggest doing so with the media so the world can see step by step. Who among you would think that Katel the great would not pay to get to the bottom of it, to invest in his life and get the evidence validated if him really believe say a nuh him or him have nothing to do with it, who among you? Ppl tampering with evidence is a crime and should not go unpunished. Ppl, if the phone was being by the popo, ok, look at the evidence before they got it, or just get with the phone company and get it validated, or send it to an independent forensic lab, a simple tings dat. Also, how much phone was being used from all the phones that was presented, what the other phone dem say? These evidence is not like planting a bloody glove and putting blood at a crime scene etc. It’s computer, which always leave data that has been imprinted on their hard drives to include DATES and TIME. As I said why would the defense go ask for validation of disc or a phone, you mad? And you think the defense dont knw dat? Forensic, forensic, forensic, the silent witness!!!

  6. Free up!!!

  7. Lol I said they stun lol i

  8. JA need a cleansing, all of this badmanism is not conducive with a healthy society. JA sick bad!!! Our forefathers that fought on our behalf are rolling in their graves. What about one love, peach and unity!? We are a great people/wi likle but wi tallawah! We are free from physical slavery however we are now enslaved by fuc_rey…umph! When mi si di state of my nation tears full mi eyes. Emancipate your selves!!! This genocide must come to an end!!! We are blessed with a beautiful heritage, culture, and land… it’s unfortunate that my thoughts are nothing but wishful thinking… and many will probably say it’s foolishness… may God heal our wounds and bless our nation.

  9. To all gaza dummies – the phone was use to make calls and the dates were given when these calls were made- what does this have to do with the data retrieved from the phones – If data retrieved were not authentic – This is very easy for the defense to prove – call for a adjournment and get the phones independently tested that would also uncover if tamper took place – but they will not do that instead they try to convey to the jurors the idea of a mass conspiracy about police out to get kartel – If this is so why don’t you prove it the phones are there and you have ACCESS TO THE EVIDENCE .

    • Dude, the evidence tht they had in a sealed envelope tht. Was to be used to cross examine and compare with the evidence that the police say they “hav” went missing! Ppl, this evidence is the most important out of everything wit this case. Why did they wait till NOW, him lock up two years. After the evidence for comparison go missing, a den they come up wit all these tex, voice notes, wich no one can verify who’s Who on the voice notes! Or even on da video’s! Gaza fans are nt being blind to facts, we are neutral & tings dnt add up if u follow close like we! Think about tht! Y did they wait till now? Wen the disc to verify dun gone missing. So now they word against his one!

      • 2 Words. Forensic Science!

      • U dunno seh tht dem do all of the forensic science stuff already and nah find nothin!?

      • Dem who? Mi a talk bout di Defense dem, make dem do dem own, n dem can take di judge too n di media with dem so the world can see. Yuh see how fast dem dismiss the case. Yuh think if the defense say Judge, wi want exam the evidence with an independent party with the phone company, fi check the authentication di judge a go tell him no. Even if the judge want say no and hate Kartel di great like poison, him can’t say no, cuz it wud a look like him no impartial.

    • A di fust man mi se talk some sense 2night. As yuh say, dem can go and get it, but dem nuh want too, cuz dem knw what the popo a say a true, so why would they? Same with so disc, just check the hard drive at digi. Can you imagine dem do dat dem wud a sink dem own case. As you say its just to confuse and mix up the jury dem mind. 2 much dunce head a chat only with dem emotion and not with sense. Mi hear all nuff jackass a say him should a call the popo himself when he was in the car, where the hell do we find these ppl,a must from the gaza side, Jah knw.

      • Oooo, now mi unda stand y u a talk so. Mi think seh u a sensible dude wit a neutral look pon di case bt now mi kno u are a Gaza hater! Lol smh u dbt hav to like anybody, bt dnt b a hater!

      • Beside saying am a gaza hater, and you’re well wrong, for di record, don’t like or hate gaza. I hate the stupid so call gaza ppl dem, di stupid ones, and if you are one a di stupid one dem, yes I hate your dumb a.., if you’re not one of dem den take yourself out of it. Show me where I have taken side in the above post. A dunce head a bring down di gaza, (tell mi how a man commit a crime n all a take picture n video). And beside the only gaza I recognized is the one located on the eastern coast of the mediterranean Sea that border Egypt on the southwest and Israel on the east and north. Go look it up.

