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Rick Ross Exposes Baby Mother Tia Kemp For “Botched Surgery”

Rick Ross says he is taking pity on his baby mother Tia Kemp despite serving her with cease and desist

Rick Ross Tia Kemp
Rick Ross and Tia Kemp

Rick Ross says he is going easy on Tia Kemp and revealed she is dealing with a “botched surgery.”

Rozay is responding to one of the mothers of his children, Tia Kemp, after she dragged him and his new girlfriend on social media. Kemp received a cease and desist letter from Rick Ross through his attorney over her alleged defamatory claims about his health, but she has done everything but abide by the warning.

Despite the warning, Kemp continued this week as she called out Ross for not sending a cease and desist letter to those he had beef with, like DJ Envy and 50 Cent, who continue to troll him mercilessly.

On Tuesday, the rapper was up early as he addressed Kemp and asked his fans to be gentle with her as she’s dealing with several personal problems, such as her mother being addicted to drugs.

“Every time you get on TikTok, I know you see a new release from Tia, but listen, we all gotta imagine what she’s going through. She’s going through a lot, her mother who is a 30 year reoccurring crack addict she’s back addicted, Tia’s dealing with it. She not living with Tia, Tia say Mom’s with the sister that has a job. They don’t have the best relationship, but she’s helping her mom, and Tia is helping her mom, so that’s why you won’t see me cut [off] her IG page, y’all or none of that because you gotta let her express herself,” the rapper said while pouring himself some Belaire.

Rozay continued, “Let’s not take any of that personal. Let’s wish her mother, Sabrina, the best and hope she fights the addiction.”

The rapper’s fake concern for Kemp didn’t seem to resonate with social media users as he went on to talk about Kemp’s sister Ebony, telling him that Kemp is also recovering from a botched presumably BBL surgery and flaunted his wealth on her as he revealed that he’s taking his new woman Cristina Mackey to the Miami Heat Gala dinner on Tuesday night.

“I ain’t gon lie, we laughed about it a little bit, but down that county, take care of them n***as down there. Give them n**as some of that wingstop…. Dem hoes going live in the car, they ain’t going live in the house no more. Can’t speak a rich n***a name on live if you not in ya house with a painting on the wall,” he said.

“Y’all wanna get Rozay vibing. Y’all wana dance, let’s dance. I’m going to the Miami Heat gala dinner tonight. It’s 20k a seat…me and Cristina going to that thing tonight,” he added.

Kemp has yet to respond to Ross.