Kiprich Recovers Stolen Rolex and Cash, Suspect In Police Custody

Dancehall artist Kiprich is thanking his supporters who helped recovered his stolen jewelry and cash as police arrested the suspected burglar


In a curious turn of events, dancehall artiste Kiprich says the man who stole his chain, Rolex watch, and money from his Airbnb had a change of heart and returned the items to him on Friday.

The artist has been working hard to find the man who was seen on a nearby surveillance video casually walking into his complex and seen exiting with the artist’s sunglasses, Gucci belt, and the watch, chain, and money, which totaled around U$50,000.

In a video, the artist says that after he shared the surveillance video and asked fans to help him identify the man, someone called him and identified the thief. That call helped the artist to recover his valuable items. A grateful KipRich confirmed the news in a live video on Friday.

“I have some good news, I got back most of the items that were stolen. I just want to big up fada God first of all who made everything possible. Big up the caller who saw the video, recognised the person and reached out. You blessings countless, big up yourself to the fullest,” the artist

KipRich also shared disappointment that his Airbnb was broken into and spoke about crime destroying Jamaica and causing citizens to be afraid of going into certain communities. The artist’s Airbnb is an investment property in Portmore that he rents to visitors and locals alike.

“Jamaica mi love mi island, mi a talk to them little petty criminal yah now weh out deh a do dem kinda supp’n yah, and people weh a setup people…unnu a make it look bad on we likkle island, Bredren like we can’t go nowhere inna wi likkle island, wi affi a segregate and dem kinda thing deh,” he lamented.

He continued. “We want back wi Jamaica. We ah preach love, peace, love, prosperity, that Jamaica deh we want. Jamaica make we do better.”

The thief is now in police custody, but the artist hinted that the police investigation is ongoing as cops believed the thief did not act alone.

Last week the artist revealed that this is the second robbery at his Airbnb in recent years.

“Mi just give thanks say the situation never worse, where me and the person never buck up and all dem things deh. A vanity dem tek up and we have life the same way, so mi give thanks for that. But fi know say inna yuh own country yuh cyah go hold a vibes somewhere amongst yuh people dem. It no feel good bredda,” a disappointed KipRich said.

The thief had made off with the artist’s U$25,000 Rolex watch, U$12,000 gold chain, as well as his $450 Burberry sunglasses and cash savings of U$15,000 and CDN$300.

At the time the incident occurred, the artist said he had briefly stepped away to go collect food when he came back and noticed his door was opened.