Khago Wearing Bulletproof Vest, Talks Beef With Sizzla [Video]

Dancehall singjay Khago don’t leave his house without his bulletproof vest these days after igniting a heated lyrical war with veteran deejay Sizzla Kalonji.

In one of his singles Khago hinted that he has been getting death threats from persons aligned to Judgment Yard. But this bulletproof vest confirmed those allegations.

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Speaking with Anthony Miller of Entertainment Report, Khago said he is just pleasing his fans.

Am into just pleasing my fans and they are just picking on Khago,” Khago says about recent attacks from Assassin and Sizzla.

Khago says he is not the only one with something to gain from the feud.

“Everybody say it’s me a feed Judgment Yard right now,” Khago says. “The bobo take on the three some, like a big sissy. Him start get back some dub plates and him bookings turn up right now.”

Skatta Burrell, the producer behind Khago’s controversial single three some, is also under fire from Sizzla’s camp. According to Burrell, the Khago and Sizzla beef is bringing back some energy into dancehall.

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“I don’t know if its Sizzla find fault with it or the people around him, so he feels to call my name in a derogatory way about me and Khago in the studio and one bag of things,” Skatta said. “At the end of the day its a musical war and it is nice to see the business a get back that type of energy because as far as I am concern it was in a slump.”

Watch full interview below.