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Jeezy Files For Full Custody Of Daughter With Jeannie Mai Amid Divorce

Jeezy wants full custody of daughter Monaco

Jeannie Mai Jeezy
Jeannie Mai, Monaco and Jeezy

Jeezy and Jeannie Mai’s divorce is only growing more acrimonious. The Atlanta rapper is now asking a judge to grant him full custody of their daughter, Monaco Jenkins.

The estranged couple have been embroiled in a bitter court proceeding over the past year, with wild accusations being thrown from both sides. TMZ reported on Thursday (April 11) that Jeezy, the Atlanta rapper, filed new court documents amid their ongoing divorce that has yet to be finalized.

According to the court documents, Jeezy alleges that Jeannie Mai is not the primary caregiver of their daughter despite having primary physical custody. He claims that their daughter is typically cared for by Mai’s mother and brother due to her demanding travel schedule.

Jeezy with his daughter Monaco Jenkins

The rapper/author says that the two-year-old baby girl is typically in the care of the talk show host’s mother and brother due to her hectic traveling schedule. Jeezy revealed that he previously agreed to move into the basement of their family home after their separation, but Mai took their daughter with her when she eventually moved out. The rapper also claims that his parenting time with his daughter has been withheld for two months.

The Adversity for Sale author is arguing that the child would have more stability in his care and thus wants a judge to grant him full custody. Jeezy previously accused Jeannie Mai of gatekeeping their daughter from him, something she denies, saying that she had been accommodating to all of the rapper’s visitation requests, even on holidays.

Mai also alleges that their child’s safety could be compromised in Jeezy’s care after she claimed that he has unsecured firearms lying around his home, which the rapper also hit back at, saying her claims are not true.

Jeezy and Jeannie Mai have had a contentious divorce since he abruptly filed divorce documents in September 2023. The talk show host says she was blindsided by the divorce filing, saying that she found out about it via the internet just like everyone else. The rapper previously admitted that they have been having marital problems and even went to counseling, which didn’t fix their broken marriage.