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Moniece Slaughter Claims Dr. Dre Called And Threatened Her After Apryl Jones Comments

Moniece Slaughter is making some strong allegations against Dr. Dre following her recent comments about the hip hop mogul dating Apryl Jones.

Reality TV star Moniece Slaughter alleged that record mogul Dr. Dre is a “woman beater” and also confirmed that he was seeing her former Love & Hip Hop co-star Apryl Jones. She is on Instagram again, this time with a message to Dre after she says she was threatened. Slaughter uploaded a video of herself shedding tears as she addressed Dr. Dre. “How dare you, how dare you send a nigga to bang my mother f****g line and threaten me?” She asked.

Seemingly overwhelmed with emotions, she continued, “I don’t care who you think you are I don’t care who the world has told you, you are? I don’t know you, and you don’t know me and I didn’t say anything negative about you sir! You can watch the 40 second clip about what I said about you sir! And it wasn’t negative so don’t you send another mother fucker to call me.”

She then goes off into a tirade where she allude that she recorded the conversatiions. “I f***g recorded both conversations you are f***d up the ass, you thought that angerism f***d you up. I am the angerism b**ch!” Slaughter said.

Dr. Dre has been in the news a lot recently, both for his relationship issues and also a recent health scare. Slaughter made the allegations about Dr. Dre during a recent interview where she was questioned about the relationship between Dr. Dre and Apryl Jones. Slaughter and Jones have had a rocky relationship, owing to their mutual connection with Lil Fizz. However, Slaughter still seems to have the inside information on Jones. During the Instagram Live, Slaughter revealed that Dre and Jones had been together for “a while.”

She revealed: “To the person that asked me if Apryl and Dre are together: yes they are,” she said. “It’s been a while that they’ve been together,” she further said of the relationship, “is not new.”

“I’ve known for a while. I was shocked just because of her public announcement that she’s polyamorous,” she said before adding that Jones has been “patting her puss” on the internet. “I was surprised that someone as established and refined as Dre would almost wife her.”

Dr. Dre’s recent divorce from Nicole Young has been in the public sphere over the past few months. There have even been allegations of abuse made against Dr. Dre as his ex-wife has faced public scrutiny following her requested amount for spousal support.

Young has even filed documents in the courts requesting information on the other woman Dre is allegedly seeing. Both Jones and Dre have been spotted out and about. However, there was not much confirmation as to the nature of their relationship. However, with this recent revelation from Moniece Slaughter, one wonders, what’s next?