      • Beside saying am a gaza hater, and you’re well wrong, for di record, don’t like or hate gaza. I hate the stupid so call gaza ppl dem, di stupid ones, and if you are one a di stupid one dem, yes I hate your dumb azz, if you’re not one of dem den take your azz out of it. Show me where I have taken side in the above post. A dunce head a bring down di gaza, (tell mi how a man commit a crime n all a take picture n video). And beside the only gaza I recognized is the one located on the eastern coast of the mediterranean Sea that border Egypt on the southwest and Israel on the east and north. Go look it up.

    • Well first of all Stephen, do you know anything about doing an investigation? you seem to be blind are something or maybe just a hater. I have seen people do crazy things with evidence that you think would not be possible so think twice.

  10. It’s really a sad when we as Jamaicans defend people that go about kill, rape and shoot people etc because they are popular. Does popularity give someone the right to come and kill your mother for example. If he is found guilty then we should accept it and move on. The evidence against him duh look so good and if he wasn’t involved in some way or form he wouldn’t be where he is now.

  11. U know what i don’t understand,i must be following a different case. for all who said he should go to prison is there enough evidence presented that you would put your own life on the line, are give up your own freedom if your everything is depending on it?

    Knowing that these facts below is existed.

    When did the police system in Jamaica got so prefect/ 1st world to which we trust them to miss place and tempered with evidence and everything Is good and we the public should pass down judgments base on there credibility,

    I.want to know when did the justis system got so prefect?

    2. When the the JCF/police got so credible, and trusted.

  12. Why would the man (lizard) even text his girlfriend an tell her text his sister to call the police wat his girlfriend can’t call the police

    • Or even why he could’nt call him self?! He had tym fi tex bt cant tex him sister him self or even dial 911! dnt really mek sence to me!

      • Nuff things nah go make sense to you, really dude, mi cant believe you say dat.. If u in a car with someone and you believe is going to kill you, and you must have believed that he will kill you because you knw what type of person he is. Would You take out your phone take time and call 119 or 911? When the police answer, what will you do? Would you wisper, say come quick dem a try kill me? What would you do? (keep in mind that these ppl nu deaf.lol)

      • Seriously dude? He had tym to text all of dat, im all most certaint he had a sec to call! & true dem nah deaf, bt mi kno seh dem nah blind either! Im sure they would hav been watching him if they going to kill em! & would seh ” a bwoy a who you a text deh bwoy & wat it a seh? ” 🙂 bt my thing is to, y he aint just text his sister if she da one tht had to phone da police! Or y he aint just ask his girl to phone dem! Thts wat I dnt get!

      • #1 Do you have google map? How far was the drive? How yuh knw him never have the time #2 Take calling out of it, cuz once him call, him just speed up him death significantly. #3 Dem knw seh dem a go kill him, but dem knw say him knw say/feel say dem a go kill him, so dem just a easy, nah pree say him smart enough fi do dat. Memba seh di man dem dumb, …take all picture on dem phone, fool dem). And who knws, maybe di pan did just a move normal so dem wu not suspect. #4 as you say ” a bwoy a who you a text deh bwoy & wat it a seh? ” And him cud a reply say is a catty man me a link, she want di lizard, easy nuh man, who knws.#5 How yuh knw seh him knw di sister phone #, yuh knw all your sister phone number? Is is a must dat him knw it or even member it? Is it a must dat its in his phone? Mi a nuh dummy anything can go in to play, but take out di calling of the popo like how much gaza fool say him would a do or should a do, datz madness. A just so mi see it Dude.

