Vybz Kartel New Album “Kartel Forever: Trilogy” [Artwork, Tracklisting, Release Date]

Vybz Kartel new album “Kartel Forever: Trilogy” is set for release on September 24.

The album comes with three discs and will feature 60 tracks including “Georgina,” “School,” “Ever Bless,” “Summer Time,” and “Back To Life.”

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In a statement released from behind bars, Vybz Kartel says the album shows that he is getting stronger as time goes by.

“I want to thank all my supporters for your love and unfailing support throughout these trying times,” Vybz Kartel said. “Even though I am incarcerated, I am still up to the time. This album shows that I get stronger with each passing second. Tad’s plus Adidjaheim Records is a sick formula and the result is Kartel Forever: Trilogy. Worl’ Boss fullstop.”

The triple disc album will be released under Tads International Records.

Kartel Forever: Trilogy Tracklisting:

01. Intro
02. Georgina
03. Business
04. Convertible
05. Nymphomaniac
06. Married and Done feat. Gaza Slim
07. So Much Gal
08. Punani A Mi Best Friend
09. Compass
10. Wine Fi Money
11. Mr. Bleach Chin
12. Drop Top
13. School
14. Lighter
15. Bubble Hard
16. Weed Smoker
17. Hold Me
18. Ever Bless
19. Freaky Gal Pt. 3
20. Right Wine
21. Freaky Gal Pt. 2
22. Benz Punani
23. No Bed

01. Exercise
02. Why Pree (World Boss)
03. Me A Pree
04. Love Yuh Enuh
05. Party Me Sey
06. Summer Time
07. Turn & Wine
08. Bike Back
09. Stuck / Better Can Wuk
10. Dumpa Truck / That Sweet Yuh
11. You Me Need
12. Stronger We Get
13. Dancehall Hero
14. Look Pon We feat. Russian
15. Cake Soap
16. Colouring Book / Tattoo Time Come
17. Straight Jeans & Fitted feat. Russian
18. You and Him Deh feat. Sheba
19. Dandy Shandy
20. So Much Woman feat. Gaza Slim
21. Come Yah Nuh Me Gal
22. Stop Gwaan Like Yuh Tuff feat. Gaza Slim

01. The Cure (Fi Bad Mind) feat. Russian
02. Peanut Shell
03. Dead Already
04. Repatriation feat. Gaza Slim
05. Back to Life
06. Ghetto Life
07. Thank You Jah
08. Jah Jah Watch Over Me
09. Slew Them Like David
10. Sweet Victory
11. Mother’s Love
12. Children are Our Future feat. Gaza Slim
13. Jah Love We
14. Real Friends
15. Touch a Button
16. Lyricist


  1. People always say they in love with a celebrity, but the love I have for you Kartel is real…I am Madly IN LOVE WITH YOU! Thru Thick And Thin…
    P.S. Your number one fan.

  2. gazzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzza

  3. cant wait for that album Thumbs up di world bos’.

  4. done knw she a gaza set di hi standards…. George Street Gaza GsG.