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Jeannie Mai Shares First Photo Of Hers & Jeezy’s Daughter Monaco Mai Jenkins

Jeezy Jeannie baby
Monaco Jenkins, Jeezy, Jeannie Mai

Baby Monaco Mai Jenkins was introduced to the world on Thursday as her mother, Jeannie Mai, introduced her to her YouTube show audience members.

Jeanie Mai Jenkins and Jeezy welcomed Monaco 5 months ago, and while the world received coveted bits of information about her, such as her gender and later her name, a glimpse of the baby was not forthcoming.

Jeannie Mai had shared details about Monaco’s name and its significance of it to her parents, and she even gave her followers a tour of the baby’s room and sweet décor.

However, this is the first time she has shown Monaco, noting that her mommy instincts have naturally kicked in as she enjoyed baby Monaco before sharing her with the rest of the world.

Ahead of the big reveal on her Hello Hunnay YouTube show, Mrs. Jenkins hinted that she had a special 5-month-old guest on her show.

“[This] might be the most exciting episode I’ve had here on Hello Hunnay. You’re going to meet someone very very special in my life, somebody, new, somebody new, someone shiny, somebody who smells good like 5-months-old good,” she teased.

Mai then switches to a feature of an earlier infant stage, Monaco, with whom Jeezy is seen soothing Monaco and several other sweet family moments with her grandmother, great-grandmother, and family members on both Jeanie’s and Jeezy’s side and her christening. The feature ends with Monaco reaching the five months mark as her mother excitedly calls for her grandma Mai to bring out Monaco.

An emotional Jeanie notes that she’s so scared to reveal her daughter because the “online [community] is so mean.”

“Knowing that the world is a really mean place sometimes, knowing I can protect myself and I can block y’all, I can ignore the comments but you can’t do that with a baby so this is why it was so hard to get to a place to share Monaco,” she added.

Monaco, who is sporting a sleeveless cheetah print dress with an oversized yellow bow headband, is cheerful as her mother introduces her.

“It’s time to share the most amazing, exciting, newest member of the Hello Hunnay family,” says Jeanie says.

Adding that, she was not only nervous to show her baby but took time to consider it.

“I got really scared, guarded and protected,” she says. “Please excuse the nerves.”

She noted that everything she hears Monaco cries it does things to her body as she hinted at her mother’s instinct and dealing with anxiety as she worries about her daughter a lot.