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‘Certified Lover Boy’ Drake Yet To Respond To Lizzo Flirting, Fans React


Certified Lover Boy Drake has yet to respond to Lizzo aggressively flirting with him but some fans wants him to hook up with her for the culture.

Lizzo and Cardi B fans had something big to celebrate Friday morning when the frequently teased single “Rumors” finally dropped. The epic video for the upbeat track features a Greek goddess theme, appropriate for a singer who flaunts her divine femininity and a rapper who makes being sexy and pregnant look easy.

The song itself addresses the constant barrage of rumors and hate both women have had to face in their careers just for being talented and themselves. While many of the most common rumors about both artists are confirmed on the track, Lizzo does clear up one bit of gossip, singing, “No, I ain’t f**ked Drake yet.”

Of course, it is the “yet” in that line that adds to the song’s edge, reaffirming Lizzo’s persona as a woman who doesn’t mind stating exactly who and what she wants. She took the flirtation a step further when she named dropped the 6God on Twitter following the release of “Rumors”, writing, “Hey big head @Drake”.

Cardi B & Lizzo

Speaking with Zane Lowe on Apple music, Lizzo explained that she continues to flirt publicly for entertainment value as well, saying, “I just thought it would be so funny to say,” and adding, “I have a small relationship with him. He’s very cool.”

Lizzo also commented on how women in the industry are often subject to sexual advances in song lyrics without anyone batting an eye, so she doesn’t see anything wrong with a woman name dropping an attractive man as well. “I just feel like women, there’s so many times where girls’ names get dropped in songs because they’re fine,” she explained.

Lizzo also admitted that she would choose Drake over Chris Evans, the superhero actor who famously received a drunken DM from the singer earlier in the year. It looks like the ball is in Drake’s court, but we all know Lizzo isn’t likely to wait around for anyone.

Drake is currently working on his forthcoming album, Certified Lover Boy, due sometime this year. Perhaps we can at least get a Lizzo feature if we can’t get a hookup. Lizzo says she is at least manifesting a relationship with the Canadian rapper/singer.