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Nicki Minaj Says Drake Is A Secret Billionaire

Drake Nicki Minaj
Drake and Nicki Minaj / @nickiminaj

Nicki Minaj says Drake is a billionaire but the Canadian rapper does not want it to be known.

On Tuesday, the Trinidadian rapper says that Drake is secretly a billionaire and doesn’t want the world to know. On her Instagram account, Nicki Minaj shared what looks like one of Air Drake’s jets as she spoke about his vast but secret wealth.

“This is what happens when you got a rich — I’m sorry, a very rich, rich, rich, rich — Canadian friend… who is the only billionaire that I know that don’t want people to know he a billionaire,” she said.

Nicki Minaj also liked a tweet that spoke about the rapper’s wealth. “Shoutout to @Drake for being a billionaire too, even though you ain’t want no one to know [crying face emojis],” the tweet reads.

Drake’s net worth is not precisely known, and while the rapper has hinted at it being more than what others think, he has never confirmed it. Last year, he seemed to laugh at a hip-hop ranking that said his income was fourth highest for 2021 despite being the top streamed artist for that year.

The ranking put the ‘Certified Lover Boy’ in fourth place at $50 million. The rapper dropped laughing emojis at the ranking, which saw JAY-Z leading the Rap Power Players list for 2021 with $450 million, Kanye West with $250 million, and Diddy at $75 million.

The list was released by former Forbes editor Zack O’Malley Greenburg.

Online, Drake’s net worth is estimated at around $250 million. However, the rapper is known to own his masters and his own OVO label. Additionally, Drake’s massive warnings from gambling might also factor into his growing wealth.

Drake was not named among the billionaires list in Forbes this year. However, his former girlfriend Rihanna made the list for the second consecutive year due to her Fenty Beauty billion-dollar business.

On the other hand, Drake joins a small list of rap billionaires if Minaj is correct. Among them are Jay-Z, Kanye West, and Dr. Dre.

Like Drake, there are other musicians who are suspected to be among the billionaire class, such as Beyoncé. Still, they are curiously absent from Forbes’ list, which is published on the finances supplied by the artists to the publication.