Spice Explains Why She Went Public With Relationship with Justin Budd

Just under a month ago, Spice revealed that she was in love and introduced her fans to her new boo Justin Budd. Since then the couple has shared numerous pictures on social media of themselves enjoying their new love.

Spice has never been one to kiss and tell so many fans wondered why she revealed her new relationship. The Queen of Dancehall recently provided some answers about the move on an Instagram Live on Reggae Media TV. She said her decision was based on the fact that she was happy and wanted to share that happiness with her fans.

“I’m in love, I’m happy! I just feel like he’s apart of me, he’s a part of my life so I posted him on his birthday,” she added. Spice went on to say that the decision came easily to her because she felt sure that she’d found ‘Mr. Right.’ She also realised that this is the person she wants to be with which helped to add to her confidence about the relationship. “I believe that after getting to know him, I’m like OK, this is the person I want to be with, I’m ready now,” she said.

She added that the time was just right for the world to know because she felt she was ready to commit to the relationship. “I didn’t wanna post him before or any other time, I wanted to post him when I believe I am ready, and that I see the potential for this relationship,” she said.

It’s a move that she’s proud of and she’s also grateful to her fans for all their encouragement and support.

“I can’t believe how excited my fans are for me. I feel like they’re so happy to see me with a man like dem a wonda long time ‘how Spice nah post her man?’. And it’s like I finally post and they’re just so excited,” she said.

Spice revealed the relationship after sending birthday wishes to Budd, who is the owner of JBudd Media. In that post, she said, “today belongs to you baby. I’m glad we started this journey, because you easily bring out the better version of me. Thank you for being such a great father figure to my kids and an awesome lover to me. Watch love over yah so.”