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VYBZ KARTEL TRIAL: More Text Messages From Shawn Stom Revealed

Defense attorneys in Vybz Kartel murder trial continued their grilling of Detective Corporal Shawn Brown on the witness stand on Monday in court.

Shawn Brown is a key prosecution witness from the Organized Crime Investigation Division (OCID).

DETAILS: Text Messages Implicate Vybz Kartel, Shawn Storm In Clive Williams Murder

The cybercrime cop, who introduced text message evidence in court last week, is being chided by attorneys representing the accused men for misleading the court.

On Monday in court, attorney Pierre Rogers, who is representing Kahira Jones, and Tom Tavares-Finason, representing Vybz Kartel, took turns to attacked the cop’s testimony.

Shawn Storm photo

The prosecution also tried to put into context text messages from Shawn Storm and an unknown person that was later identified as his girlfriend.

These are the text messages.

Shawn Storm to girlfriend on August 16, 2011
1:11 pm – “Sumt ting ago gwaaan pon di ends.”
1:11 pm – “A dats wgt nu nevva link yuh.”
1:11 pm – “And a some serious ting cuz ppl ago ded. Don’t tell mammy nuttin.”
1:12 pm – “And delete dem text yah wen mi done txt yuh.”

The prosecution argued that Shawn Storm was telling his girlfriend about the planned killing of Clive “Lizard” Williams over the missing guns.

Here are some more text messages.

Girlfriend to Shawn Storm on August 16, 2011
1:11 pm – “Wa u mean ppl ago ded? smb find di gun and last r wa.”
1:19 pm – “hello. u just kn wa u a do and nuh badda put u self ina nu trouble.”
1:25 pm – arite. please don’t get ur self involve and dnt trust nun a dem fren weh u av dem same one we try instigate ur life unda cykes.”

Shawn Storm to girlfriend on August 17, 2011
7:56 am – “Nuh seh nuttin to nuhbody wah mi tell u bout di tings dem wah missing.

Shawn Storm to girlfriend on August 18, 2011.
7:52 pm – “Memba fi delete dem di one wa u sen mi and di one dem wah me sen u ok.”
7:52 pm – “Memba fi delete dem di one wa u sen mi and di one dem wah me sen u ok.”
7:53 pm – “Memba fi delete dem di one wa u sen mi and di one dem wah me sen u ok.”

The trial continues tomorrow where the prosecution will call another witness to the stand.

This will be the 21st witness called by the prosecution in the lengthy trial.


  1. Year die let’s see I have that feeling too .

  2. kartel and his co-accuse is going to walk free,the judicial system in Jamaica need to upgrade….free worl boss

  3. Forensic science will get you every time.

  4. I think Shawn Storm is going to be find guilty and they are going to let go Vybz Kartel. If that happen it would be so wrong.