      • @baily:I would of dialed 119 then start a conversation or argument wid who ever in in d car declaring my innocence n at d same time dropping clues to the cops about wats gonna go down n my location (with the volume on low n the phn hidden)caz I’m smart like that…..jus saying tho

      • Really? Ok, start a conversation and drop clues, yuh think this a blues clues? What if while in that conversation one of the culprit implement the dead man in a serious crime? 4 example, what if one of the person say Lizzard yuh remember when you do and so, Lizzard say no and then the man start giving detail, so now he impment himself in a crime, by no means is Lizzard an angel, and if he is an angel not of Jah but of the devil. Can you imagine the popo who answered the phone and say 119, how can I help you and no one is talking to the directly, am sure the popo would have hand up and say its a prank call. Datz not smart, I have no problem with him texting, and you are anyone can say I would have done this and that, but a chat unuh a chat, when you are in imminent danger, some ppl will paralyze with fare and turn fool, I dont even knw what I would have done, so why condemn him for texting? In hindsight even the most idiotic/ half-baked person are extraordinarily brilliant.


      • Mi nuh pree man Mr. Q, a just the case me follow and a give me assessment base on the evidences and the circumstances surround it. But I must a garee “Freedom is a must”, made very popular by Uncle Freddie McGregor in a song. Him sing a next one that says “big ship sailing on the ocean”, I would like to say as it pertaining to your boss, “big ship sinking in the ocean”. See yuh when dem read the verdict, yuh must sh!tup yuhself, you and JailBoss and di rest a di sheep dem.

      • C’Mon. D truth a reveal n u still waan jail d man…..oh gosh man yuh wicked. Lol

      • Mr. Q, mi never did dideh, but mi knw seh di man can’t squeaky clean. Something go so, even if we nah get di full 100. I think everyone can agree.

    • Do you think its a must that he had his siter phone number?

      • Y would his girl have HIS sister number,bt he dnt!?

      • Anything can deh in to play, lost of what ifs. #1 What if its a new number and him nuh have it? #2 If yuh tell mi say him nuh have/ known him caty phone number, and know him sister#, its hard to believe that, even though it nuh impossible still, cuz di number cud a just change n him never have it him a him phone, but it not hard fi a man nuh have him sister phone number on him. Me and my brother well closer and mi nuh knw him number, mi knw mi kn wmy women number..#3 Another thing too, what if him just got a new phone or a chip and him never did upload her number as yet. #4 What if him just walk wit the wrong phone at the moment or left the one with his sister number. Memba seh dem find about 40 phone # in a Kartel di great possession like seh dem man deh di a work fi digicel a do a digi promotion or maybe a scam ting or maybe its a bad man ting or a gaza ting fi have so much phone. Who knows.

      • and that is why there is a reasonable doubt or even reasonable doubts. Pure assumptions, maybe he didn’t know his sis #, maybe he was scared and didn’t want to call the cops because his sister own an army that could have rescued him. Maybe this or maybe that. What if this and what if that. all i know is that “what if” and “maybe” has never killed anyone.They need to prove if the accused men killed Lizard and so far they have not. If the case was strong they would not have been tampering with the evidence to secure a conviction. They would just let it play out in court. This case seem very corrupted, tainted and everything that represents foul play.

      • Big man, as I said before, if the defense really feel say dem a lie, all dem have to do is go link di phone company demself. Even if it cost Kartel him last nanny him wud pay fi have an independent source exam disc/phone, a simple ting dat. The defense can take out the guess work or the what ifs by doing dat, nothing no hard bout dat. Di lawyer dem can a run off dem mout bout phone used in in popo possession, just go right to di company and settle it, (in fact,how dem know say di phone used, cuz dem check already, but dem know the facts before it was used by the popo, why dem no show or talk about it before di popo start using it, cuz dem done knw). Dem just a say dat fi create doubt in the jury head dats all. I bet yuh say, if dem take all di jury dem to the phone company and let the phone company show di jury dem, a bet say the case done one way or the other.

      • Dawdie, remember they claim the telecommunication company cannot retrieve that info again because the police claimed that kartel destroy the main tower from inside of ‘jail’. I thought u were following the case bro!!

      • lol, and yuh believe dat. I also have “a bridge to nowhere” to sell you, or better yet a ladder that leads directly to heaven.

      • Its the prosecutors job to prove the accuse guilty. The defend only need to show reasonable doubt. So the defend dont need to go to any phone company.

