Sean Paul: “Scorcha” Album Review

Sean Paul Scorcha
Sean Paul Scorcha album cover

Sean Paul reminds us why he is the best of the best when his comes to dancehall projects.

Multiple Grammy award-winning artiste, Sean Paul, is reveling in the success of his new album Scorcha. For over two decades, the Jamaican artiste has kept the culture alive with numerous hit singles such as Temperature and Get Busy and countless hit collaborations with other famous musicians such as Beyonce, Dua Lipa, Shaggy, Keyshia Cole, and Sia.

His latest project, Scorcha, is his second LP release in the last eight years. He released Live N Livin last year, a project that had features from many notable artists and received a lot of recognition within the industry. Scorcha, on the other hand, is touted as being a more vibe-centric, radio-friendly album and has already made its impact amongst Paul’s supporters. The album includes collaborations with artists such as Tov Lo, Damian Marley, Shenseea, Gwen Stefani, and Ty Dolla Sign. There is an attempt by the artiste to keep his distinguished Dancehall lyricism and tone but with the inclusion of modern pop.

Sean Paul did admit that this new project would be something different from what he was entirely used to and something that would be new to his supporters. He stated prior to the album’s release, “I make party music, something where people can forget about their problems and throw yourself into the party on a weekend, but this album shows a lot more growth as well,”

SP also went on to identify that he has been someone who would think consciously in his everyday life but was never one to express that in his music, primarily focusing on bringing the vibe or enhancing the mood with his lyrics. However, he identified songs on the album, such as “Good Day” and “Calling On Me,” that represent unity among people and being there for your family and friends.

The evolution in his music also comes from a place of realization. Sean Paul identified that, despite being at the top of his genre for at least a decade, the music began to expand, and more artists were being played on the radio and getting more exposure. It was then that he decided to change his style so that he could remain relevant and consistent with the industry. This had a significant part to play in the creation of Scorcha.

Perhaps the same vigor and enthusiasm that Sean Paul entered the industry with over twenty years ago isn’t as prominent throughout this new album. Still, his ability to blend in amongst today’s music and remain consistent with producing songs that will lift the spirit of whoever’s ears is privileged to hear it hasn’t been lost. What is disappointing about the album is that there is no stand-out hit, or not one song really resonates to be praised as the best on the album. Of course, as a dancehall lover, the collaborations with Shenseea and Junior Gong do stand out, but nothing like the smash hits we are used to from the 49-year-old.

Despite this, the album is a soothing listen that does not fail to improve one’s current mood or vibe. With its energetic and bouncy aura, Scorcha could be on the airwaves for quite some time, as it rightly deserves to be.