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Police Named King Von Suspect In Two More Murders In Chicago

King Von
King Von

King Von named as suspect in two additional murders in Chicago, says police.

The Chicago Police Department has named King Von as the one responsible for the murder of a Chicago teen in 2012. This brings to three murders Chicago police say King Von is responsible for before his death in 2020. There are reports that Chicago police also believe Von might be tied back to other murders committed in the past.

In a leaked report, Chicago police said that King Von fatally shot and killed Modell McCambry, who is associated with the opposition gang, Gangster Disciples, in 2012. Another man named T-Roy, who is deceased and the best friend of King Von, was originally listed as the one who killed McCambry, who was only 17 years old. During the incident, another teen was shot and reportedly died.

This latest murder brings to three police say that Von is said to be responsible for. The rapper has, however, claimed to murder more than a dozen people in his music while he was alive.

The rapper was listed as the one responsible for the murder of teenage Gangster Gakirah Barnes also known as “K.I.”

Barnes was only 17 years old but was said to be a ruthless killer up to the time of her death. According to police reports, Barnes was shot nine times by a hooded figure on April 11, 2014.

Barnes was also listed by police as having gang affiliation to Gangster Disciples- St. Lawrence Boys (STI). She died from a fatal gunshot wound to the neck. In Barnes’ police report, police said that King Von, whose real name is Dayvon Bennett, was arrested as a suspect on July 22, 2014, and was charged on July 23, 2014. He was listed with rival gang affiliation to Black Disciples – O Block.

Eyewitnesses also named Von as Barnes’ killer. The police report had said that “Bennett was positively identified as the offender in the incident.” Still, a review by the CCSAO found that the police were unable to meet the burden of proof in court, and so charges were rejected because of the lack of strong evidence to convict Bennett.

Von has been listed as the killer of Malcolm Stuckey in 2014 as well. Bennett was also charged with first-degree murder for Stuckey’s killing, but it’s unclear why the charges were dropped in that case.

In the meantime, fans speculated that Chicago Police were pinning a murder on Bennett since he is already dead, and there is no way to verify the claims. Further details about the connection King Von might have with McCambry or the reason for the murder have not been released.

King Von was shot and killed during a fight with rap rival Quando Rondo and his crew outside a night club in Atlanta on November, 6, 2020. Rapper Lul Tim has been identified as the shooter, he claimed self defense and was later released from prison.