Dr. Dre Dating Omarion’s Baby Mama Apryl Jones, Spotted On Dinner Date

Things are certainly looking up for Dr. Dre as it appears he is now in a blossoming new relationship with Omarion’s baby mama Apryl Jones.

On Thursday (February 11), social media was set ablaze when various outlets began to report that the hip hop mogul was spotted out and about in the company of a lovely woman. In case you might be wondering why this would be something newsworthy, you recall, Dr. Dre is currently in the middle of a bitter divorce from his estranged wife, Nicole Young. He also recently suffered a brain aneurysm in early January but was thankfully released from the hospital a few weeks later.

Over the past few weeks, Dr. Dre and Nicole Young have been embroiled in a heated divorce battle, with the latter attempting to walk away with half of the rapper/producer’s billion dollar empire. Dr. Dre has been extremely vigilant in his efforts to thwart Nicole’s plans stating that she by no means has any rights to such a large amount of cash. Nicole highlighted that she was forced into signing a prenup, and after 24 years of marriage, she could no longer bear what she noted as terrible conditions and treatment. In her filing, she stated that she co-owns the trademark to his popular name as well as his album, “The Chronic.”

The Beats by Dre founder did make one small compromise thus far, agreeing to pay Nicole $2 million in temporary spousal support. Fans are now having their minds blown as they feel they have now witnessed the cause of Dre’s heart softening. He was spotted leaving BOA Steakhouse in Los Angeles on Wednesday night with what seems to be a mystery woman.

The young woman was clad head to toe in houndstooth, and the look was paired with a sheer black bra. Dre sported a signature black sweatsuit, and both parties wore masks. The pair arrived together in a black SUV, and they also left together after dinner. Security attempted to shield the couple from paparazzi, but they were not too successful.

Now social media detectives have done what they do best and have allegedly uncovered the identity of the mystery woman. They believe it is none other than singer Omarion’s baby mother, Apryl Jones. Jones has had her fair share of criticism from the public due to her relationship with Omarion’s friend and former group member, Fizz. Now that that relationship has fizzled out, it appears Apryl is upgrading her list and adding the mogul to the top tier.

Fans have sounded off on the pairing noting that Jones is “for the streets,” while commenting on how quickly Dr. Dre has moved on. What is your take on this new matchup?