Tommy Lee in studio

Tommy Lee is officially an ex-member of the Gaza and has launched his own label Guzu Musiq.

Sources close to the Gaza told Urban Islandz that Vybz Kartel kicked the “Psycho” deejay out the group long before he launched the label.

Tommy Lee Officially Leave Gaza, Launched Own Label Guzu Musiq

“Tommy Lee and Popcaan were never a member of the Gaza for a long time now,” the source told us.

“They were only using the Gaza name to get a hype and their disloyalty will come back to haunt them,” the source continues.

“Addi expelled them from the Gaza from last year, I mean these guys never even went and visit the man in jail or even a phone call,” the source added.

Tommy Lee Popcaan Vybz Kartel

While Tommy Lee is busy building his Guzu Musiq Record label, Popcaan is also busy building his Unruly Gang.

A lot of Gaza fans see the two promising deejays are traitors and back stabbers, while other fans make reference to Vybz Kartel leaving the Alliance several years ago to form Portmore Empire.

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  • Destro Marley

    dem betray de wolrdboss kartel will sure bounce back.

  • Dj-Crystal Njie

    BIG UP

  • Morris Mabasa

    Vybz kartel is still the worldboss. never mind these haters. Let them form their own groups, but they can’t compete with ADDIIIIIII.

  • Sizakele Gegana

    1 thing they must know………..ah bird fly high up bot it nyam here down on earth………..Kartel will not rot in jail…….and dem will not last in the music industry…….ahooo!

  • Sharon ‘Shazz’ Nembhard

    We must train our children to seek their own meat when they have come of do otherwise is to stunt their growth and maturity. Don’t discount the revelations causing incarceration..many people don’t recover from those things.

  • James Maxwell

    Kartel cant vex cuz him betray Bounty Killer.

  • Andy Graham

    big up dance hall big up reggae happen.

  • Adrian Paul

    So it go when a man dis God wilfully.

  • Matthew Jewz Banda

    butty bwoy

  • Bob Omulo

    That’s right, he started the cycle and in come back to haunt him.

  • Donovan Housen

    What goes around comes around.