Rick Ross Has A Baby That Looks Like Drake Claims His Ex Tia Kemp

Rick Ross' ex claims he is hiding a baby that looks like Drake

Rozay Drake
Rick Ross, Drake

Rick Ross‘ ex, Tia Kemp, is firing back after he seemingly rapped about her on a new song with Future. She now claims he is hiding a son who looks like Drake.

Future and Metro Boomin’s new album We Don’t Trust You was already causing a bit of an uproar as Future along with the guest stars have seemingly been sending shots towards a number of people. In the case of Rick Ross who appears on the track “Everyday Hustle,” it’s the mother of his child who he notes as his opps, and one Tia Kemp has not taken kindly to the hint.

“Baby mama still the biggest opp/ Team of shooters just to keep it locked,” Rick Ross rapped. While there was no mention of a name, Kemp has taken offense and has since reacted on social media with a vicious rant that sees her accusing the rapper of hiding his children, including one who resembles Drake.

“You oughta rap about your muthaf***in children you around here hiding,” Tia said during a Live session on Instagram. “I want to see my stepson that look like Drake.” There are now multiple videos circulating on the internet in which Kemp is reacting to Rozay’s verse on Future’s song, and she is spilling all kinds of tea.

In another clip that appears to be an interview with an internet blogger, Tia claimed that the rapper has a son with a Russian woman who looks just like Drake and that he is the same age as his last baby with his other baby’s mother. Tia further denounced that Rick Ross is a millionaire, claiming that he “over exaggerates” everything and does things for the gram.

She also posited that Ross pillow talks with her about Drake, calling for the Canadian rapper to phone her personally so she can spill the beans. “And Drake, I want you to call me ’cause I got something to tell you personally. He talk about your family and he racist too.” When asked why Rick Ross would talk about Drake with her, Tia replied: “Because he pillow talk with me all through the night when he want sandwiches and wake up. His sleep pattern off.”

While Kemp is clearly trolling in some instances, fans have been eating up her revelations as she relentlessly goes in on her ex. In one of her Live sessions, she decried the fact that this wasn’t the first time her ex allegedly alluded to her on a track, pointing to Trina’s song “Single Again (Remix)” with Rozay, Plies, and Lil Wayne. In the 2008 single, Rick Ross raps: “Left my baby mama ’cause she didn’t get sh*t.”

Kemp brings this up in her rant on Instagram Live. “You been doin’ that sh*t since our baby was five. All that on Trina’s song back then… All that dumb sh*t, all that stupid sh*t you been talking about me on songs. I know that mean me, you on that new Future song talking about your baby mama still your opps. I ain’t your opps big daddy, I’m not. You chose to be mine.”

It appears Rick Ross has reignited a war that only time will tell if he can finish. Kemp even threatened to remix the song with a response, adding that she would go platinum in a week. This was before she claimed to be a rapper who had helped Rozay write his songs in the past. “You know I’m a f**king rapper dawg. Write your sh*t. Tell the truth. How you sit up asking me what the f**k to name a song and what I should say next on a song. Got me sitting in the studio with your dusty a*s.”

“You gave me my checks yet? I got a lot of checks to run your ass down about dawg,” she added.

Could we be witnessing the origin story of a brewing rap beef between Rick Ross and Tia Kemp?