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Yung Miami Explains Why She Didn’t Get Involved In JT and Glorilla Beef

Yung Miami says she is never getting involved in anyone else's feuds

Yung Miami
Yung Miami

Yung Miami has stepped forward to explain why she declined to get involved in JT and Glorilla beef or any other drama among female rappers.

Last week, the two City Girls rappers exchanged words on Twitter/X with JT calling out her friend for not defending her in her feud with Glorilla. Although the Florida rappers have since made peace, it’s evident that there are still some unresolved feelings.

“I am a grown ass lady with 2 kids & don’t have time to be inserting myself in anything that has nothing to do with me! I dont have a problem with anyone please leave me alone! Everyday I wake up on this app it’s something new I am tired!” she wrote. “I am on here to promote my shit & keep moving!”

via Twitter/X

According to Yung Miami, JT has been sneak dissing her for the past weeks both in songs and in her posts on social media. It seems things reached a boiling point when Glorilla revealed that she and the “No Bars” rapper got into a fight at the VMAs which resulted in the Memphis rapper hitting her.

“I know I come off crazy but never in my life did no wack s**t to this girl she literally enjoys seeing me being dragged when ppl show me love she goes crazy & call it a hate train!” JT wrote in a since-deleted tweet. “But like I said we can sit & talk about it!” wrote JT. “It’ll be too much for me to tweet! I will like a sit down…. Caresha please! And this time leave [Saucy] Santana home!”

Saucy Santana later questioned how did he got involved in the feud. Nevertheless, all three of them have since publicly shared their love for each other and have moved on. Whether or not that peace offering will translate into joint music only time will tell. In the meantime, both City Girls rappers have been dropping solo singles and individual collaborations with other artists.