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Khago Hires Personal Bodyguards Amidst Death Threats [DETAILS]

Reggae/dancehall star Khago has armed himself with two personal bodyguards amidst the heated lyrical feud with Sizzla Kalonji and Agent Sasco.

VIDEO: Khago Wearing Bulletproof Vest, Talks Beef With Sizzla

Sources close to the “Nah Sell Out” deejay told Urban Islandz that the move is to ensure the artist security while out in the public. According to the source, Khago has been receiving several death threats from persons aligned to Sizzla’ camp.

“It’s not the artist themselves but people around them that are trying to push things too far, you’ve seen what happened to Beenie and Norris, so we know what the bobo them can do,” the source said. “It’s not like we don’t have badman friends too, but certain things a jailhouse thing and we not into that.”

According to the source, the war is lyrical for Khago, others want to take it physical.

DETAILS: Police Raid Sizzla’s Judgement Yard, Two Men Shot Dead

“It’s a lyrical war, but some people a go too far and a take the thing to a physical level,” the source added. “We can push badness, but that is for who no want them music career.”

Last week, Khago stepped out in a bulletproof vest, showing the public just how serious the beef is.

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  1. So Khago how u a sing seh u a bad man an a hire personal bodyguards. You a coward, what happen to di dawg dem? Him all send police a Sizzla yard, a him and him friend dem should a go.

  2. khago the bobo are gonna show yah

  3. hahaha this khago a fear, hehe I thot he would send a bad girl to Judgement yard and leave all dead, only police and body guards and media, coward you are. walk your talk.

  4. DeejayBusy Yanx

    khago go low ait.