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VYBZ KARTEL TRIAL: Defense Rips Detective Corporal’s Testimony

Vybz Kartel trial update.

Defense attorneys Tom Tavares-Finson and Pierre Rogers had a field day with Detective Corporal Shawn Brown on the witness stand.

Brown, who is from the Organized Crime Investigation Division (OCID) of the police force, took the witness stand last week where he delivered a PowerPoint presentation of some damning text messages alleged sent by Clive Williams, Shawn Storm, Vybz Kartel and Williams’ girlfriend.

DETAILS: VYBZ KARTEL TRIAL: More Text Messages From Shawn Stom Revealed

The cybercrime cop ended his testimony yesterday but not before defense attorneys chided him for misleading the court.

Attorney Pierre Rogers, who is representing Kahira Jones, pressed Detective Shawn Brown about his testimony.

Here are some excerpts from the exchange:

Rogers: “Do you agree with me that within your analysis wittingly or unwittingly you have taken certain things out of context?”

Brown: “No sir I do not agree with you.”

Rogers: “Do you agree with me that you have taken it out of context?”

Brown: “In relation to that issue yes.”

The issue was regarding the text message allegedly sent by Shawn Storm regarding his daughter Lizzy. However, Detective Shawn Brown initial presenting the text referring to Clive “Lizard” Williams.

Rogers: “Do you agree that certain things that beg explanation you choose not to put it before the court?”

Brown: “No sir I did not.”

Rogers: “Do you agree that in the interest of fairness it should have been highlighted to the jury?”

Brown: “I did not make a detail analysis of that.”

Rogers: “Your analysis of this document has been unfair and is incomplete.”

Brown: “I’m not agreeing with you sir.”

Rogers: “You sir have one aim in mind and that is to give evidence to secure a conviction.”

Brown: “I put the information to the court.”

The text messages at the heart of the row between the prosecution and the defense turned out to be Shawn “Storm” Campbell speaking with the mother of his daughter and girlfriend about their daughter school supply.

“How much fi deal with every ting fi Lizzy,” Shawn Storm text on August 16, 2016.

Kartel, born Adidja Palmer, along with Shawn “Storm” Campbell, Kahira Jones, André St John, and Shane Williams are all on trial for the August 16, 2011 murder of Clive “Lizard” Williams.

Police say Williams was beaten to death a Vybz Kartel’s house in Havendale over two missing firearms believed to be belonging to the deejay.

Police has yet to find his body.


  1. If there is any chance of reasonable doubt vybez kartel and crew will walk free from this case … That’s just how the court of law works .. Furthermore this man is paying highly educated lawyers to represent him and so far they have made the question of reasonable doubt a very real possibility … No need to destroy each other over the trial because non of us was there so we only can speculate …… One thing I will say is when your at the top ppl will do any and everything to bring you down ……this case is very interesting though , whatever the outcome it will be one to remember for a long time to come …

  2. Lol a lot of u fool fool blind jamaican people a chat chat pure bad things bout vybz kartel an not seeing what the fools u vote for are doing to you and your’s.. Bet say the one’s talking hungry nu rass/ try nu make mr law hole the rass the fools way a bad mouth the ghetto youths dem…

  3. Real talk this is, if kartel goes to jail we all going to hip hop church…… the man may make is mistakes, but who no make mistakes, No Vybz no dance hall a the hero hats off

  4. Bounty killer last time he drop a hit was when he was beating on his girl…He needs to stop being so cross, angry and miserable and hit the studio up…..sizzle my ni–a but he ain’t going to blow up anywhere else with a big buzz like that except for in ja especially since he got his visa revoked everywhere else for his vulgar slurs towards the batty man them like burn gaza. …..and movado come on kartel in jail and is getting on more Riddims than vado…..Now If YOU Had Mention Capelton or damien marley or anthony.b…….but u know “nobody want to plant the corn”

    • Da bwoy deh is a retarded pickney it nuh mek no sence tryin to talk him.wat ever u say jus enter thru 1 ear n exit d nex…..I think he’s stuck on stupid or sum

