Rygin King Comforted By I-Octane, Shed Tears At Album Launch Party

I-Octane, Rygin King

Rygin King made his first public performance at his album launch party on September 9, where he broke down in tears as he performed the title track from the album while getting support from fellow dancehall star I-Octane.

Urban Islandz obtained a video from the event showing Rygin King sitting in a wheelchair supported by I-Octane as he performs a part of the song “Circumstances.” However, the artist unexpectedly gets emotional, and tears can be seen streaming down his cheeks as he sings the lyrics. Both fans and I-Octane attempted to console the deejay who was visibly emotional.

In the 2-minute video, the artist can be seen holding back his tears as his voice cracks, but he continues to sing the track. His baby mother is also present on the stage, and she hugs and comforts him while he sings.

Rygin King is paralyzed due to the shooting injuries he received after armed men attempted to murder him in 2020, which left his manager’s wife dead.

The song the artist performed is from his 10-track album Therapy released on September 9. The project includes tracks “Wake Me Up”, “Circumstances”, “Broken”, and “Therapy“, among others, as he addresses his thoughts and feelings for the first time since the shooting.

“Yo, dem a crosses people yah man/Me nuh want you tell me nothing a bombo****/Make dem say wah dem wan’ say ’bout me, enuh/You see wah me ah say?/Cah that nah go make a difference/No matter if me do or me don’t/Dem still a go say, you hear that?,” the artist sings in the track.

“Me f*** up inna mi brain, me need therapy/Evil me a pree, Father help me/How me feel like a terrorist (yeah)/Me d’even trust nobody right now, a should a ten of me,” the deejay sings.

Rygin King first revealed in late July that he was paralyzed after being shot. At the time, the artist, his baby mother, two children, his manager, his manager’s wife, and members of his entourage were returning from a funeral when they stopped in Westmoreland to assist his manager, who had a flat.

That’s when gunmen pulled up in a car and fired shots towards them. Rygin King, who was struck three times, almost succumbed to his injuries and has been out of the public’s eye for months. In an interview with the Jamaica Observer in July, he spoke about having to do therapy to cope with his new reality,

“I don’t know anyone who is in a position like me, inna one tragic unfortunate situation like me and who hold it like how me hold it, bredda…and mi no bawl out on the internet and all now, mi no go to the press, no one doesn’t know what happened after Rygin King get shot because is a rocky road bredda and we still ah go through it,” he said.

Rygin King had also shared that he was optimistic his physiotherapy would aid in helping him to walk again.

“I know I will walk again, I know it is God’s will, a lot of youths call me to say me ah motivate dem, so mi ah hold it said way,” he said.