Kiprich Lost J$7.6 Million In Cash and Jewelry In Airbnb Robbery

Kiprich lost millions of dollars in cash and jewelry in robbery incident at his Airbnb property in Portmore


Dancehall artiste KipRich is reeling in losses after a robbery in which thieves broke into his Airbnb and stole cash and millions of dollars worth of jewelry.

The artist was robbed over the weekend, and the thieves made off with a hefty loot of jewelry and cash valued at over US$50,000 (about J$7.6 million). This is the second robbery in years in which the “Telephone Ting” artist is targeted. The latest incident took place on Saturday in broad daylight at the house located in Portmore, St Catherine. According to the Jamaica Star, no one was hurt in the incident, and the artist shared a positive attitude despite the loss.

“Mi just give thanks say the situation never worse, where me and the person never buck up and all dem things deh. A vanity dem tek up and we have life the same way, so mi give thanks for that. But fi know say inna yuh own country yuh cyah go hold a vibes somewhere amongst yuh people dem. It no feel good bredda,” a disappointed KipRich said.

No one has been arrested so far for the incident. The artist also revealed that the home recently housed a visitor, and he also stayed there to record music with a friend nearby.

The artist revealed that he had kept his business lowkey and operated under the radar to not attract attention. The home is not his primary residence, but he secured his U$25,000 Rolex watch and U$12,000 gold chain as well as his $450 Burberry sunglasses and cash savings of U$15,000 and CDN$300, which the thieves took.

He said he was with friends and forgot something at the Airbnb, which led him to return to the house, where he realized that the door was ajar. Checks revealed that the items were taken.

“Mi see mi bag and everything tumble dung pon di ground. A di Rolex box first mi see and realise say di watch gone and mi chain. Everything happened so quickly. The time weh mi go for the food and come back for the charger was about half an hour.”

The thief has been caught on surveillance camera showing him with the artist’s Gucci belt wrapped around his hand. However, the artist raised suspicion that the thief had easy access to the property despite other persons not being allowed to enter freely.