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  6. I love u urbanislands I am an American but I love the jamaican culture and its music and thank you for keeping up dated on the vybz trial one of my favorite entertainers

  7. Right now me can’t even answer u caz u sound like 1 a dem individuals who does just see a man fi d 1st time n dislike him to d teeth n nuh even kno why u ain’t like that person where I’m from we call ppl like u HATERS…..peace be with u

  8. how do yall know that kartel did this . The police could of set him up create all this foolish to frame him you will never know the truth . FREE ADDI & SIVA

  9. A vybz kartel tunes dem still a run dancehall stupid

  10. Mi jus wan Kartel fi free.. It’s been 3 years ..

  11. Dunce head…guh learn fi put together a good sentence…

  12. It’s not what u kno its what u can prove in the court of law….u Haffi kno d rules n laws inna badman game u can’t mess wid man machine without permission n nuh expect repercussions….I’m not supporting badness Enuh but addi needed right now trust me…..lesane parish crooks said “laugh now cry lata’….free up Mi daddy. If its him let him n god deal wid that on judgement day but right now dancehall bored

  13. Why everyone readily jump to defend kartel? Is it only one text message that needs explaining? Because as I can see there are messages there that has strong enough evidence linking them to killing lizard. The defense main goal is to discredit the witnesses so they create dought .

  14. Justice for lizard shut up!!! If him do it him do it fone but a gun missing have you thou about the people who was at the end of the chamber? I bet you didnt. If the case is flawed its flawed thats why at this moment on Jamaican soil the jcf do what they want and it has got to stop. Point blank. No one should ever get convicted on hear say. Especially when your key witness was supposed to be charged with gun possession. Any other victim they would have killed that person and say it was a shoot out.

  15. one thing is clear lizard is not to found anywhere and last to be seen is at kartels house with his back on the floor lying there breathless and if he ent dead where is he? ….Kartel is in prison and Dancehall a gwan good…so please give me a break kartel ent dancehall….He has been in jail now pushing 2yrs but nothing has stopped….Artists are still performing, artists are being paid, gals are still getting fu—-, promoters are still getting rich, and selectors are still shouting wheel and come back again… please give me a break.. Even if Vybz was to hang and get killed nothing would change because of that bleacher boy

  16. If teacha go down dancehall a go down wid him:(

    • Yuh and the person who give you likes is mad man, u think a Kartel invent dancehall? There is a sign post up ahead, “the Twilight zone”. Where is the man or person who invented dancehall? Yuh think Kartel invented it? Nuff a dem man deh has become irrelevant with times, because times doesn’t stand still.Only a fool, an absolute idiot would think that one man can stop dancehall. And come to think of it, you think dancehall is a football the great Mr. Kartel can take his ball with him in jail because he can’t play anymore. I am sure if he could he would. Not even a King reign forever; and when he passes on, his subjects will continue to live. Pick the most artical man or women in a any sport any profession and removed them from it and see if the activity don’t going on. What you ppl fail to understand is that time doesn’t stand still because someone is removed from the equation of their trade, your replacement to the world is already here or on his way and so is mine. As times goes on, its a new generation a do dem think, and kartel and all the the other hot dancehall artist will fade out like a flickering light that has burn its last light and they can only hope they left a legacy that ppl will remember and appreciate.

      • Brejin d man jus aget comfortable inna him zone inna d music. I don’t think talent like that should go to waste…that’s all I’m saying,jail is like a living hell Enuh me bredda….notice when a man have his dog a run about freely in his yard fi yrs n then he tie it n lock it in it pen,at first it a bark loud n carry on but as time goes by the barking turns to whining until eventually it jus lay down side the pen n nuh even waan get up fi eat..come like it dead inside(spirit bruk) kartel jus start reach his peak inna d ting y dem waan destroy d man joy ppl make mistakes member David he was 1 of god right hand man member what he did n Di most high still forgive him……alright then

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        yuh burn Gaza yet still u a quote addi fi try come diss me(smfh)check yuhself my youth yuh confuse.Seems like u in a state of denial.try not to get involve when u hear grown UPS a talk. Yuh mada never tell u that? I’m a vegetarian no fish to Mi ting plz..

