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Promoters Pulling The Plug On Tommy Lee Shows

Last year was a great year for dancehall newcomer Tommy Lee despite a few hiccups with Bounty Killer and the Christian community.

However, the “Uncle Demon” deejay has a mountain to climb if he wants this year to look anything like 2012.

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In January Tommy Lee Sparta made headlines when his entire Canadian tour was cancelled due to via issues.

Two weekend’s ago the deejay again made headlines for a flopped concert in Trinidad, where only a handful of his Trini fans made their way to the venue. Tommy Lee management blamed high crime rate and farfetched venue for the low turnout.

Urban Islandz has reached out to a few promoters known to book Tommy Lee for shows overseas and most of them reveals that they more than likely will not book the deejay for shows anytime soon.

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A Canadian-Jamaican promoter, who wish not to be named, told us Tommy Lee management is unprofessional.

“I probably will not be booking this artists again,” the promoter said. “I’ve worked with so many dancehall artists over the year and none is more difficult to deal with than Tommy Lee management. I find them very unprofessional and then they try to blame us the promoters for their mishap.”

Another promoter out of Trinidad says he was considering booking Tommy Lee for two shows this summer but is now looking at other artists such as Popcaan and Black Ryno.

“9 people in a venue for a artists is very bad, even local artists pulled more people than that irregardless of venue, crime or rain, 9 people is just scary,” the promoter said.

“I am looking at other artists like Popcaan and Black Ryno, who has performed here several times without issues, clearly the people are sending a message I can’t take that risk,” the Trini promoter told Urban Islandz.

Since the incident Tommy Lee has released a few new singles indicating that he might be moving away from the Gothic themed music that made him popular.

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  1. Popcaan a furky and waste of time last time him come a Belize dem bottled him for being desrespectful!

  2. Mikey A. Kranium

    As an artiste who drew 9 patrons, I’d blame it on the promoters, the security, the weather and anything but myself. Time for this fellow to evaluate himself.

  3. fi real put a stop to bbc foolishness.

  4. Full time……ieeeediattt!