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Video Of Quavo & Saweetie Physical Fight In Elevator Leaves Saweetie Limping

Quavo and Saweetie may have had a huge fight in an elevator prior them officially breaking up.

The shocking footage of the incident is currently making the rounds leaving some Migos fans in disbelief. Saweetie previously hinted at infidelity as the root cause of her breakup with Quavo, but this video proves it’s much deeper than that. The altercation between the two was captured on surveillance camera inside the elevator.

According to TMZ, the alleged altercation happened before the couple called it quits. The incident reportedly went down at a North Hollywood apartment complex where the “Best Friend” rapper was renting an apartment. While no exact date was given, sources say the incident took placed sometime in 2020. It appears that was long before their breakup since they were good as recently as December of last year when they exchanged expensive gifts.

The minute and a half clip show Saweetie swinging at Quavo before the Migos rapper grabbed her and pulled her back into the elevator. It appears that Saweetie may have been hurt as she sat on the floor of the elevator for a while, and when she finally got up, she was limping a bit. It’s unclear if law enforcement was involved in the incident or if anyone else knew about it.

The video comes at a time when rumors are swirling that Migos beat up Justin LaBoy over his interview with Saweetie, which some fans blamed for their breakup. So far, this is just rumors since both sides remained radio silent, and there is no known video footage of the alleged incident.