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Vybz Kartel Trial: BBM Messages Artiste Desperately Want To Leave Island

Defense attorneys in Vybz Kartel murder trial tried to make in roads on a tall task the prosecution set forth with the introduction of several damaging multimedia evidences including text message, photos, videos, and BBM messages.

The “Benz Punany” deejay’s lead attorney Tom Tavares-Finson finally got his chance to cross-examined Detective Sergeant Patrick Linton who buckled under pressure.

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But before Tavares-Finson took the floor, the prosecution introduced their final Blackberry Messenger messages from a Blackberry Torch 9800 with the PIN #234BAE6D that they say belong to Vybz Kartel.

The BBM messages were allegedly sent days after the alleged murder took place. The messages revealed a plea from a artiste for help to leave the island to go to Bahamas.

BBM message Aug 23, 2011

“Me a wonder if me fi fly out while it kinda cool. what u think?”

“U know no man a bahamas who can receive me if me tek plane?”

“Mobay a u place meaning me can go tru without me get stop?”

“Right now a tvj me a watch keenly.”

“check out the next flight to bahamas nuh. and ask ur biy if them a go let me inna di country cause me di fi do a show n never go. me a wonder if di promoter blacklist me name.”

“me prefer the boat.”

“so me ago need customs fi go out? or a just jump on and cut?”

“U? me affi wait till di day run off. gimmi @tleast a day. so if me c it look sticky me deh a u yard a maaanin inna one unmarked vehicle.”

Vybz Kartel benz 2014

Authorities presented arguments that Clive “Lizard” Williams was beaten to death on August 16, 2011 at a house in Havendale belonging to Kartel.

Police reports say he was killed over two missing firearms by Vybz Kartel, Shawn “Storm” Campbell, Kahira Jones, André St John, and Shane Williams, who are all on trial.

His body was never found.


  1. world Boss free…. See you next week Bigg up yaself

    • So if a ur family kartel did kill over something, that coud have get sorted out, u wouldn’t want Justis for ur family

      • YES….. BUT Fair justice…. find a body, do DNA, etc….

      • I agree because ,its like this no body no DNA only accused ppl…if they jail anyone its unfair to them guilty or not,that’s what ppl get for enforcing too many strict laws…how we know that the messages are that of kartel or storm or even lizard in one case….this case has been compramised..

      • Look here the man was a grown a.. lizard he nah need no1 fi hold his tail or tell him what right from Wrong….And If A MY Family Member ME WOULD Have Kill Them Myself Fi Getting Involved In Such f—ry…you play bad man you die faster man

      • Has it been proovin tht kartel killed him!? wait till tht day if it should eva come b4 u condemn the man!

  2. One of the other accusers are going to jail but work boss aguh walk free just watch..

  3. Opinion is like “u know what” – Everyone has one

  4. Clearly its either Vybz Kartel or Shawn Storm wanted to run away to Bahamas. We Lizard family is going to get justice unnu naan go nowhere but prison.

    • kartel will not go to no jail instead he will walk free

    • U a bit– ill get u some justice

    • This is jamaica …Kartel is going to get off

    • Lizard fi get justic, kartel was jerk chicken youth I use to buy jerk chicken from a when da pu— da turn bad man

    • Justis for lizard, kartel was a little jerk chicken man I use to buy chicken from, a when the punk turn bad man

      • mi nuh business bout kartel but u too lie

      • Of course the boi omar ah tell lie…Listen Here People I Know Kartel Had Some THing To Do WITH it But Personally I Dont Care It Not Like He Kill Off An Innocent Youth Or Some random Innocent person….THE Man Lizard Live By The Gun AND Dead By The Gun Personally Good For him….He Probably WOULD Have Been Out Robbing AND Killing Other People Like Omar Overton Or Burn Gaza Probably WOULD Have Rape Dem too….All Yall Saying JUSTice fOR Lizard well I can tell u all the family lizard did wrong they got their justice..”..When dem chop him up finer fling em in a bush” Haha Kill Dem All AND done