Sean Paul On ‘Scorcha’ Critics: “I have proved myself to myself”

Sean Paul
Sean Paul

Sean Paul is not concerned about critics as he roll out his new album, Scorcha.

When you’re a veteran in the music business, you understand that criticism comes with the game. Even so, multi-award-winning Sean Paul does not let the voice of the naysayers get to him.

While some have offered mixed reviews for his latest work, Scorcha, the dancehall star, said that he is proud of his latest body of work and has no time for the critics. He made the comments during a recent interview with the STAR.

The “Temperature” deejay said that he has no fear of what critics say about his work since that is their job. He added they have no choice but to pick apart his music because it’s the only way that they can get heard, seen, and known.

Sean Paul continued, saying that he’s paid his dues, and in doing so, he has learned to shut out the negativity. While Paul is immensely popular globally and has put a positive light on the dancehall genre, it does not stop detractors from trying to overanalyze his career and music.

In fact, in one of the countries where he enjoys major success, namely England, he got some harsh feedback. A London-based critic said that the Billboard-topping artist seemed to have lost a bit of his fire and that perhaps he was just burned out.

However, not all British publications felt the same as The Guardian in their review stated, “It plays like peak Paul: undulating bass and tripping rhythms backing up energetic lyrics on the subject of girls and ganja. It’s well-trodden territory, drawing on his decades of experience whipping the dancefloor into a frenzy.”

Sean Paul and Dua Lipa
Dua Lipa and Sean Paul

Despite how some critics feel about the album, none of it bothers the dancehall legend. Sean Paul said he has no fears and doesn’t care who or what people think of it. His confidence in delivering a fully polished body of work is immovable.

According to the veteran deejay, the track “No Fear” accurately reveals how he feels about the naysayers. This is one of the reasons he said he ensured that the track would be the last on the tracklist.

“I wanted to finish the album with a full stop, like ‘boom, album done now, replay now’. The song is saying, we facing life without any fear, with all its adversities that it throws at us. We are able to look into life and just give thanks for where we are coming from,” he continued.

Sean Paul said what’s important to him is his love of music and that he still loves making it. This has been the inspiration that helped him ensure that he has 19 hits on the Billboard charts, all in the top 20. He also firmly believes that he has tried his best to make dancehall better.

The album is already charting in dozens of countries worldwide, including hitting the top 10 on the UK midweek Official Albums Chart, where it also received some of its harshest criticism.

Forbes described Scorcha as “a notably more radio-friendly record” than the artiste’s previous album, Live N Livin.

In another interview with NPR, Sean Paul explained that he wanted to show his growth with this album. He also shared that he tried to add some club elements since the world had been locked down for two years. His main motivation was to get people moving, and it seems he has accomplished that.