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Tommy Lee Talks Demonic Alter Ego, Bounty Killer, Cancelled Show & More [VIDEO]

“I don’t believe in demon,” Tommy Lee said during his recent interview with Anthony Miller of ER.

Tommy Lee, aka Uncle Demon, was feeling questions about his demonic alter ego, his beef with Bounty Killer, performing at Sting, his failed Trinidad show and his recent visa issues.

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On Bounty Killer beef:

“Remember I came from the ghetto and I was a fan before so I get the time to see Bounty and them mistakes… Bounty thing is just a win win for me because Bounty does not build me so he cannot destroy me. At the end of the day I respect him as an elder same way. Its just to build a vibe in the crowd.”

On being a bad influence on young fans:

“Not even the parents them cant control the young people them so they lead themselves a stray. They do what they please because that is the right way of living… I don’t sing for weak people and I don’t sing for cowards. I sing for people who can defend themselves and can defend them country.”

On performing at Sting:

“The crowd look like they were enjoying themselves and I was enjoying myself too. They done know a me a Uncle Demon and I am proud to be Uncle Demon because that is my character. You have doctor evel, lord evil, you have Di Teacha, you have the doctor, you have the Ninja.”

On his demonic alter ego:

“Nothing name demon still and I don’t believe in demon, I don’t believe in religion and those things, I just live my life happy. I know I am going to heaven because I don’t pick up anything from anybody and I don’t give my soul to anyone I keep it.”

On his visa issues:

“I love Canada same way but I don’t know the reason because I am clean and everything about me is clean.”

On his cancelled Trinidad show:

“They promoted three shows with me before that were no show because I never got pay for them. So they did that and the government and a lot of people saying I can’t come into the country so the fans them didn’t know I would have turned up. Plus I never got a chance to go to the show because when I was at the hotel they told me that about 300 people came to the show but then it started raining and people started to leave so I never went to the venue.”

“I still love Trinidad and I know Trinidad people love me.”

Earlier this week sources close to the “Spartan Angels” deejay told Urban Islandz that he has recruited a Nephew Demon, a Trinidadian dancehall star/rapper name JR. Dillinger.

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Both deejays are currently recording some new singles for the summer.

Tommy Lee has also indicated that he plans to release several new songs for children, a move he has been widely criticized for by his fans.

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