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Tommy Lee To Drop Captain Sparta Part 2

Tommy Lee says he is planning to give his youngest fans a treat on a regular basis.

The Flankers deejay says he is already working on Captain Sparta part two, which he will drop very soon along with an accompanying video.

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“I have Captain Sparta part two ready to drop already but am not quite ready to drop it yet,” Tommy Lee told Irie FM. “Am going to drop it with the video next time. Every three months or so I will put out a new song for the kids because no one paying them any mind. Its pure broke out songs everyone doing and gun tune… and its the kids who are the number one fans of dancehall.”

Tommy Lee release the official video for his kids friendly new single “Captain Sparta” last week.

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Although the deejay has gotten mix reviews, he plans on continuing the trend.

Tommy Lee is also gearing up to return to Trinidad this summer after a very disappointing show last month where only a handful of patrons turned up.