Tommy Lee Blames High Crime Rate In Trinidad For Flopped Show

Dancehall star Tommy Lee Sparta received some bad press last week after his highly publicised Trinidad show ended before it even started.

The “Uncle Demon” deejay was billed as the headline act for “Sparta The Concert” at Guaracara Park in Pointe-a-Pierre, Trinidad.

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However, promoters of the event called off the show at approximately 2 a.m. after only nine patrons made their way to the venue.

A rep for Tommy Lee sent Urban Islandz a statement blaming high crime rate and the location of the venue for the poor turnout.

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“Besides rain at the out door venue, Trinidad is presently experiencing a spike in crime rates and most persons did not feel comfortable going out to the event,” Tommy Lee reps said in the statement. “The location selected by the promoter was farfetched in South Trinidad.”

Since the incident, Tommy Lee has released two new singles titled “Do Weh Mi Feel” and “C4.”

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  1. Yusuf Nicholas Pustam

    Tommy Lee needs 2 blame his parents 4 not teaching him about God.

  2. Why allyuh people hatin on tommy lee and shoutin you opinions for trinis in General? It hav rell people like tommy lee and couldn’t attend the concert because of wrk or other issues if yalll think it demonic leave it alone.

  3. I blame his half-a$$ed management, dimwitted promoter and retarded fan base who thought “Uncle Demon” would be a hit at a show during Lent and the very week of Good Friday…… very ,, very smart.

  4. he his a real cacahole inno boy jees u and yuh demons and dem stay jam down nah man alyuh not welcomed.

  5. corn curlz demon look Junior Kelly coming Trinidad jus now I bet he sell off.

  6. buh it didn’t have rain and crime doh stop trinis, is your dumb a$$ that people eh wah see.

  7. Ah Wonder If Tommy Had Anything To Do With The Blackout? Hmmmm Anyways, Tommy Stick To Sellin Jerk Chicken, Wait, Nobody Will Buy That Either, Tommy Boy Try Yuh Hand At Cash Pot Yes, Lolzzzzzz.

  8. Trini people don’t play with no demon craziness. Wrong place for that we not messing with no jumbie! We have enough Lajabless, Duppy, Douen and Soucouyant to worry about!

  9. We already have our own demons to deal with here , we doe need tommy lee own nah.

  10. Dujon Dujie Wilson

    1. Crime rate had nothing to do with turn out because for carnival people was whining low in fetes. 2. I hear people saying the venue was farfetched, what happen people don’t live down south. Conclusion ‘Tommy Lee’! Who is that? I never heard of this artist before now, and I listen to a lot of dancehall music. Anit nobody got time for Tommy Lee!

  11. Ummm wait who is dis Tommylee dude and since when anything stops a Trini.

  12. I think his sh*tty music caused it more than anything else :)

  13. hahahhaahahaahaaha. at his reasoning. hahahaahahhahahahaa

  14. oh please tell tommy lee to hall he MA blame it on he damn self, we didn’t want to hear u it don’t have nothing to do with no flippin crime.

  15. Simone W Wellington

    Steups Tommy Lie *move gweh gweh* throw yuh frame eh! Trinis know good music! Don’t know where your “reps” got their info from but his concert popping down had nothing to do with crime! We Trinis don’t deal up with no demon music… steups!

  16. never much cared for Trinidad till today, the caribbbean has hope after all.

  17. high crime rate..and u come to sing more devil thing in the people them place, they mus ain’t comeout..

  18. Uncle demon.blank stare.your music is not welcoming its encouraging our youths negatively.come on am not a fan, stay where people rate you and you music, not hating its facts, and facts do hurt.

  19. But no rain fell that night… what rain he talking about? O.o

  20. Raydon Zeus Pierre

    No, Trinidadians are really smart by nature, none of them are going to listen to “Uncle demon”. Intelligent people like intelligent music. Try Barbados :v.

    • This comment was going well before the Bajan comment and I am Trinidadian. If yuh was trackin a Bajan and ain’t get through, doh fight dong d whole country. Yuh being a jacka$$ and shamin yuhself

  21. Cherese Harewood

    But we morals as Caribbean people wah haa really be gone. If we promoting upfront demonic music!

  22. Dem 9 people must be get free tickets.

  23. Tommylee blame it on yourself, You and your demon talk not everyone likes to hear about that, Exspeciallly the people aboard.

  24. Him time up, hipe gone from him now.

  25. A di demon music.

  26. it was a duppy show I don’t kno why he didn’t perform after all di duppy dem di ah wait.