Cardi B Shares The Surprising Meaning Behind “Up” New Single

Cardi B says her latest song “Up” comes from inspiration from her husband who uses a phrase popular in Georgia that she used to form the hook for her latest single.

The song has been the center of controversy in which a New Jersey rapper claims that Cardi B stole the line from his song. However, the Bronx rapper explained to Jimmy Fallon that the hook is quite popular in her household and the meaning inspired her to make a song. She says her husband Offset uses the phrase “a lot.”

“After the song came out, I thought it was like a Georgia thing. But then people is like, ‘No, we say that in New Orleans. We say that in Florida.”

The rapper has been known to be candid about her experiences and another disclosure to Fallon shocked fans in a good cringey way- “so have you ever taken a poop, right? And it don’t come out? She asked the night show host who seemed to be shocked by the question- “it’s just up and it’s stuck. Yeah,” she said with finality. She added “it’s a metaphorical quote.”

Cardi B who will grace movie screens in the movie Fast and Furious 9, says the making of ‘UP’ was not without its pressures coming after her mega hit “WAP’ with Megan Thee Stallion that was quickly certified gold after it’s release.

“The pressure was even more big because I haven’t released a solo single in like two years, so I was like ‘Oh My God. I just wanna go top to. And it’s predicted to go probably No. 2 on Billboard Hot 100. So I’m like ‘Oh Wow, I exceeded my limit I’m extremely happy.”

In the near future Cardi says a follow up under Invasion of Privacy album released in 2018 is in the making. She says her next releases is certainly going to be an album.

Meanwhile Cardi B also said the pandemic has posed additional challenges to video shoot. “videos, yes of course because there’re certain things that you can’t do…so I did this pyramid with some girls and the pyramid we had to do it in less than 10 seconds because it was more than six people and due to covid, people can’t be touching even though you get tested before the music video three times…you get tested the beginning of the week, the day before and the day of…so that’s extra the money of spending in production.”

Fallon asks “didn’t you like lick eachother at some point?”

Cardi says “because there was six talent, there was 5 of us in the shell. There were 10 girls…it cannot be more than 10 people in a room. It was like the craziest protocol…it was the craziest thing ever.

Fallon joked about the girls onset of the song could lick eachother even though covid guidelines seemed to have bothered Cardi B, it didn’t stop her from kissing other females which is a major covid risk. His reference was to the shocking photograph released showing Asian Doll and Cardi B in a French kiss as their tongues intertwined.

Cardi B confirms role in Fast and Furious 9

Meanwhile Cardi B says her role in the Fast and Furious 9 is a bit ironic since she doesn’t know how to drive although she owns several luxury cars. However it seems that her appearance is certainly all about acting which her diehard fans can’t wait for. “I can’t drive, I can’t swim, I just know how to rap, that’s what I do,” she says!