      • Tell Burn Gaza one more time because the joker never hear you…..BOOM!!!!

      • Listen to me world bit@h dog sh– u are the biggest idiot talking abt if kartel guh dwn dancehall guh dwn , dwl tis is how kartel market him self by doing dum sh– devil work, bleaching, and all types of madness . Dancehall can’t guh dwn wen the general deh bout bounty killer ,sizzla movado , suh I dnt knw weh the rassclat u a chat bout !

      • Him swim weh…lol him a king fish.

  17. If reachable go down dancehall a go down wid him:(

  18. Brejin when u in court is not what u Enuh is what u can prove. All kartel fans kno that is addi dem dweet even me n me seh Gaza but on the other hand in the crime world loyalty n love means a lot to ur ride or die fren.if u nuh have dem 2 tings deh keep from badness.u think lizard na kno his actions wudda caz reaction u feel if d situation was reversed lizard won’t of dun d same…brejin u can’t Tek a man machine without him knowing weh u a plan fi do wid it?worst the machine Prolly have on bodies. my condolences to lizard family but badness only has 2 outcome weather now or lata (1)cemetery (2)jail. Personally me want addi touch road caz if he sentence it would be a sad day fo dancehall one out the other for need to take the fall…..me from saint Vincent n the grenadines n trust me man aget murder fi less than that comes wit the territorys……Jamaica underworld different Enuh…the movie top shottaz n third world cop are perfect e.g of what does gwaan up deh#free Di boss#

  19. Yo fool neither you or anyone but who was there know Bout wha did gwan it’s up to police to prove beyond reasonable doubt that they are gulty and dem can’t do day if the fukin man did dead cuz something him do then a him problem Dat either way look how him did quick fi rat and tell gal fi call police fu—- informa and did you thing Bout this did the gal call police for him to save his life if he really was gonna die and his snitch friend did he check and stay to make sure him friend was alive no him run so fu– unloyalty and rat and snitch ass people dem should dead too look like you woulda been one of dem up deah a sing remeba lizard choose him life and path weh him wah live don’t try blame people actions like lizard was a innocent bystanderd

  20. Justice For Lizard

    Vybz Kartel should be find guilty and sent to prison. Yes the police are idiots but its very clear he had something to do with Lizard murder. All who keep saying free worl’boss are not thinking about Lizard family. His sister, girlfriend, parents who are suffering all because of two missing guns.

    • My dear. In court the judge instructions to the jury is the verdict should not base on emotions but on evidence. When reasonable doubt exists, its always better to send a guilty man free than an innocent man to prison

      • Which innocent Man U talking abt a could never kartel , kartel av somthing to do with the killing . Evidence is there bobylon have a motive . The evidence is the human blood wat the police dem find in kartel burn dwn house .and the tex message abt missing guns they are all criminals one jus rich and loud with him thing.

      • You are ridiculous. You apparently know nothing about the justice system. Who paid you off for your cheap comments. You’re an idiot and useless to the earth. You talking foolishness about people just because you don’t like what he is about. Burn Gaza is your name no burn you straight to HELL.

      • You damn right burn gaza is my name jus to provoke UNO gaza fans mi nuh get paid to say anything mi nuh take press . If I’m a ediot everybody who say kartel is innocent is beyond ediot .a nuh me alone ago hell mi will see you dwn there and daddy devil

      • Oshane ZeroNugent Barclay

        Lol ppl like this ignorant batty fish mek mi laugh. Ute get a education before yuh talk bout case and court and such. Ur a clear dunce. Lol

    • You are also not thinking if Vybz kartel or Shawn Storm was your brother or your father would you want him to go to jail because of a text that he sent to your mom arranging things for your well being?.
      Let justice prevail not all these emotions. If Kartel and team are guilty please proove it, if they are not, also prove it.

