Popcaan Flying Like A Billionaire With Drake: “No snake on the Air Drake”

Drake and Popcaan

Popcaan flying like a billionaire with Drake on his massive private jet.

The Unruly artist was spotted hanging out with the Toronto rapper on his baby blue Air Drake private jet on Tuesday. Popcaan shared several snaps of him and the rapper hanging out, making this the second time in months since it was speculated that he and Drake were not on good terms.

It appears that all is well after all, as the artists shared lens with Popcaan leaving a curious caption. “No snake on the Air Drake, Dat is it!” Popcaan captioned the carousel of photos. Nicki Minaj recently revealed that Drake is a billionaire but he doesn’t want the world to know so he keeps his wealth under wraps. The size of his private jet is certainly not helping him fly under the radar.

Some of the photos show Popcaan wearing an all-black outfit and posing next to Drake, who is wearing simple grey basketball shorts, a black cap, and a black t-shirt. One photo also shows Popcaan posing inside the jet with Lil Yachty in the background.

Earlier in the day, Lil Yachty shared that he was spending his birthday aboard Air Drake with the Canadian rapper. Yachty shared several snaps of himself posing in front of the massive jet.

“biG brO sAiD i dOnT gOtTa fLy dElTa nMorRe¡ hBd mEE!” he captioned a series of photos of himself and Drake. Drake is seen wearing the same outfit as in pictures with Popcaan.

Yachty shared several of himself decked out in colorful nail polish and jeans and also showed off parts of the jet, including the cockpit and the massive wings and engines on the metal bird.


Popcaan, whose real name is Andre Sutherland, signed to Drake’s OVO label in 2019. Drake made the announcement at the St. Thomas native’s Unruly Fest in 2018, where he appeared as a guest performer. Poppy and Drake shared a close friendship for years before the Jamaican artist joined the OVO umbrella. He often refers to Drizzy as his brother whenever he dotted about their close relationship.

The dancehall deejay has released several albums, including Vanquish and FixTape, and is gearing up for his new album, Great Is He, which is to be released later this year.

Drake & Lil Yachty
Lil Yachty Air Drake