      • I agree that its the prosecutor’s duty and not the defense to show guilt and the defense 2 show reasonable doubt. Yuh dont think if if they go directly to the phone company and show the original transcript/record, and present it to the jury and it doesn’t implement Kartel, yuh nuh think that would be a sure shot? That would be like throwing a basketball in the ocean VS in a basketball rim.Yuh nuh think that would be better than hoping it will be enough? Dem cant go or wont go cuz dem knw whats on it already, which is very incriminating. What would you do, TRY to create doubt or SHOW doubt when your life hangs in the balance? Don’t know about yuh, but am going to the phone company and get that life saving information. Mi nah go by chance or hope, me a go fi the sure shot, get the record, get that basketball in the ocean.

  13. Dis trial is a real movie… But fi addi it’s di reality

  14. “Infarma, seh wah mi neva seh, seh wah mi neva seh, fi police cum tek mi away”! Any1 can download apps right now fi send fake text msges & calls! U can even change the date & tym to watever u want it fi seh!

      • You can’t fake text and voice message’s ur talking sh–.

      • They dnt even know who’s voices they are on Da voice note! They cnt recognize any of the voices on dem! Just pure assumptions! & you most certainly can fake a text. Download Da app. Bt regardless of anything the police should have never use Da phone!

  15. If Blackberry as a company can verify these bbm messages to have been sent and received on the days in question then Kartel is guilty because all bbm transcripts will always be available.

  16. Ppl can talk and say what they want including myself, i just feel like some ppl hate kartel and want him to be because of his music contents, and if there wasn’t reasonable doubt in the case that the prosecution is presenting this case would have end a long time ago,

    The evidence presented is not creditable because the phone was been utilized by police after it was seized, how could this be presented as evidence in court when it should have been locked away into safe keeping and police should be signing in and out to even use the phone.

    The Disc 1 otherwise known as the un- editable disc is missing, so the evidence that the police presented could have been modified

    The witness who said he was there with lizard between 5:30pm and 6pm and watch Lizard got killed between that time, later testified that he told the police he add gun but never got arrested, smt is not right there.

    and again the Maine detective testify that at 7:20 p.m. Lizard was at a different location from what the witness said they where, base on tracking from cell phone towers, how can a dead man text are make calls asking his girl to save his life.

    Now base on all these event i can’t send a man to prison because i hate him are because the prosecution want a victory. Most of the ppl living in Jamaica is illiterate, NOT ALL. so most ppl don’t have a mind of there own so they don’t think for them self, i don’t listen to the ppl on social media expressing personal feelings instead of facts.

    • That was really good man. I agree with everything you said. I can’t believe the evidence was used. In Canada there is no way they would have let them use that phone. There are laws for a reason. Evidence missing?? Come on now I don’t ever hear of a case where evidence goes missing. Now fabrication is more like it.

  17. Will him go free???

  18. Wait so, do yuh think kartel is get off a fi chargers

  19. The evidence seems to be all fabricated they claim they have a video of Kartel but aren’t sure if it’s him. They are willing to give a description of the him to trick the jurors. The detective was also writing things on Kartel’s facebook that were negative prior to his arrest so now we all know has something againt Addi personally. This case is just based off of anti-gaza fans who are willing to frame Worl’ Boss.

    • Keep up the good work…. Whoever killed lizard ain’t kartel…. Tampering of evidence is a major player in this case

  20. Sensible Kartel Fan

    If the phone was being used by police then the phone is compromised. Clearly there are a lot of evidence to convict Kartel so why was police using the phones. Is either Kartel people them get someone to compromise the phone or the police them fabricating evidence.

    Why did this idiot detective not investigate who compromise the phone. Obviously he is hiding something or protecting himself or someone.

    • Real talk…like d fact that ur not being BIOS….prepare fo showers of hatred in a few hours from now…lol

    • Mi nuh like men unnu

    • If kartel is guilty no one will know,if storm is guilty no one will know,,plus no dead body or DNA found.. Free the fu—ng guys… If they guilty they gonna kill again…no video evidence is even worse