Rygin King Shares His Pain And Frustration In New Song “Therapy”

Rygin King
Rygin King

Rygin King shares his journey in his latest track, “Therapy,” released on August 5th, where he talks about seeking help for his mental health to cope with the fact that he is paralyzed after being shot in 2020.

The song is the title track of his upcoming 10-track album Therapy, set for release on September 9. Some of the singles from the project include “Wake Me Up,” “Circumstances,” and “Broken,” as he sings about the shooting for the first time publicly.

In the song, Rygin King gets passionate as he sings about coping with paralysis and working on himself. He also shares a rare inside look of himself in his wheelchair, working out at the gym, and also being at home.

In the song, you can hear the pain in his voice as he speaks about his frustration dealing with people talking about him and the battle in his head after the murder attempt on his life.

“Me f**k up inna me brain me need therapy / evil me a pree, father help me / how mi feel like a terrorist, me n’even trust nobody / right now shoulda be 10 a mi,” the deejay sings.

The Montego Bay artist also talks about his work through his thoughts as a puzzle he’s trying to piece together and says he’s upset at what happened to him.

“Right now mi upset yuh f**k dawg, a so mi feel / Cause me see them try shatter me hopes and dreams / cause when me feel mad inna mi head tell everybody fi nuh beg nuh food / dem want fi see me dead / Mi keep mi guns close watch mi enemy dem / mi have mi own share of f**ked up friends,” the artist sings.

Rygin King
Rygin King

Rygin King also asks in the song, “when this pain ago end”, but notes that he is hurting but sees the silver lining as he notes he’s still blessed.

Rygin King revealed in late July that he was paralyzed after being shot in Westmoreland while returning from a funeral. It’s the first time he was seen sitting in a wheelchair and the first time many fans were aware that he was severely injured.

“I don’t know anyone who is in a position like me, inna one tragic unfortunate situation like me and who hold it like how me hold it, bredda…and mi no bawl out on the internet and all now, mi no go to the press, no one doesn’t know what happened after Rygin King get shot because is a rocky road bredda and we still ah go through it,” he said.

Rygin King also shared that he was optimistic that he would walk again after the tragedy.

“I know I will walk again, I know it is God’s will, a lot of youths call me to say me ah motivate dem, so mi ah hold it said way,” he said.

The “Tuff” artist had revealed that he was shot three times and nearly died as he was returning from a funeral and stopped to help his manager whose car had gotten into an accident in Struie district, Westmoreland.

The artist shared details about the near-death experience as he tried to protect his son instead of running away but being shot in the process.

“Mi turn back, mi jump over a concrete drain that water run through, the jump mi jump, mi drop-down de so but mi never knows to say mi get two shot and when mi drop and can get up, mi realise mi caan get up,” he said.

The artist said that was also when his baby mother had to take him out of the ditch as he couldn’t walk.

“My baby mother Kaylia come down there for me and take me out of the ditch. Ah, Kaylia take me outta the ditch, two of my ni*** run out of the bush but dem get shot inna dem foot. Mi say help me, but dem get shot too, mi look bad down inna the drain and mi hold up mi hand and tell mi baby mother to come for me and she just tried to help me but she couldn’t manage, and is a stranger help her tek me out of the ditch,” he recalled.