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City Girls Rappers JT & Yung Miami Squash Beef After Heated Exchange

Yung Miami and JT go at it then made up

City Girls

City Girls rapper Yung Miami and JT have gone off the rails as they accuse each other of sneak dissing each other, and JT calls out Yung Miami for never defending her.

On Monday, JT called out Yung Miami for not having her back in what is now one of a series of Twitter fights with fellow artists. GloRilla and JT had a spat over the weekend over allegations that the CMG rapper threw a purse at JT at the VMAs. JT is known for arguing with artists like Cardi B and anyone associated with her.

In the latest argument, JT called out Yung Miami for always remaining quiet and not defending her in fights she started. It all started with Yung Miami posting “lol” on Twitter and a JT fan accusing her of playing clueless.

“You know you a weirdo! You came on here putting “lol” in the middle of JT arguing! Like GIRL you see it….”

Yung Miami also asked “what’s tea” leading to JT chiming in. “Oh Ms.mama this your LAST day playing dumb!” she reacted to Yung Miami. Yung Miami also reacted on Twitter. “A b***ch has been sneak dissing me for weeks, and I ain’t say sh*t what a b***ch mad at me fa??” she wrote in a now-deleted tweet.

Yung Miami also accused social media users of stoking drama when they did not know the context of her posts. “Y’all don’t be knowing what go on behind close doors but always got my name in yall mouth with these fuck ass narratives that i let yall run with and NEVER say shit!!!!!!!! LEAVE ME TF ALONE!!!” she wrote.

Santana also caught a stray from JT- “It’ll be too much for me to tweet! I will like a sit down…. Caresha please! And this time leave Santana home!”

JT also blasted Miami for never defending her.

“I know I come off crazy but never in my life did no wack shit to this girl she literally enjoys seeing me being dragged when ppl show me love she goes crazy & call it a hate train! But like I said we can sit & talk about it!” she tweeted.

Miami also responded to JT – “I ain’t jealous of a soul I’m always like go b***h go!!! I clap for everybody I show love to EVERYBODY?? it ain’t a b***h I haven’t shown love to!!!!!!”

Yung Miami also accused JT of sneak-dissing her for weeks.

“For you to come on here & try to play victim is crazy! Jatavia you been sneak dissing me for the LAST COUPLE OF DAYS!!! I haven’t said sh*t back to you!! You made 2 whole songs DISSING ME & I STILL RAPPED your sh*t with my chest & showed love :) so what’s the real problem here???” she wrote.


JT also questioned which songs were used to disrespect her, and Miami replied that the tracks “No Bars” and “Sideways” contained verses aimed at her.

Miami, facing heat over her association with Diddy, also accused JT of kicking her while down.

“A bitch trying to kick me while I’m down and play into these narratives! Is dangerous when I been nothing but a friend to you!!!!!” Miami wrote.

JT also claimed she was there for Miami.

“You looking for a way out of your situation who was the first person called you when it all started? You’re a sad f**king case!!!!” Miami, however, said it was “not you” when she responded to JT.

Yung Miami also expressed exasperation at JT’s behaviour.

“You weird but always wanna act like I’m a weirdo. You always mad it’s always a problem & all I try to do is push you tell you, you the sh*t you can rap, you should model etc.! You always mad you doing your sh*t as you should CONGRATULATIONS but somehow you STILL MAD AT!!!!!!”


JT also responded to her and called her out for always having Santana’s back and claimed that Yung Miami was sabotaging her behind closed doors.

“If I’m ever mad I have a reason to be behind close doors you have done stuff to me that you think I should just get over! You never come to my defense when I would’ve literally took a bullet for you! When CP popped off I was there 1st episode, & when someone canceled I showed up in a red wig! Keep calling me mad like the internet do but you know me my heart pump Gold! I wish you the best always & I love how fast you got on here behind Santana!” JT wrote.

Both rappers also heeded the calls from many, including rapper Plies, who viewed them arguing as sad. Yung Miami later confirmed that she and JT discussed their differences.

“Jatavia I love you. I’m moving on!” Miami wrote.

JT also responded. “I love you more I actually love you the most!” She wrote.