Spice Hilariously Teaches Her Boyfriend Justin Budd Jamaican Patois

Spice’s boo Justin Budd is well on his way to becoming a full Jamaica.

One of the best things about dating someone outside of your country is the ability to share your culture and norms with your partner. When it comes to language, there are sure to be a couple of laughs as each partner fails to understand or enunciate certain words and phrases properly.

Queen of Dancehall Spice decided to share a bit of culture with her American-born boyfriend Justin Budd when she attempted to educate him a couple of words from her native patois dialect. The funny clip shows Spice providing instructions to Justin via a video call while he tries to vocalize the phrase, “MI heada hot Mi.”

After Budd explained that he has no clue what the phrase means, he was once again jokingly instructed by Spice to give it another try. “I keep saying, I said it like four times. Then I thought about,” he said before bursting out in laughter.

Spice decided to help out her Rasta lover by slowing her delivery while breaking the phrase into individual words. Sadly, it was still a challenge for the JBudd Media Inc. owner.

“I always try to break the words apart but I don’t get that one,” he explained.

“Am I thinking too hard?” he questions.

“But you hear the word head tho babe, that’s clear to you,” replied Spice after her failed attempt at containing her signature laugh.

“@jbuddmedia need a patois lesson ASAP,” was the conclusion she provided in the caption of her upload.

Spice and Justin presented their relationship to the public late last year. The two have been spending a lot of quality time together since then, such as their November birthday vacation in Cabo, Mexico. Spice also recently purchased her home in Atlanta, which became the scene of Thanksgiving and Christmas celebrations. Despite a major smear campaign by the “Friends” singer’s former spiritual advisor RT Boss, her family was still all smiles throughout the Christmas season. Christmas trees, presents, and of course, matching pajamas were all in effect for the lovely family.

“I’m glad we started this journey, because you easily bring out the better version of me. Thank you for being such a great father figure to my kids and [an] awesome lover to me,” Spice wrote below a post on social media.