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Kanye West Dropped Chris Brown From ‘Donda’ 2.0 In Latest Album Update

Chris Brown

Kanye West has removed Chris Brown completely from the ‘Donda’ album, which he has updated with a newer version which includes alterations to quite a few tracks.

Chris Brown was featured on the song “New Again” in the background vocals, but he was replaced by Kanye’s vocals and a choir replacing his hook. Brown had previously reacted to being cut from Ye’s album after its release.

Chris Brown threw subliminal shots at Kanye West via Instagram Stories after his verse was removed from “New Again.”

Breezy called West a “whole h*e” in a message shared on his IG Story. The R&B singer and the G.O.O.D. Music rapper previously worked together on The Life of Pablo song “Waves,” and had seemed to have a good relationship with Brown, even excitedly shared that he was going to be featured on Donda when Kanye West had earlier contacted him.

However, he wasn’t pleased with being edited from the song and posted to his Stories- “Kanye a whole hoe,” after the album was released. Brown later deleted the post and said instead, “Nah he tweakin.”

In the meantime, it seems that Kanye, who had said his album was released by Universal without authorization, is not done with the fine-tuning as he has also upgraded several tracks as he removed vocals and replaced himself in the verses.

One of the songs, “Keep My Spirit Alive,” saw him removing singer KayCyy’s vocals and replaced with West singing the verse instead.

Meanwhile, he tweaked some songs like raising the “Jail Pt 2”, which features Marilyn Manson and DaBaby, and improving on the mixing of songs “God Breathed,” “Junya,” and “Come to Life.”

Meanwhile, the recent updates which mirror Kanye’s behavior with his 2016 Life of Pablo album come ahead of the Netflix trailer for a documentary focussed on West.

Kanye West recently link up with Diddy while sporting a shirt with Marilyn Manson imprinted on it.

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