    • If you had any feelings at all fi lizard’s family, you would want justice to prevail and the real culprit/culprits getting his or their just rewards. Stevie Wonder can see clearly how currupt and bias these so called evidence are… don’t get it twisted, I’m not gonna be presumptuous by saying kartel and his co-accused are innocent because I nuh kno dat fi sure, but what I do know is that, based on the trumped up evidence being produced by the prosecution, I wouldn’t be surprised if kartel walk free and some a dem dutty currupt police getting charged

      • So what u think lizard would have done with them guns probably kill and Rob someone else his name is lizard for crying out loud….”kill dem all and done as kartel would say”…lol…..free mY boss…..

      • Tru…y would a man steal 2 machine from him own fren….yuh na see a works him bin ago mash…..think about it.more ppl mighta dead if lizard bin get he hand pon d tingz dem fo real

      • Andy, I not saying lizard was an innocent man and besides dat, anuh lizard deh pon trial. All I’m saying is that whether kartel and his co-deffendants are guilty or not, this so called trial isn’t going to determine that…

    • Mi agree with you kartel guilty him too fool fool gaza slim need fi get some jail time she tell lie say dead man Rob her that’s obstructing the law

      • Take your ignorant a$$ to sleep and don’t wake up….POOF be gone!!!!

      • How unuh kno seh lizard dead?…no body…no dna…no credible witness..mi wouldn’t be surpize if ” burn gaza” is actually ” lizard” himself and ” justice for lizard” his girlfriend…my yute come outa hiding and mek babylon free up di man…all a unuh aguh shame wen dis case collapse and teacha walk free…#curruptJCF

      • Mi nuh care if him walk free or not it look sticky pon him mi can’t be lizard mi nuh hungry belly yute mi nuh call man daddy zeen . Them have witness the informer the last time him see lizard is in kartel house burn dwn house . You talking abt currput jch UNO gaza fans should be glad tis case deh a Jamaica if tis case was aboard kartel would get the guilty verdic long time gaza slim guh tell lie say the dead man Rob her that’s obstructing law how the heel she nuh deh a jail

      • What are you taliking about? If this case was any other place, Kartel would be free or at least have a bail with no evidence. It’s seems you are only against this man for your own reasons whatever they may be. It’s obvious he is being framed and YOU had something to do with it. How you know what would go in any place else and you never even left JA.

      • You nt saying anything dnt worry if mi Neva leave jam sound like u a try find out somthing . If it was aboard kartel would be guilty long time ,who the human blood weh dem find Ina kartel burn dwn house ? Nobody knw aboard dem would knw who it belong to body or no body and mi nah ansa you anymore becuz u nt saying anything

      • Like I say you know nothing…you probably never even left the parish where you was born. You are useless to the earth. Being uneducated and ignorant is sickening.

      • guilty walks free

        Poor you what a thing when he is released. The blood found wasn’t lizard. You live by the gun you die by it. You stole the guns you answer for it. In regards to his family he should never have mixed himself with criminals storm and kartel. You don’t want to do a 9 to 5 you rather steal guns serve him damn right.

      • All now yuh cah tell mi how you kno seh lizard dead fi tru becah not even di police can determine dat…IT IS ALLEGED that lizard was killed…read wid understanding rude bwoy…

      • That man dead how come nuh body nuh see him for so long . I’m working with wat the informer boy come say … Lizard body maybe dem burn it

      • Go and check out the christine hewitt murder case and you will better understand what I’m trying to say…

      • Burngaza. Don’t use conditional sentences. Be realistic and objective. Don’t be subjective. It would shows how ignorant you are, and in the end you would have egg on your face. “Lizard body maybe dem burn it” Why saying maybe? Why don’t you say Lizard’s body completely got burned? it shows you don’t have evident to support your criticism. You better go to school than exposing you ignorance here. How on earth can you talk or comment about matters pertaining court? How can u find some guilty yet the issue its still in court with substandard evidences?

    • So what about the people he harmed you ever thought about kamra beening a b–ch….keep calm dont pass judgement unless you know facts

    • THen lizard never a gunman himself fool….If u listen shawn storm and kartel previous songs u will realise>>>

    • C’est la vie

    • Whats wrong with YOU Free Da boss….”Yuh Cant Convict Mi without no evidence”