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Migos Allegedly Beat Up Justin LaBoy Over Saweetie & Quavo Breakup After Interview

Did Migos jump Justin LaBoy over Saweetie interview that allegedly cause her breakup with Quavo.

Now that Quavo and Saweetie have officially called it quits, all sorts of rumors are popping up on the internet. One of the latest is that rap trio Migos, which includes Quavo, Offset, and Takeoff, put a beating on Instagram personality Justin LaBoy. The alleged incident is said to have taken place in Atlanta and happened after the blogger’s interview with Saweetie.

It seems that Quavo’s manhood was insulted after Saweetie appeared on Justin LaBoy’s new show Respectfully Justin. He co-hosts the show with Justin Combs. While being interviewed, she was asked different questions about sex and if she would entertain a threesome with Quavo, her boyfriend at the time. Her response raised eyebrows and went viral as she responded that she would indeed indulge in a threesome and let Quavo pick the man to join them in bed. Of course, the response blew up social media and not too long after the couple broke up.

Even though Justin LaBoy has denied that his interview was the cause of the somewhat sudden breakup, rumors coming out of Atlanta indicate that the Migos were pretty angry following the interview and actually jumped the social media star yesterday, March 29.

A lot of social media users are spreading the information even though there is little evidence to back up the fact that the incident happened. For one, there’s no video footage, but fans who claim that the story comes from eyewitnesses who allege that it all went down at a nightclub. Some even said that they saw LaBoy on the ground after losing the fight.

There’s been no word from Justin LaBoy wither who has continued his normal routine on social media. None of the Migos has said anything either, but that hasn’t stopped the wild rumors from spreading on the net.

Justin briefly spoke about his recent interview on The Breakfast Club last week.

Here’s what fans on Twitter are saying about the alleged Migos beatdown of Justin LaBoy.