Kiprich Burglar Charged By Police, Faces Years In Prison

21-year-old Kemar Jones, who is accused of breaking into dancehall artist Kiprich home, has been charged


The man who walked into dancehall artist Kiprich’s apartment and stole more than $50,000 worth of jewelry, cash, and personal items from the rapper has been charged by police.

Days ago KipRich asked for help from fans on social media to identify a man seen on surveillance camera footage leaving his apartment compound with his Gucci Belt, brand name sunglasses, a multi-million dollar Rolex watch, his U$12,000 gold chain, and U$15,000 worth of cash.

A fan helped to crack the case as she not only helped to identify the thief, but this led to the artist being about able to recover his Rolex watch and chain.

On Monday, the Jamaica Constabulary Force (JCF) charged 21-year-old Kemar Jones with two charges- housebreaking and larceny in relation to the burglary. Jones is listed as having an 11 Miles Bull Bay, St Andrew, address and being unemployed.

Unofficial details about the charges are that Jones broke into KipRich’s Airbnb apartment between 10:15 and 10:45 am on Wednesday, March 11, and carried away the rapper’s belongings, a name-brand sunglasses, jewelry, and cash.

The dancehall veteran later received his Rolex and chain after an unidentified driver delivered it to the Constant Spring Tax Office in St Andrew. Only Jones was arrested, however. There are no leads on the driver nor the artist’s $15,000 cash that was stolen.

According to the Jamaica Observer, KipRich was instrumental in hunting down the suspect, who was located in the downtown area, before police arrived and arrested him.

“About five minutes after we reached, we saw him crossing the road towards a bus. So my brother and my friend got out and tracked him. The police arrived later and grabbed him,” KipRich said.

In the meantime, the Observer says the thief claims that he was robbed of the cash, and he explained that the chain and Rolex were given to another man who turned out to be the bus driver. The artist said he had a conversation with the driver, whom he convinced to hand over his things.

“When I called that bredda, he started to tell me he was a fan and that he had tried to contact a producer to reach me so I could get back my things. But mi just push through to the matter at hand, him is a bus driver and him never want to show up his face, and he agreed to leave the chain and Rolex at the Constant Spring tax office,” he said.

If convicted, Jones faces years behind bars.