Police Raid Sizzla’s Judgement Yard, Two Men Shot Dead In August Town

Police reportedly raided Sizzla Kalonji’s infamous Judgement Yard over the weekend after gunfire broke out in August Town.

According to reports reaching Urban Islandz, four persons were shot; two of the wounded individuals were pronounce dead at hospital.

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Among the dead men are 39-year-old Rohan Simpson, also known as ‘Troy’ and ‘Bat’ of August Town Road, and a man known only as Moses Francis.

Urban Islandz tried to reach Sizzla for a comment but was unsuccessful.

The raid on Judgement Yard places Khago in an unfamiliar light where fans of Sizzla are calling him an informer, the Jamaican version of snitch.

MUSIC: Khago To Sizzla “100 Man A Wash Your Brief”

“Ppl how khago fi say him a bad man and fight war and send police up a sizzla yard yesterday fi rade,” @Breadback posted on Twitter.

In related news.

A few days ago rumors surfaced claiming that Sizzla Kalonji is dead. Fortunately these rumors are false as the veteran reggae/dancehall star is very much alive and well.

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  1. right ting khago do….dem dread deh fi guh live good…..police mi seh….

  2. Artiste fi live good and a dat mi say. More peace fi man kind because love is the answer.

  3. Khago a informa, look war wid dada, fi him an him police friend dem find di man guns.

  4. Sorry to hear boss,about all excitement hope all is well with the artist and, sorry for the lost of life . May jah bless and, guide you

  5. More life more good blessing for all.

  6. More life more good blessing for all.

  7. lord av mercy on2 judgement yaad

  8. sad…mo life!

  9. violenceee

  10. bloodclat move, judgement day ina judgemement yard, waguan sizzla? tell dem ficool tell dem fi calm cah murder cyaah fun…